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File:CvjV-8YUsAAipCV large.jpg (448.58 KB,2048x2048)


Sometimes, I dream about traveling.
Then I remember how awful the world is and how only a fraction of it is worth seeing.


Going to Japan once could probably not hurt. As long as you sufficiently prepare so you don't look like a typical tourist and have overwhelming embarrassment wash over you each second.


File:Ihavesofartogo.jpg (1.75 MB,1680x1050)

If I ever find myself in Japan, I'd love to check out the more rural places. Something free from this dirty commie block.


The world has always been a merciless place for travelers. It's for the best that it's that way. Scenic tourists damage the land, and tourists of places leave filth and wear down historic sites faster than nature could hope to do.


I wish it weren't that way. I just want a change of scenery in my life, but I know there's tons of others pining for that same thing.


Most of the world is the same people with small changes. It's only what they eat and the lands they live on that change


The problem is that tourists are everywhere and everything is for tourists. It takes the charm from an old building when it's surrounded by modern carparks full of cars, has a lift build into the foundation to get to it and is absolutely full of people. Flying is a pain as well.

If I was a millionaire I might do it and just do to more rural and harder to reach places. Though if I was that rich I would probably just move to Europe and then when ever I felt like visiting a castle or something I could get there in not long with little effort.

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