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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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I was looking at houses a while ago, and it seems like most houses that are self-listed on places like Zillow look exactly like this. How is it that people are completely unaware that listings like this won't draw much positive attention?


It's all about the land


Are you referring to the stuff inside?
Well, if you're like the vast majority of people you can only afford one house and if you're moving somewhere you need to get your old house (which you are still living in) sold before you can commit. It can take days, or it can take months or years. So, uh, yeah it's not going to all fit in the car.


> the vast majority of people you can only afford one house
Well, I mean, of those that can afford any house at all..


>yeah it's not going to all fit in the car.
That's not really what I meant. I mean like if you look at the difference between a house listing where the person hired a realtor vs the person putting the house up for sale themselves, the difference is usually pretty striking when it comes to the cleanliness of the house itself. I wouldn't expect a person to have to buy a storage unit or anything so that the house looks pristine and completely empty, but I think it's not unrealistic that a person selling their house should want to have stuff boxed up and the house looking as presentable as possible if they really want to sell their home.


Part of it would probably be due to the type of person that would be too cheap to use a real estate agent in the first place.




File:1622213381124.jpg (19.27 KB,184x184)


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mom! when did you get so young? w-wait what's happening to me... uwaaa... uwaaa... lhasdfkjasdfn,mv


hi again




to >>676
feeling a bit nervous, hope I can get this right...
need a drink of water, be right back
h- *cough cough* oh it's heartburn
need an antacid
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File:1437857320044.png (692.5 KB,585x585)


With all these crypto explosions and stock market bull runs, I always say to myself "Dang, sucks that I missed out, guess that was a once in a lifetime oppurtunity". However, as I look around more I see that these just keep on happening left and right, and it makes me wonder, do I just need to be more perceptive so that I can catch these trends early instead of accepting things as they go? It really seems like the key to getting rich is more about paying attention to trends more than getting lucky.
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crypto is more of a random topic than 2D/meta


why even do invest when you can keep money in the bank and have it grow


Because it won't grow as much.


The interest is you earn is lower than inflation. Investing will at least keep pace with it.


I've thought about it, and investing in investing is probably one of the more worthwhile things a somewhat knowledgeable NEET could do. Since if you become good at it, you won't have to go out and search for work or even need to really interact with others all too much. It's the nicest 'job' I could think of doing, aside from the fact you risk losing money instead of making it.

File:mpv-shot4910.jpg (205 KB,1280x720)


going to the fireworks festival with /qa/


i was eating some popcorn but then some kernels got stuck in between my teeth and now i am sad


popcorn isn't worth it
a few seconds of nice flavor/chewing and then many minutes of annoying fragments stuck in your teeth


We truly live in a world govern by the law of equivalent exchange.

File:ZZY 0377 E.png (974.56 KB,1526x2400)


Space X's Rocket, Starship is going to have 33 engines in the first stage and 9 in the second stage producing around 80MN of thrust and could send 150t to Low Earth Orbit in theory(or so they claim) but the number of engines keeps changing(getting bigger). Saturn IV had 5 in the first stage, 5 in the second and 1 in the third producing a bit over 40MN of thrust and was capable of sending 140t to Low Earth Orbit. So for half the Thrust Saturn V could send 95% of the payload that Starship can to Low Earth Orbit, and Starship has never even proved that it can do this. The engines for Saturn IV were designed in the 50's too(but they use Kraut Space Magick I guess).

Much of this is due to how awful the design of Starship is, it's a meme con, the Hyperloop of space(or the sky so far) if you will. Additionally, I don't believe Starship will be capable of making the landing that it is planned for it. They have had trouble sending the Starship second stage only 50km and landing it, they only managed it once and for all the talk of testing reusability they never flew it again which shows what shape it was in, sending the whole thing to orbit and back and then sending it back up without severe repair is something completely different.

