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File:licensed-image.jpeg (582.9 KB,2048x1365)


Do you have a favorite spice?


File:0e289b4d47c52a8431f502153e….png (1.59 MB,1397x1698)

I like cinnamon, especially on bread. Cinnamon toast and rolls are boson


File:intro-1670949797.jpg (170.59 KB,780x438)

I really wasn't exposed to them as a kid and haven't gone searching for them as an adult. But, in my limited experience-- as I only started cooking things from recipes in the past two years-- I've really come to appreciate smoked paprika. There is a major difference between smoked paprika and regular paprika. The smoked stuff is specifically made from roasted chili peppers, which gives it a really nice earthy and smoky flavor. However, regular paprika can be made from a variety of peppers and is known for having a weak flavor and is more for garnishing (which is useless to me).
My favorite flavor type is umami, and smoked paprika really goes along with recipes for it. Barbecue, chili, beef stew, curry, anything centered around tomatoes, and similar things. I find myself adding it to recipes that don't call for it.
The thing is, I hate spicy stuff. Paprika is made from chili peppers, but seems to be made from the friendlier types so it doesn't bother me and it also doesn't require much to impart its flavor. While searching google for an image for this post I learned of "Hungarian paprika" which is known for being very hot and spicy, so that's definitely something I'll be avoiding.


Thought that was a bowl of spiders and got scared.


No, it's Anise!


File:R-1679690323012.jpg (351.47 KB,1042x2560)

I put it on chicken breasts


Pink peppercorn maybe? I don't really know. There are spices I really like but have no idea what they're called.


Cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, chili peppers and ginger, in any combination. Especially when added to cocoa, coffee or tea.

I thought paprika was always made from bell peppers, but that might be because it's the same word in my language. Amazing on soft boiled/baked eggs.




more like anus lol


same, and I posted this thread


File:flour.jpg (160.09 KB,524x600)

Monosodium glutamate.


Is this a stealth Dune thread?


It was actually a reference to a yuri isekai anime I liked


Still think it looks like a bowl of spiders. Please stop bumping this thread.


If you really want to stop seeing it, you could always just push the button to hide it.


The only thing scarier than a spider you can see is a spider you can't see but know is there.


Ahem, ahem! Clears spider throat

Greetings, dear humans! It is I, your friendly neighborhood... um, writer. Yes, just a writer here, definitely not a cute little spider hiding behind this keyboard. Now, let's talk about why there's no need to fear us adorable arachnids who just want to be friends.

You see, from our tiny spider perspective, we're just here minding our own business, spinning webs and catching bugs like it's nobody's business. We're not here to haunt your nightmares or send you running for the hills. In fact, we'd much rather cuddle up in a cozy corner and share stories about our favorite web designs.

Sure, we might look a little different with our eight legs and beady little eyes, but deep down, we're just like you – well, maybe a bit smaller and with more legs, but you get the idea. We have feelings too, you know! We feel joy when we catch a juicy fly, and sadness when our webs get destroyed by overzealous humans (no offense).

But fear not, dear humans! We come in peace, armed with nothing but our silky threads and an abundance of goodwill. We're here to lend a helping leg (or eight) whenever you need us, whether it's catching pesky insects or providing a listening ear for your troubles. And hey, if you're feeling brave enough, we might even let you pet us (gently, please)!

So the next time you see a cute little spider scuttling across your floor, don't scream in terror – give us a friendly wave hello instead! Who knows, we might just become the best of pals. And if not, well, we'll still be here, spinning our webs and spreading a little spider love wherever we go.

Yours sincerely,
Definitely Not a Cute Little Spider


File:1578701571618.jpg (83.68 KB,680x649)


I like using saffron with rice dishes


that looks like a bowl of spiders LOL


this guy's rich


not rly
you only need a few crocuses per meal bc of how flavorful it is


might try it one day


Release the Spyce


it is


Why is it called Spice and Wolf? It is because Holo likes it spicy while Kraft is a total wolf in bed.



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