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>Microsoft in Talks to Buy Discord for More Than $10 Billion

I wonder how much of the price is the perceived value of all the information it's been gathering over the years.


Well they're finally going to be able to collect a bunch of dara on "private" people that disable microsoft tracking, so I'd say it's certainly worth it for them.


File:1200px-Skype_logo_(2019–pr….png (126.12 KB,1200x1211)

microsoft throwing around their billions to drastically reduce the quality of products as usual.

At least I can rest easy knowing that Discord is now going to become obtrusive software that gets in your way, addling you down with meaningless updates that do nothing except please the executives.


What I wanna know is how would discord info even be useful to anyone, what can you even do with furry ERP logs, people whining about games they don't like but still play, memes and anime image dumps?


Some people apparently use Discord as pseudo-cloud storage by creating a private server and just dumping all information and files into it to access onto another PC, convenience.


Advertising profiles generated from keywords and aggregate user data collected via app permissions are very valuable things. Discord -- and any messaging or social media apps -- are worth their weight in gold in that respect.


Was discord even a quality product beforehand? All I know is that any data harvesting crap Microsoft may implement would probably be something discord themselves have already done. Just now it's Microsoft doing it so people will cry about it.


This nomenclature still bugs me every time I see it, given that Discord's servers (in the normal sense of the word "server") are a thing that exists.


more like Discard

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