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Apparently some people are trying to teach their pets to talk with buttons. How much do you think they understand?






Of course there's plenty of reason to be skeptical.
Here's the story of Clever Hans for those who don't know it.


I'm not sure dogs understand anything more than "pushing x button triggers x reaction from their owner"
the first video goes way overboard though half the words are useless and the rest is redundant


>"pushing x button triggers x reaction from their owner"
Maybe they don't fully comprehend language, but isn't that still indicative of understanding on some level?


The person who has these buttons tries to give us much visual information of what the dog is looking at and submits data to the UCSD Comparative Cognition Lab which studies the difference in human and animals. I think if there was nothing to it they wouldn't bother looking into it.


for simple concepts like "going out" or "come" yeah, but for abstract stuff like "happy" "friends" "love you" and so on I doubt they make a meaningful distinction. Aside from the voice the owner praises them all the same and the dogs would get similar results if they were mashing those buttons randomly, the feedback doesn't seem obvious enough.

Temporal concepts like "soon" and "later" are pretty suspect as well because their definition isn't even clear between humans. They're interesting to study though, I don't think we know to what extent dogs plan for the future so far.


I think octopuses show the most promise for advance intelligence.


What about monke


Is counting really that much of an indication of intelligence?


"Intelligence" is a very broad topic, so that's kind of a hard question to answer.


if you think about it, no


That's quite possible if the Gombe Chimpanzee War is anything to go by their strategic thinking rivals even wolves.
There is also elephants are their own unique intelligence with the amazing memory recall they have and recognizing their own reflection.


From this video it seems like elephants are smart enough to recognize a medical vehicle. Otherwise I'm not sure why a previously shot animal would try approaching humans again.


File:GuP Rukuriri 010.png (315.91 KB,700x900)

Elephants know all about medical matters. In a book I read it says 'and when they meet a flock of sheep huddling together they protect them on their journey, so that no missile kills any if them. If they fight a battle, they always take care of the weary and the wounded'.


Counting is a huge sign of intelligence, although this video doesn't seem like it'd prove anything because it's simply choosing which side appears to have more food. You can't really consider that counting as it something basic like searching for food.
Octopi are smart enough to count, though. The very sad limitation is their very short lifespans- it'd be just like people living a few years.


shame their lifespan makes it all meaningless
so close, so far

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