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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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File:a very stoic man looks int….jpg (479.97 KB,1024x1024)


Kissu, if we banded together and create a community of homesteaders, we could essentially create a nation of /qa/!
I did the math, the minimum amount of land that one needs to homestead would be 10 acres, if just 10! 10 of us were to band together and put money into this (in theory) we could have 1.5625 square miles of land that we could create. The great kissu meetup...
Of course all of this is theoretical, I want to apply my distribution ideals into this and have all of us working together and sharing the collective food (individually grown, but when a neighbor is suffering you can provide upon them.)


I volunteer as the town NEET that does nothing!


there's no way I can trust this site to cultivate crops to sustain a commune


Growing stuff is boring, I want to be a cattle rustler.


the cattle have to eat something...


Grass grows itself...


and if the grass is all dead or the grass can't recover...


I'm not sure how I feel about that idea. I like imageboards because they're anonymous; you get to be in a community without the drama that comes with having to deal with specific people and maintaining a reputation. If you take an imageboard into the real world, you lose what makes it work.


From what I’ve seen plenty of posters know each other from other platforms already


File:5e253195720260bb156a6ba5e4….jpg (300.12 KB,1200x1064)

I dunno either, but for different reasons; farming equipment is ridiculously expensive, and there's also the concern of what to grow and how much processing it'd require. Likewise, there's the concern of maintaining the soil by practicing crop rotation rather than subsiding off of a monoculture of food crops such as potatoes, which would require collective organization. I'm fairly certain that if we obtained our seeds from a corporation such as Monsanto, we'd be contractually obligated to return any and all collectible seeds from harvested crops, meaning a constant cashflow drain because we'd need to re-buy seeds for planting annually. The idea of crops being "individually grown" seems rather idealistic as well... Tenant- and share-cropping worked because farm equipment (outside of work animals) was rather inexpensive and tenants were essentially required to work continuously from the Spring through to the harvest season in the Fall. Duplicating labor is one thing, but duplicating the expenses of each person so that they can tend to their own crops is a rather steep entry fee. Beyond that, housing and utilities is another concern; if we're to be homesteaders, I can't imagine very many among us would have either the physical ability or the technical knowledge to construct houses, wire electrical systems, or establish a link-up with the municipal water supply and sewage system. Which would mean another very large expense, particularly if we assume that each person is going to want to live in their own home rather than some sort of boarding house or communal barracks...

With an awesome amount of planning, preparation, and financing I think it could be possible, but it would still require constant vigilance and effort put in from that point forward rather than living some sort of idyllic country life.

Knowing a few people's screenname is enough for me. I don't want to hear people's voices or know what they look like.


File:clip-art-illustration-side….png (244.16 KB,800x781)

>I don't want to hear people's voices or know what they look like.

I agree with this sentiment, Anonymous should only be seen as the anime girl that they post.


File:8739c7d57128509497dbbd696d….png (178.23 KB,512x429)

What if instead of banding together to create a homestead, we banded together to start up a secret underground community that leeched off the resources of above ground like electricity and internet, and so we'd never have to worry about paying any bills or needing to work to supply ourselves!


You misunderstood what the intent is.
You (as in the anonymous shitposter behind the screen and any SOs), would be given 10 acres of land that was just bought with the collective money that was pooled together. And with this, you would be able to produce whatever you, the individual/family unit (the whole system is based off of families but look at kissu lol stinky virgins) with their own plot of land that is inside the greater collective. And within this greater collective the wealth that is brought in is divided among the collective. And when one homestead fails, and their land is poor and they produce nothing, it's the moral duty to give them enough to eat so that they can live another day.
I'm not doing it with you (as in the greater /jp/ community) because they're scum of the earth who would not support my will being imposed onto you. May the NEET die in their temporary pleasure and infinite remorse for what could have been.
Normie sheeple would get off to it, especially retards on the left who want to LARP like communists. Maybe retards on the right too, but they might think I'm a faggot for wanting to do collectivism of a sort.

>but it would still require constant vigilance and effort put in from that point forward rather than living some sort of idyllic country life.
That's with all things dumbass. No wonder you're stuck at home doing nothing, wasting your time with idle thoughts and idle watching, I have no pity for you, but I know you can escape this cycle as I'm trying now.


I'm aware how it would work, my entire post was mainly devoted to pointing out the many, many barriers to entry that would prevent anything happening past the planning stage. A basic tractor costs about as much as a car, a manufactured home costs ~$50K to ~$120K depending on size, 9 acres worth of potatoes to plant costs ~$50K, running new utilities to the location could cost up to $30K, etc. etc. etc. Unless you assume that everyone is Mr. MoneyBags, I don't think anyone is going to get very far no matter how enthusiastic they are.

>That's with all things dumbass.
Rude, but that's sort of my point:
>there's no way I can trust this site to cultivate crops to sustain a commune


File:KirinoReaction_EP02_046.png (188.4 KB,500x460)

Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not like the rest of you. Yes, I post here, but I don't actually like any of you. In fact, I even LOOK DOWN on you. Yeah, you read that right, so don't lump me in with you losers!


File:3ec8f6838a2c751a81a2aa70d9….jpg (207.78 KB,686x960)

If the tractor costs $50K then everything here combined is like ~$250K.
That's like a quarter of the median house price here, and slightly below the US median house price of $284,600 (May 2020).
Pretty sure there are fair amount of people can do what you said from the value of inheritance alone, if they want to do so.


I look down on you all as well though.


You don't understand. Grass grows by itself, all you need is rain... And anyway we are talking about cattle rustling not rearing, we only need enough grass to keep the cows we steal them alive until we eat them or sell them.


You would have to times that by 10 as well. As each person would be operating on his own in his own house with his own tractor. I think this idea could work but only in an Amish/cult kind of way where we use limited technology and all work together, but that does not sound fun.


Why is collaboration out of the picture, again?


All I'm planning on doing is raising sheep/goats, and owning a couple draft-horses/asses so I can make my own bread.
I understand the barriers to entry, that's why I'm making it my goal in life to do it.
I made this thread because I wanted to express what my goals were at the time, but they still haven't changed.
God speed everyone, I'm going to make enough money to buy my own land.

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