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File:Hash-browns-1024x683.jpg (127.56 KB,1024x683)


These things are impossible to make


SUPPOSEDLY, they're pretty easy


the quantities are hard to do by eye, have to weigh things out, measure the oil and have the right pan size


ugh, i only used a chunk of butter and some grinds of salt and I feel unhealthy. I think I got oil right, but too much potato. Maybe even largest setting on box grinder is too chunky


the potato is the worst part so yeah you're gonna feel like shit eating that


God, I love hash browns. I could easily live on them if it were possible.
Might buy a sack of potatos I next go shopping so I can try to make these


they're high starch but they have nutrients to them


Think I understand why I fucked up my first time trying to make these now, didn't do any of that potato cleaning/drying part.


such an EASY junk food

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