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File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (285.54 KB,1920x1080)


Are mermaid sightings more common in Summer?


File:[Commie] Bishounen Tanteid….jpg (171.11 KB,1920x1080)

If you take into account that the water is warmer during Summer, and that more people are out on cruises and vacations or boating during this time, I'd say it's much more likely that someone would spot a mermaid this season compared to the last.


File:Percentages-of-total-bottl….png (43.26 KB,850x567)

I think the closest thing to mermaids would have to be dolphins. As far as sightings go, there doesn't appear to be any correlation between the percentage of dolphin sightings and time of year. That said, it is likely true that the volume of sightings is related to time of year, but the over all commonality of sightings is variable and not related to season.


File:manatee-cow-and-calf.jpg (215.58 KB,1400x1050)

I've heard manatees are possibly what sailors mistook for mermaids in the past. They definitely have the lower body for it and they're slow and hang out near the surface.
Women sure were ugly back then, though...


Well, when it's late at night and you're dunk and seasick.....


Big foot and mermaids are holding a party in Loch Ness

File:__coa_and_ogiue_chika_gens….jpg (360.62 KB,500x750)


This post and the person behind it are a constant pain to me.
If this post (>>73995) isn't deleted forever in the next 24 hours, I'm going to kill myself.
You have an opportunity to stop my suicide.
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If OP was going to kill himself over such a trifling matter then it is likely he would be in the frame of mind to kill himself sooner or later anyway so deleting this post will not change anything.


EXSCVSE ME op is a cute girl, NOT a smelly boy


society is based around accountability. Every structure with a law to it(any human organziation) wants to give someone the blame for pulling the trigger. Courts will give you the pass sometimes for not being accountable, but if it seems like you didn't do what you could to stop it then people will not trust you and you might find yourself with enemies you haven't even met.


Exactly, OP needs to be held accountable for his own actions and expecting the blame to lie on a simple post is like blaming the birds chirping or a lack of English speaking source material on the industrial capacity of the Ottoman empire.


the dude who tried that at kiwifarms at least had the decency to offer money

File:kfVoAh2.png (19.69 KB,690x284)


Ah yes, Montreal
A common place for equatorial weather conditions.


File:to3EBts.png (40.33 KB,717x380)

I guess we're just missing the constant thundershowers now


File:89b4459de2.png (341.12 KB,1196x564)

nice temperature, can i have it


looks like the American midwest


weather always calls for shit in my city with terrible storms,and blizzards in the winter but it never happens
every town outside a 30 minute drive gets hit but it's always calm here
the storm always goes further north in canada or south into the US
think it has to do with the position relative to the great lakes

File:ea62f836de6452fe8a6a0957e7….jpg (1.64 MB,1125x1600)


Don't forget to stay hydrated and have lots of fun this summer!


File:[MoyaiSubs] Godzilla Singu….jpg (245.73 KB,1920x1080)

Always forget about that first part...


summer is the season of bug juice!


absolutely love honey
put it in tea, pancakes, toast, etc. it's really useful for everything


I started beekeeping a few years ago. It's a very rewarding and pleasing hobby to partake in, I strongly recommend it.

The hives I operate are more traditional and are setup off of my property. This is an interesting looking hive, maybe would be something good for a hive in my backyard.



pics plz

File:image.jpeg (4.62 MB,2894x4093)


I had the very smart idea of going on a hike with no food, water and a half dead phone battery also while only having had 4 hours sleep and alone. I didn't know the trail well at all and got lost for over 5 hours, it's a good thing I work well under pressure and know basic survival.
Never be over-confident in your abilities when dealing with nature or Gaia will make you regret it until your humble again...
Also it's true that your senses spike when under adrenaline I heard sounds I didn't pick up on when I wasn't lost and saw creatures at a further distance.


I'd never want to hike around in the woods without proper preparation. Crazy things lie in there that I don't want to take my chances with. Maybe a little look, but otherwise I'd definitely pack up some stuff to take with me and get rest first. At least you're safe OP


I'm a huge weenie so I bet I'd have a whole bunch of emergency stuff myself. What kind of survival stuff did you do? Did you build a tree house?!
Choosing to spend an extended time outside?! You must have a nice climate, or least better than the one I have. Do you need to use bug spray and wear covered clothes and stuff? That stuff ruins the fun randomness of wandering around for me.


Yes it's never a bad idea to bring things along I think apart of why I was safe is luck as I was fortunate enough to run into any wild animals.
I got unlucky the very first time I started when a medium sized fox attacked me, took a chunk of my left hand the bugger. I fought it off by biting it's nose, punching the throat and clawing at the eyes.
Pro tip: one good form of self-defence against animals like that it to carry an umbrella with a crazy design and a small sharp blade. Sounds strange but it works.
The umbrella when closed can be used for something for it to bite on or you can open and close it really fast to scare it away.
Nope didn't do any treehouses it would more tree tent if I did. No need for covered clothing and the only bugs you see a lot of are dragon flies, moths, spiders and butterflies I'm right in the middle of the Great Lakes so it's either really cool or sticky hot and your biggest threats are foxes, coyotes and surprise cliffs at least in my zone.
My first technique was keeping track of how many left and right turns I did then I paid attention to the wind and walked towards where it felt cooler and felt the air for moistness this was to try and find a river and I did and once that was done with I followed it downstream making sure I didn't lose track by being sure the river was right of my person as I moved down. After that I looked at the trees to see which ends have more growth and went that way since the sun is facing north. The forest was deep so it took awhile to even see the sun, I also kept moving only to rest for no longer then 45seconds to a minute as I'm always burning daylight and I knew I would be screwed without it.

