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File:IMG_20230405_172441.jpg (4.22 MB,3968x2976)


Guess I'll be out a few days


File:1363151383520.png (85.29 KB,501x481)

but I thought it was spring?


File:16807303879815374063214684….jpg (1.54 MB,2976x3968)


warmer springs get pretty icy here


son can you shovel the driveway


tons of branches and trees down
like a tropical storm hit the place.

parents were walking outside and almost got hit by a tree they said


File:IMG_20230406_165751.jpg (4.59 MB,2976x3968)


Hmm, I think the "V" is one of the weakest tree shapes when it comes to wind or ice, if not the absolutely weakest. When you compare it to the trees like that evergreen on the left it's quite a major divergence


I think softwoods like pines probably stand up to stresses like wind a bit better. If you've ever seen them in a storm they can sway a pretty significant amount. Way more than a hardwood. Which sort of makes sense because when you think about snow loading, it can be pretty uneven depending on wind direction.


File:IMG_20230407_104621_1.jpg (2.66 MB,3968x2976)

grocery store brought a generator


You live in the same area as me


me as well. let's do a kissu meet 'n' fuck



File:FOd0V2eacAUYIHi.jpg (437.28 KB,2048x2500)

Is this Canada? I didn't know they had cars in Canada.


doubt it


File:IMG_20230408_141434.jpg (5.71 MB,2976x3968)


File:IMG_20230408_141354.jpg (6.71 MB,2976x3968)


6 power lines down.
2 transformer poles snapped

Guess I'll be gone until Monday


I went without power for about 10 days during a winter storm about 12 years ago. It was really rough. The lack of entertainment was one thing, but the main thing was hard it is to sleep without noise from a fan. I ended up getting a simple radio and headphones and put the frequency nowhere near a station so it was just a bunch of static


all fun and games until you hear alien transmissions


I'm going to turn this guy's fan off while he sleeps


File:IMG_20230524_161722.jpg (2.13 MB,2976x3968)

j aime la Quebec


File:1684959552716.jpg (104.43 KB,419x1315)

What am I looking at?
Is a plank being used to keep up a whole-ass telephone pole?


Cable and electrical lines are handled by different services and the two don't want to touch one another's stuff..

So what you see is an amazing piece of bureaucracy called stapling your broken cable pole to the side of an electrical pole. You see it quite a bit here because it wasn't worth it to reinstall the components and you can save time.


and yeah. I don't really understand either


File:20230524_170020.jpg (2.12 MB,3080x2448)

If this is the /out/ thread, I went to one of those famous places today.


File:20230524_171734.jpg (3.36 MB,4000x3000)

Too scared to approach the edge at all, but got some pretty nice pics nonetheless.


File:20230524_163002.jpg (5.83 MB,4000x3000)

Although there were a fair bit of people with balls far greater than I


File:20230524_161220.jpg (4.74 MB,4000x3000)

Pretty hard to really capture the depth and awesomeness of it in a single pic, actually being there gives a whole separate perspective on the sheer scale of it all.


File:20230524_160836.jpg (2.15 MB,4000x3000)

squirrel-thingy i think


Grand canyon? I flew over that once, but that can't really compare. It's really quite amazing what erosion can do, huh.
I don't think I'd ever want to live in a desert, but visiting a place like that would be nice, at least not in summer


only a couple million years


The desert is like living anywhere else if you're not one of those people who is ideologically opposed to air conditioning or water conservation/shortages


And if you never want to or need to go outside.


Its a dry heat. So aside from the middle of the day, its tolerable


Yeah, dry heat is much more bearable and even nice to sit in. I'd even say the middle of the day in the desert is 100x better than a very hot day in the coast where everything is humid as hell.


File:lam_b21_akuwarai6.png (482.03 KB,729x828)

I was in Tokyo during the rainy season and my god was it hot, it was like the whole city had turned into a giant sauna. It was so humid it felt like I was breathing steam.


File:cd8f8acc024fe0affd143699b6….jpg (1.15 MB,1200x1679)

Those Japanese summer pics are no joke.


File:20230606_191023.jpg (2.22 MB,4000x3000)

Apparently there's fires up in Canada that were so large the smoke has come over the east coast. Because of that there's smoke overlaying everything and you can taste it in the air. Also snapped this pic of the moon during it.


I live in the subtropics. You dont notice the humidity after a year



File:IMG_20230606_014242.jpg (1.04 MB,3968x2976)

damn. how did you get a photo like that



outside constantly looks like this movie


File:1686197299974.jpg (144.51 KB,1152x2048)

Hehe, nice


Have you guys heard about the Midnight Channel?


mm, air sure is scratchy tonight

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