The Problem is the design, not only does the poor form and design of it mean that it spends more energy going up but it also means it will be under quite a bit of stress coming down. The Larger a surface is the more friction it creates and the more heat and pressure it will be subject too, the ship itself is not rigid or reinforced in anyway either while at the same time as being fat it is also long(and that length will create uneven pressure and friction), that is ALOT of stress for a hollow shell of thin steel strips to handle, the fuel within makes it little better than a time bomb as well, sure it will pressure the interior to degree but it will not be enough and a rupture may prove to be catastrophic. And that is before this hulk even hits the ground. This is a lot of money to spend on a meme.


I don't quite get it, why do you say its a meme?


what's the ship look like?


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (144.96 KB,1280x720)

I really don't know anything about engineering or the physics of rocket science. I think the engineers seem to have been doing a good job so far, though? They've definitely got a lot of work ahead of them and it still doesn't seem economically feasible to me. I guess this is just something that will take years of testing and trial and error, and it's good that it's being done.
However, humanity is destined to fail as long as it uses the m word.


Micro-fractures are already a large concern when it comes to the structural integrity of airliners due to the stresses of changing atmospheric pressure with change in altitude. I don't think it needs mentioning that the stresses involved between going from Earth to orbit are much higher than a simple airliner had to contend with. Not to mention, with the flaws present in the constant maintenance required for the space shuttle (which ultimately lead to the loss of one of the shuttles in Columbia), you would think that people would realize just how much of an under-estinate the projected savings a reusable rocket would have. Obviously the shuttle was itself an entire system, but the overall concept for "starship" is far more grandiose, since it literally encompasses inter-planetary travel.

Perhaps there's value in publicity in building a new launch system, but it will be NASA's Ares rocket and Orion craft that ultimately ever goes anywhere. SpaceX's "progress" is little more than public spectacle. NASA and associated space agencies don't need to go through the same failures because they already have efficient and functional launch systems. Funding SpaceX is like throwing money at a racer who throw nice parties but ultimately never wins any races.



The entire form of it is made to look like a retro rocket(hence the need for so much power to even get it to space) and on top of that there is the hype around it achieving things that it never will like having fleets of them fill mars with a million people.

I would disagree that they have been doing a good job. In this case the M word is appropriate because that literally is what it is, the choices behind it's design are not bound in logic.

Yes, and there are many other things that could impact this, like the stress all of that power will have on the middle of the ship as the ship is compressed between that power and the huge weight of the ship itself as it goes up and then again as the rocket goes down, the effects the heat will have on the ship and the remaining factors within it and all other factors that are going to impact it.

File:40770cc3c802afcbe6bdf8325b….png (501.46 KB,736x886)


What if instead of there being trillions of very tiny bugs it was like Pokemon and there was the same amount of mass, but spread across much larger bodies? In many ways it would be terrifying that they existed, but I bet we wouldn't been


oh I forgot to remove the second sentence I started... uhh ignore that


File:77080960_p0.png (1.47 MB,1508x1849)

The same amount of mass? But do you mean also similar volume? If the Pokemon were about as large as they're supposed to be in their world it'd be really odd to have a bunch of Groudons that weigh as much as a bag of spiders.


Err... yeah I guess what I mean is the same amount of volume and mass or something? Same amount of bio mass, but they're the size of Pokemon now so there's far fewer of them


I like pokemon


They would not be able to full fill their ecological niches and also the oxygen level is not high enough to support such large insects.

File:1560565211612.jpg (176.37 KB,1920x1080)


on our way to fall
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cant believe how cute my wife Miyu is with her bow tie


they died ;_;


She isn't your wife, you are insulting her and her creators!


File:e3b5d7e9823e47c1ba28b8a567….jpg (2.86 MB,4968x6835)

today is very cold and reminds me of fall


Shut the FLIP up nerd


Was reading about how Florida's getting another hurricane and it made me go on my bi-annual weather mini-research session. Mother nature is truly terrifying.


