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haha get owned mac
Downclocking your CPUs to get away with poor case design


Thank you Linus tech tips!


Hm, makes sense I guess. Doing rendering stuff on a laptop never made much sense to me for various reasons, but people have different priorities on where they want to do stuff.


OS and hardware engineering must be a total pain in the ass... having to program in failsafes for cosmic rays causing errors in numbers


Hah, when you said that thing about cosmic rays I was thinking about that Mario 64 thing and then it's right there in the beginning. I'm kind of surprised that's so well known, but speedrunning itself has grown so dramatically in popularity it's crazy.
Umm... I'll watch the video after I wake up tomorrow...


>having to program in failsafes for cosmic rays causing errors in numbers
This is only true for ECC memory. Otherwise, everything treats data as normal and uses the fail conditions it already has to. At least, that's my understanding prior to watching the video.


When are they going to incorporate the cosmos into their speedrunning strats to get the perfect time?

File:A3494761-DA60-4958-82FC-0….jpeg (328.26 KB,2141x1242)


But I...I already have those symptoms *sniffles* ;__;


Just spit-balling, but those long-term effects are likely due to the lung damage that the coronavirus incurs on its victims. Ergo, less oxygen = harder for body to work.


That's probably what those sensationalist virus brain damage cases are linked to as well.


It's me! Hindsight! It was from brain inflammation.


Is that so? This virus is more and more mysterious. First it was that antibodies cause lung scarring leading to long term effects and now it's brain inflammation from something that's even harder for the layman to understand.

File:303BA803-308C-41A8-97C0-4….jpeg (479.69 KB,1242x866)


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the olympics have always been a scam that doesn't care for the people living in the host country


wonder when I should take down my coronavirus banner.


doubt it'll be gone anytime soon, from the looks of it maybe 2022


File:p1020598.jpg (71.21 KB,640x480)

vaccinate the birds


VERY important work

File:Capture-45.jpg (145.65 KB,959x538)


This is definitely not good. There's going to be some severe damage from high winds and intense flooding. I read that this could be the strongest hurricane to hit the area in a century, so it's going to be a major test of any improvements made to infrastructure since Katrina.
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I think it's a well done edit


The big story is that the levees held. New Orleans did lose power, but the levees held to prevent massive flooding. There was a major project after Katrina to build things up. Apparently they built higher and stronger than recommended and that's what saved it. Basically this will become more routine as global warming intensifies weather events like this. We're so fucked.


You think that's scary? You should read up on rouge waves! Though I'm unsure if those are global warming related.


Reads like it's some sort of strange resonance. Doesn't happen often right?


File:image.jpeg (148.21 KB,600x848)

That's indeterminable due to how utterly random they are in fact the amount that has been recorded outside of eyewitnes accounts can be counted on one hand. The most we know is that the highest recorded so far was 100 feet or 30 meters in height and the biggest threat they pose is against shipping container vessels, yes the waves can capsize those and flip them over. It is rare that they hit land though and the waves tend to hit more northern areas like Newfoundland or Scotland.


cool transportation system


> when too much work to fix the ground


File:LgnVDvA.png (123.23 KB,1589x738)

My dreams of a cheap living are coming true.
I'm going to move to Karabash


File:8a8dfd7e89.jpg (116.72 KB,674x898)

When I was a kid, those cars were like taxis. it was fun and cool when you stop a car and hop in and feel the air


indestructible vehicles

File:file-20210311-13-1mlqvts.webp (84.79 KB,1200x1200)


The ones in Japan seem to sound slightly less annoying, but jesus christ there's at least one outside in a tree that will keep going for like 20 minutes at a time. So. Annoying.


I like the sound they make. It reminds me of childhood. It's like listening to the sound of rain. It's soothing in a way.


in my area they're so repetitive that you only notice them when they stop singing, it's only a bother when there's loads of them in a place with tall trees.
actually it's so ingrained in me I feel weird when the temperature is too hot and I dont hear any.


