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File:51-5UnsGVtL.jpg (60.01 KB,355x500)


When watching through some anime(Shana) I'm reminded of the problems of movies adaptations of popular books and their need to cut material for time restrictions.

In the case of LN adaptations I will never know the true intention of the author other than through second hand account on wikis.
No devotion to learning Kanji, there will always be an uncrossable void yet powerful allure from adaptations


never watched shana after starting the first episode and learning the mc was a boy


File:Shakugan.no.Shana.S03E24.1….jpg (Spoiler Image,849.05 KB,1920x1080)

I think that one can preserve the original intention of the author even whilst cutting content down to fit time restrictions. In the case of Shana I think that J.C Staff just didn't really manage their time all that well, planning to finish everything in on 2-cour with so much material that had arisen since the second season.


at least they finally kissu'd

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