File:waterfox_nSpQ7dN4en.png (53 KB,1040x164)


Ouch, is this true? This is on kemomo party
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I have a question not unrelated to this; if a torrent site gets taken down, will the magnet links obtained from that site stop working?


Yes and no. You'll still be able to load the torrent, you'll just have a lot more trouble finding seeders and peers because that's what a tracker communicates to the client.


>decline in tech knowledge
I think it's more that tech-illiterate types have greater access to technology. The people who use streaming services aren't the sort of people who would've learned to use torrents and burn CDs. They're the people who got all their movies from Blockbuster.


File:467497039e82fb266a6c0dbc5f….png (4.78 MB,3439x3527)

I wonder why there aren't more torrent sites on tor. It seems to be the perfect place for that because they are only directories and don't transfer large data so tor's speed isn't a problem, plus it is a lot more resistant to takedown, where a lot more highly illegal websites continue to exist.

>you'll just have a lot more trouble finding seeders and peers because that's what a tracker communicates to the client.
Torrent site is different from torrent trackers.


>Torrent site is different from torrent trackers.
I'm aware...

Per Wikipedia:
"The 'tracker' server keeps track of where file copies reside on peer machines, which ones are available at time of the client request, and helps coordinate efficient transmission and reassembly of the copied file.

"Since the creation of the distributed hash table (DHT) method for 'trackerless' torrents, BitTorrent trackers have largely become redundant; however, they are still often included with torrents to improve the speed of peer discovery."


Finally, this isn't in development hell. While the trailer for this doesn't look like anything special, the brain behind it is the same that brought forwards the widely acclaimed (by critics and imageboards) Bladerunner 2049, and he's been stated in the past as being a fan of the Dune series. I'm not sure if kissu's ever read the books, but they were really intriguing and fun reads, and I'm excited to see a (proper) adaptation of the series.
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>A crusade is different from a Jihad, one is defensive/in order to defend Christiandom

uh, not necessarily, while you could kinda say that was ostensibly so for the initial crusades for the holy land, things like the albigensian crusade and the northern crusades were not particularly defensive

but yeah, it's stupid, from what I remember from reading the book many years ago the fremen were basically space mujahideens, I distinctly remember even the color green was prominently featured, seems really stupid they'd do something like that but gotta be PC I guess



File:full.jpg (42.97 KB,414x627)

I don't like where this thread is going!


Killing Cathars (Albigensian) in france is a defensive thing because the Cathars threatened the realm. Killing Baltic tribals (Northern Crusade) is defensive war in the fact the tribals were raiding Central Europe.
A jihad (HOLY STRUGGLE) is an offensive war conquering people in the name of Allah.
How the fuck is (spoilers) calling what Paul does at the end of the first book a crusade a correct when a crusade is a defensive war for the holy land and defending against heathens and heretics to a Jihad.
Have you fucking read the book? You know the book where the author himself expressly called it a Jihad?
Fuck you for defending the change and supporting the rape of author's intent.


I didn't read the second half of your post but principally fuck the hack writers for raping Dune, same with his son who has masscared the series.
You really can't adapt Dune.

File:4064f5bf856c6f71f378ecaff6….jpg (383.45 KB,706x1000)


The summer solstice is here! The longest day of the year! That means it's after this it's finally going to start getting dark again.


File:b73840fac14a29f4383823f68f….jpg (55.5 KB,864x600)

It's too hot~~


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (395.72 KB,1920x1080)

It sure is summer (and it sucks).
I guess this is why people pay good money to live in Mediterranean climates, because the humidity here just makes me want to die


how's winter in the mediterranean, if it's not cold it can't be that desirable

File:geforce-rtx-30-series-reve….jpg (70.09 KB,1200x800)



So with the 20X series being made obsolete not even a year after its introduction, how long will it be until the 30X series sees it's successor...
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File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (266.28 KB,1920x1080)

There's nothing to use it, though. RTX is available for... Minecraft and recently Fortnite. PC is unfortunately largely defined by ports, and while Japanese companies are getting better at it I don't expect them to start using cutting-edge technology that's not possible on consoles.
GPUs are really not worth upgrading any time soon unless you an old one


File:r0ccah.webm (707.11 KB,600x336)



Apparently not that soon.


mmm grafix crunchy

File:82024973_p0.png (962.25 KB,1056x876)




>We regret to inform you that your package has been lost


Being a seaman must be terrifying...





Funny video :)


not really

File:__oumae_kumiko_hibike_euph….jpg (165.88 KB,850x1092)


last days of summer...


finna neet myself for a while

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