File:1400481957235.png (234.78 KB,640x480)

¥saging your own opening post

That aside, if you were in the American Midwest last Summer, you may remember a bit of wind in August. Apparently that was the ``costliest severe thunderstorm event in United States history''. There's a great interactive summary of events at https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/f98352e2153b4865b99ba53b86021b65 . I wasn't anywhere near hit by the brunt of it, just lost a power line with a replacement installed within 48 hours.


File:cc03f9f3bac5732dee2a69a657….jpg (105.46 KB,977x702)

I live in Tornado Valley, or rather I used to. The tornadoes seem to be decreasing here and increasing elsewhere, possibly related to global temperature trends or maybe just a long shift that's been happening for a while. I think this red blob is moving North and East, but it's just my own speculation and has nothing to do with science or charts and stuff


File:tornado-counts-0112-2011.png (482.35 KB,780x616)

Maybe. It seems like the number of tornado sightings has actually been increasing year over year for quite some time. Granted, it wouldn't surprise me if the over all number of tornadoes is actually fairly consistent, just that detection has improved over the years.

File:20210623_191404.jpg (998.38 KB,2133x1200)


make sure you go camping /sum/ its a lot of fun!
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File:20210603_225036.jpg (561.27 KB,1600x1200)

the only supplies that box was filled with was her beer! It was about 4,800 jpy for the body, head and eye combo, 1,700 jpy for the wig, 2,600 jpy for the outfit and 1700 jpy for her sandals. I didnt have to cut her hair, I ended up getting one of the completely wrong scale. I have a 1/3 scale doll now so I used that extra wig for her. https://paraboxshop.jp/index_en_jpy.html


File:waterfox_OkPKkgAMIp.png (729.8 KB,934x403)

Very cute. Boy, some of these dolls look really creepy in their 'default' setup. Those are some really good prices, though. It makes me wonder why others can sell for thousands...


the expensive ones are a usually 1/3 scale.


but there are no woods where I live ;_;


File:Untitled7.png (1.48 MB,1274x710)



Talking fish, huh. Neat.


cute nose. Brain must be associated with cuteness


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (267.12 KB,1920x1080)

I just started the video, but my assumption is that it's intelligent or COULD become intelligent if it didn't have a short lifespan. That's the case with octopuses and some other cephalopods that are unfortunately very limited from ever mastering their mind since they die before it's possible. Depressing...
But I guess it's better for us that we don't have competition.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (193.88 KB,1920x1080)

Finished it. Hmm, so they possibly communicate with electrical signals and they have a bigger brain to support it. That's really neat, although it's not really "smart" in a way we would think of it.


File:1611708689386.jpg (339.79 KB,706x800)

Very close! They're intelligent little fish that live in murky fresh water rivers in Africa. They developed a small electric organ that allowed them to communicate with others, and have speech patterns similar to actual humans based on the fact that they take pauses when speaking and stop talking when another is talking. Their brains heavily rely on the oxygen concentration of the water, however, which means that they could very easily face extinction if the oxygen levels change at all. That and because their brain-to-body ratio is so that they very likely require a high energy diet, meaning if their food source is disrupted, they could face extinction from that too.

Obviously they're fish, though, so it's not exactly like they could display higher reasoning skills with tool usage. I do wonder what they talk about. "So, whatcha doin'?" "Oh, you know, just swimming" "Oh. Yeah, same here. I found some bugs over here if you're hungry." "Bugs!"

I've mentioned this before to someone, but one of the solutions to the Fermi Paradox are "Great Filters." In my view, I think it's the case that there could be tons of intelligent life, but if they don't have a body capable of manipulating their environment, there's not really any chance of them advancing. Like, crows or octopuses. Sure, they're very smart, but they have considerably limited usage of their environment compared to humans, or even chimps.

File:1497198253655.jpg (55.14 KB,560x447)


Lolicons can rest easy. The internets have become a bit safer now.



But he was released?


But that's not lo...
I guess it's poetic that a vigilante voyeurism host has had repeated legal trobule, huh. I remember that the internet activist group that assisted with it was pretty shady, although I guess was overall a good thing... probably.


