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File:IMG_20210502_174411.jpg (2.59 MB,2976x3968)


Good luck finding these where you live heh


File:image.jpeg (787.92 KB,1200x1600)

I'm only a few hours away from smelly Quebec so I could it would just mean....going to Quebec bleh.


File:IMG_20210502_185011.jpg (2.81 MB,2976x3968)

Deep frying is BS


tasty though shame that the fries were soggy because deep frying is trash


Made the mistake of buying canned chill only to find beans in it...that's not would I call original why do Americans persist of Americanizing food and passing it off as original?


>chill only to find beans in it
>why do Americans persist of Americanizing food
chili has literally always had beans and it quite literally originated in america. what in tarnation are you smoking friendo


Are you sure you didn't mistake Chilli the dish for Chilli peppers?


People who won against the nation of America have the right to kvetch about America Americanizing their food.


who hasn't at this point


File:mousu.jpg (113.4 KB,1000x1503)

well im craving it now. thanks for nothing


they go alright in salad as some added protein. Nice little chunks you can throw in. I think it's illegal to sell them in the states because they're high in bacteria and americans can't be trusted with food saftey


Quick google shows that what you have is fake stuff. Unpasteurized milk is considered too dangerous for US super markets so you get some fake knockoff stuff.


there's some shops which import st hubert sauce and grain cheese where I live but it's about 26eu/kg. kinda pisses me off to pay that much for junk food


I've had multiple people mostly from Mexico and other parts of South America tell me it's not meant to have beans and they most surely wasn't chilli peppers either. I also thought chilli came from Mexico because a Mexican told me so, have I been lied to this whole time by the Mexican?
Well I'm from Canada so we kinda did? Though the Bristish did most of the work...


chili sold in america are called "chili with beans" because chili itself doesn't have beans
it really stands for the mixture of tomato + beef + chili pepper
>Well I'm from Canada so we kinda did?
seems that copypasta about canadian cultural identity is true


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (356.47 KB,1920x1080)

This makes me hungry for hashed browns. Mm, potatoes.
I don't really under the food purity thing the thread devolved into, but I don't understand food snobs in general. You're performing a very primitive biological impulse and it shouldn't be used to create and intensity social divides. But, people are tribal so I guess it's fruitless to struggle against


There are a few places around my area, usually beer breweries that sell this, but it has a real hipster tax.

I enjoy those cheesy taters so much that I learned how to make them myself, and I usually hate cooking anything.


>Well I'm from Canada so we kinda did
That's like saying the chinese won the vietnam war.
That's like saying the Russians won WW2 by defeating Japan.
Canada has never once won a single war in it's entire history as a country. Hell Canada isn't even a sovereign country because it bows to the Queen lmao shut the fuck up countrylet.

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