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Have you ever or would you want to go to a Renaissance Fair? For those that don't know, in the US (and presumably elsewhere) there are festivals where people, uhh.. dress and act like old medieval (kinda) Europe and there's food and crafts and performances and stuff. It's definitely not historically accurate to any time or location. The people that work there are in character, but you don't have to dress up or roleplay, but it's more fun if you do.
It's quite famous for being the environment with the highest concentration of dorks and weirdos, so it's not as stressful as most public gatherings.


I am quite interested in these kinds of things and I have replica armour, weapons, clothings and such myself. However, because I am so interested in this I tend to avoid this kind of thing because I know what I will see there. A bunch of fat, tattooed, weird looking larpers in bad costumes.

But I did some part time security a few years ago and one of the events I did it at was a medieval festival. And yes, it was kind of what I expected, though to be fair there were some people and groups that put more effort into their costumes, but they were predominately fat middle aged people. I saw a Kirito and a girl in some kind of SAO costume with him there as well.


File:[SubsPlease] Ousama Rankin….jpg (408.3 KB,1920x1080)

Well, yeah, I can say I'd heavily recommend you not to get near this kind of event if you care about that kind of purity. If you're someone that would think something like "actually, a squire would not say 'm'lady' before 12PM on the weekend you disgusting poser" then I can't recommend this kind of laid back event. Fun is the goal and not historical realism.
I made the thread because I spent 8 hours at one yesterday with my sister and it was a lot of fun. I even saw 2 fursuits dressed in some basic peasant-looking clothing and it made me chuckle. I also saw a Solaire and a Malenia and I gave the Solaire a "praise the sun" pose which he promptly returned. I'd never have the kind of confidence to bring attention to myself to a stranger outside of such an environment. I'm very thankful it's not an event that you have in mind as I'd be too paranoid about causing great offense to go to one of those.


I remember going to one once when I was younger, and it being filled with a bunch of history loving nerds that were quite committed to the era roleplay. It was pretty fun and the entertainment was exciting, also I remember the chicken especially was very well cooked. Although not sure how historically accurate that would be unless my isekai are lying to me about seasoning in the medieval era.


>Solaire and a Malenia
Are the kinda cosplay I'd expect more than
>Kirito and a girl in some kind of SAO costume
Wonder why they chose to go with those instead of something more traditional/fantasy looking


From what I've seen on the topic, food was pretty heavily seasoned back then, just not with the variety of exotic spices we have available now. Chicken, however, was not a staple food as they didn't have massive chicken jails for mass producing them and killing off an egg laying hen for one meal was massively wasteful.


Chicken was and is a peasant food. They don't require much to look after and they breed readily. Also, when a hen gets to a certain age she stops laying and there are roosters to think about as well, so eating chicken was not that uncommon.


pheasant food


I used to go to them with my Dad when I was younger. It was fun to watch the jousting and eat a giant turkey leg. Last time I went I paid way too much on a cool ornamental dagger.


I'm not that anal about things. But there is just to much of a juxtaposition between modern people and the costumes they try to wear, weight tattoos and died hair are the obvious issues but even more than that people these days are lazy and don't look after their appearance in general.

So for example, a guy came through the gate wearing Chinese clothing and said he was studying something to do with China at uni. Most of his costume was fine, he even had a head piece and long hair but his long hair was not bound up in the head piece. No self respecting Chinaman would walk around dishevelled like that and the amount of effort he would have had to have put in to fix this was minute(and he could have shaved his neck beard while he was at it).


that sounds very anal

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