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I was right to hate AC


but... that's the opposite of what they were trying to say! i watched that video a while ago, but i'm pretty sure their conclusion was that better ventilation might be necessary in some buildings, not that ventilation itself is the problem. i mean... it's not like they had any AC in their bubble.


AC recycles air so you're not wasting coolness. It creates a closed system.


So any NEETs living in a basement without a window a dumber than bedroom NEETs with windows? I guess you could also say that people who use windows are more intelligent heh..


File:Air-conditioning-units-off….jpg (157.97 KB,800x531)

I saw this one, too. I marathoned a lot of episodes of Tom Scott and there's a lot of good stuff!

>AC recycles air
I don't know how it works at office buildings, but for homes air conditioning units are built outside so they can suck in and push out more air. If you have any trees nearby you need to clean up the pile of leaves that accumulates around them. This is also why everyone knows if a skunk went off within a few miles.

The video did make me breathe heavier both times I watched it...


A/C units don't suck in any air, they pull it across the condenser to remove the heat from the system. It's a closed loop.


This was my assumption my entire life. Huh. But I have an air conditioner thingie connected to my window that prevents me from opening my window...


This makes skunks even more impressive than I thought, then. Even with all the windows shut and from miles away I can smell them in my room


File:500px-ACcycle[1].png (48.88 KB,500x475)

Window units function the same way, although they're not perfectly sealed so they do let in outside air.

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