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Does /spg/ like planes?
The Dash8-400 is a really classy plane.


mm, that videos actually more of an airport and journey VLog, better info


Canadian Engineering


File:[SubsPlease] Kaminaki Seka….jpg (250.28 KB,1920x1080)

I respect the technology, but I hate and fear being in them ever since experiencing some horrific turbulence in my very first flight which was apparently VERY unusual. There was some freak Las Vegas heat wave that created some nightmare thermals or air pockets or something and the plane would feel like it was falling out of the sky for a few seconds before recovering and it would happen like 20 times total and I wanted to die. Then there wasn't enough room on the runway so the plane had to circle around and it happened more.
I HATE FLYING. Really cool technological marvel that I can appreciate from the ground, though.


You'd hate turboprops then.
They have a lower ceiling so they're more effected by the atmosphere


bet all that turbulence made your /qa/ belly jiggle like crazy


Nice Brazilian jet


File:747youtube.jpg (145.12 KB,1200x800)

Everyone loves a 747


been watching a lot of these




I find flying very unpleasant, I'm not afraid of it but it feels unhygienic and tiring to me and unlike a lot of people I have a hard time sleeping while on a plane.


File:3cead18e23.png (13.71 KB,541x312)

stop worrying and accept your free beer and wine


free beer and wine? wtf
usually those are extra


not free as in price, free as in GNU/Linux


Same, because I live in Australia flying to most places is a huge hassle. Not only does the flight itself take a long time but then you need to take connecting flights which can have you wait for half a day in an airport and then wait again in a second airport.

I think it depends on how long your flight is. Most of my flights gave free alcohol apart from a flight on a smaller plane from London to Marseille that did not. I don't really drink alcohol but I had some baileys on one flight.


Just vacation to png lol


Porter is one of those rare airlines which offers something a bit better than economy class while obviously being economy.
But that said, most regional flights(under two hours) offer beer service.

In a few days taking two regional distance flights into Toronto then to Newark on Porter so I'm gonna get 2x the beer and 2x the snacks for 100$ cheaper than I would if I took Air Canada.


File:IMG_20230515_095228.jpg (1.08 MB,2011x2690)

Gotta fix the Minecraft server
brb Mom


File:IMG_20230515_100826.jpg (1.8 MB,3968x2976)

Nice engines


File:IMG_20230515_101652.jpg (1.49 MB,2976x3968)





normal for dash8. It's the exhaust port like in a car


File:IMG_20230515_124555.jpg (1.85 MB,2976x3968)

rotational blades


File:IMG_20230517_144855.jpg (2.14 MB,2976x3968)

sober time is over. Time to drink airline beer and wine




File:IMG_20230515_150141.jpg (1.94 MB,2976x3968)

think I'll have my white wine with chips but the shortbread cookies(from last flight) are not too bad either


File:__patchouli_knowledge_touh….gif (43.97 KB,181x200)

Fat /qa/ hand.


Oh that's a cookie, thought it was a muffin.


File:VID_20230517_184323.mp4 (31.75 MB,1920x1080)

shots like these are why I'll always fly through YTZ(Porter) for regional East Canada


i thought a server was something you could connect to remotely rather than needing to fly over to fix something in it
and isnt it in some guys house why couldnt HE do it...


File:IMG_20230517_175304.jpg (1.86 MB,3968x2976)

The wine is about as you'd expect


cause he could barely put it together lmao


hehe what a dork


think i almost or did get extra checked at Canadian customs for being drunk


Cheap and bad?


vibe checked


Did the drunkness make them think you were American for a second?


yeah. I'll have the Red on my connection to YUL in 1 hour with a side of salted almonds


I think i made him uncomfortable because he clarified why he was asking the security question probing my reason for travel (because he has friends in the tech industry)


i think it was your naked loli shirt that was making him uncomfortable


File:IMG_20230517_210815.jpg (1.94 MB,3968x2976)

seat 11 sucks. No personal window

still It's a shot of Toronto's night
You can see the airport just off the coast and the CN tower by the blue lit stadium


File:IMG_20230517_221753.jpg (1.46 MB,2976x3968)

and back to the start. Same parking spot


huh neat, just getting off on the ground


it's a simple aircraft


Planes are just flying death cages that you get in and hope don't kill you as your life is in its hands for however long the flight lasts.


Greendot is better because he shows that a lot of these just wind up being incidents that cause injury rather than catastrophe


Flying isn't so bad once you get over the fact that your life could end at any second... Also alcohol helps, and being served warm peanuts. And having a lot of leg and sitting room with nice salad+pasta

I just get what I'm familiar with, works out fairly well. Got irish cream & coffee.


i'm much more scared of wheeled death cages than flying death cages


File:20230521_165318.jpg (2.67 MB,4000x3000)

One thing that I can appreciate about flight is how when looking down you can see the nice and organized structure of development on land. Like it's all a bunch of blocks with their own purposes.


flying is recreational!
Unless you're flying from Montreal to Dubai to Colombo


File:IMG_20230522_182238.jpg (1.18 MB,2976x3968)

If you fly enough with Air Canada they give you a figure


That actually looks well made


Nice livery.


that's a boeing



oh, the thing you stick on a car for a logo


Demon slayer planes

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