GOD WHY WON'T THEY SHUT UP!?! The past few years there's been a few Mississippi Kites (large birds) that love to eat these, but they're not here this year and it's like the cicadas are mocking it.REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-EREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Solid tone cicada?

File:25883f0826a300b2cf1c2dc039….png (4.05 MB,2953x1874)


Despise this accursed season and it's hellish heat. I can't get any sleep like this...


Isn't it starting to get cold now? Summer's ending, Anonymous.


File:a6ae6664d9cc6ecf41c8b86b6f….jpg (722.94 KB,823x1170)

It's not nearly cold enough!


It was 100° a bit ago...

File:Types-of-Moths.jpg (160.49 KB,1136x850)


Does k/sum/ have any insects that don't drive them insane? I really like moths.
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I really like dragonflies. They come in a beautiful assortment of metallic colors. Lately, I've seen green, yellow, blue, and black ones. I saw a video on them recently and apparently they also come in red, which is pretty cool, though I don't think I've ever seen any like that. The fact that they could even be yellow surprised me.

All I can think when seeing that spider is "Mai Hommu"


File:artworks-f98k5qdmSYULQjv5-….jpg (111.88 KB,500x500)


They're so cute and harmless they have their own theme song.


File:IMG_20210831_015539.jpg (1.07 MB,2976x3968)

Moth or fly...


File:136432413_m_1_large?v=1581….jpg (19.11 KB,480x320)

I think it's a North American version of Indianmeal moths. Pantry Moths...

I can't find a classification


They're getting better!!! They're getting better!!!

Just a few more years and the killer bots will be doing drug raids!!
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Human fit through door. Spider bot does not fit through door.


then just make a smaller spider wtf



File:bd-fails.mp4 (7.28 MB,640x360)

what a shitty player.


Interesting and creepy, lole

I sure hope so, bro..

File:1629669876904.gif (127.81 KB,80x80)


Hello, I just foubd out about this image board. I'd like to know if there are any informations I should know before starting to post (getting to know the culture & other cringe).

Also, do you guys like Vtubers?
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Sorry, my mom told me not to talk to tripfags.


no, I actually had a big think about what the word social media means and I concluded that the only things that are social media are Facebook 50% of the time and Linkedin.

Reddit, Twitter and Imageboards share similar mechanisms as media, but the feature set attracts different groups of people.


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (173.73 KB,1280x720)

Hello and welcome! It's a pretty laid back board, though some things can be serious at times and you're welcome to be stupid or smart when you want to be. /jp/ is meant to host the bulk of the stupid threads while /qa/ is meant to be a little more serious, but there's nothing set in stone.
I am personally not a fan of vtubers, but I keep my opinion to myself unless someone makes a thread asking for it. There's definitely some fans of them here, but I'm not sure how busy the threads would be.

I think the defining trait of social media is that one's real life identity is paramount to everything and all real life baggage associated with it is brought about or even magnified. I don't consider reddit to be social media, which is probably why it consumed all the old forums. The way most people user twitter qualifies it as social media I think, including artists who make 200 blog updates between art posts.


File:1629670171265.jpg (244.21 KB,2048x1229)

OP here a little late


They are roo cute


Thank you bro

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File:the definative guide to qa.gif (595.54 KB,800x600)

Here's a guide to /qa/ posting.


And now it's history...


interesting. but that's not all, the us wanted a footstep into that region of the world, as Afghanistan is located between russia and china. there are many other reasons but let's not get too political


it's a 4:20 minute video about a 20 year war...


heh, maybe they should have tried studying gravity instead
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I think I made two threads for it, or maybe just one thread and then I updated it once it collapsed. Hmm, I think it was on a seasonal board...


found it and it was just one


seemed familiar but I wasn't sure because video was made this year


That's a good channel. I saw it mentioned somewhere but never actually checked it out and now I'm going to watch it a whole lot. Good to see channels like that with 2 million subscribers


Found a good video on a horrible collapse


can your japanese bird sing?


File:1614635161790.jpg (486.12 KB,1583x1186)

He sure can.


File:1200px-Anodorhynchus_hyaci….jpg (370.35 KB,1200x1782)

he just swears at me all day


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