>We're sorry~
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New solution to oil pollution: just burn it all.


There's been too many freaking youtube threads recently.


well it is /sum/


I'll keep posting youtube videos till the end of time!!


the water is burning


Ah Quebec such a fair and just province that doesn't want to supersede and control others.
(Yes this is a spite thread.)


File:1516164907680.jpg (263.95 KB,716x620)

So is EN vs FR like Red vs Blue in America?


In Quebec the French people were super religious and poor. Eventually a nationalist got into power and told them they'd be rich if they kicked the English working class out so now you've got a bunch of dumbasses who think at every dinner that their cultural heritage is being destroyed by the English language.

I guess it's a bit like Confederate and Union states, but it all came to it's peak 70 years ago and no war.

It's a bit funny that Quebec is the innovative powerhouse of Canada in spite of this but I think it's because our taxes are high and most of it goes into promoting social wellness and education. Just unfortunate our language police get angry if you talk English before French in a customer service job.


I feel it's more like what Texas was to the United States when they wanted to split with a mix of how the British likes to treat the Irish.
Lots of nonsense legesature and strong-arming and yes though it hate to say it but it's true racism against other Canadians as well.

This is also true.


Haha funny robot. These totally won't be equipped with firearms by the decade's end. Definitely not.
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But anyway. I'm not really sure what use cases these actually have. Drones sure, they make perfect sense but these really can only be used in proxy wars and maybe some certain circumstances. The Problem as I see it is thus, the idea these days is to have highly mobile mechanised infantry, infantry that can be mounted in an APC and sent rapidly to where it needs to go, in that case what role does an autonomous ground vehicle have? The Idea that many such as Rheinmetal have is that these will support the infantry but the Infantry already have the APC to support them and bringing along a land drone would take space if it's possible at all(their Mission Master is basically the size of a car, indeed one of it's roles is to carry things for the infantry which again they have an APC for) these land drones would need whole supply organisations all of their own and would get in the way of the fast and mobile nature of modern war, they are also going to take time to set up and are not always that fast.


That's not a bad way of going about but there are flaws, the biggest being how expensive that would be. You would also need to find a way to deploy it in hostile areas without being seen as well as what you mentioned with not always being fast.
I think the best approach would be to utilize heavy payloads one big enough to cause a mess so massive you wouldn't need to fire another but there's an issue with that too; something like that can't be fired to reach long distances and needs special launch pads but if we were to find a way to mobilize that like we do SAMs.
So imagine this a mobile robot that can cross any land mass would need only one pilot and a scout carrying a single massive payload, it could also hide from radar. That would make any nation carrying it a true super power.


Their main marketing line for Spot seems to be towards using it where humans cannot go; the one example video they have is targeted at industrial accidents, allowing for remote surveillance and limited troubleshooting with it's claw arm. As was also fairly publicized, a Spot was sold to a police department in NYC I believe.

One major sticking point in regards to mobility and usage as I see it, is that Spot likely cannot be used anywhere that has loose soil or mud. It's "feet" are very small, meaning a large amount of weight gets put on a small space rather than being spread out. In places with mud, or sand, Spot will likely get stuck quite easily. Ditto when it comes to light, uncompacted snow as well.

It does seem most likely that Spot will be best suited towards industrial accidents, since there are many unique robots used for such purposes, but all are fairly simple in operation and are often unable to traverse obstacles like rubble or stairs due to being tracked rather than having legs.

Perhaps it could be useful in military applications as a portable manpad launching system. Granted, with limited range and carrying capacity, it's hard to imagine circumstances where it would even be usable. Perhaps then it would be suited towards urban combat, building clearing, and EOD work?


more of a random topic not suited for qa


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (287.09 KB,1920x1080)

Boston Dynamics is owned by Toyota or something these days, so anything they make will certainly be looked at for Japanese domestic use. Robots don't need to be tools of war.

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