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Let's have a thread for expressing thoughts and ideas which don't really deserve their own thread, and possibly aren't entirely appropriate for elsewhere on the site. As the content that description begets may not be entirely up to /qa/lity standards, I ask that posts made in this thread are moderately thought out and are kept at a civil level so the thread remains somewhat peaceful and is befitting of kissu. Aside from that, feel free to get whatever it is that's bothering you off your chest, or say whatever odd thoughts may come to your head.
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>larger sound sources appear louder even though the actual loudness is the same
no... I said, I used to listen at the lowest volume on my phone, and now I no longer do (because it's now too quiet).


did you do some formal test to determine whether your hearing really degraded?
there are several possible reasons why you increased the volume


File:memo.png (3.31 KB,778x108)

I think it's a bit funny that threads about anime and manga are deleted on sight on 4/jp/, but threads that are about something related to Japan, but have literally nothing to do with otaku culture (and usually filled with the usual 4chanisms) are considered a-okay by the staff. I don't remember things being that bad before the vtuber takeover. And speaking vtuber takeover, I still wonder what really caused /jp/ to become the absolute dogshit board it is today. There was at least one staff member who tried to uphold some sort of quality on the board but he just suddenly disappeared.


These days I think it's just a generational shift. There was a "otaku culture" meta thread up when I checked it a couple weeks ago and the people bemoaning the death of everything we hold dear were clearly in their teens and were extremely wrong on everything and named the usual culture war enemies so it was quite a surreal sight.
I'm sure 4/jp/ is enjoyable to the people there, though. And it will be enjoyable to the people there in 2030.


I wonder how many habits have been grandfathered into /jp/ though, like how archive enthusiasts hypothesized that the zenith of an active /jp/sie was 2-3 before they reclined into lurking or got an identity on IRC


File:44632659_p0.png (96.85 KB,419x484)

You're probably right, but the whole thing just felt very artificial to me. The shift didn't happen gradually; it was like they thought that /jp/ was too slow and old-timey for their liking, so they just kicked out some of the older topics and replaced them with things that are more appealing to a younger and bigger audience and left it at that.

I have never browsed /vr/, but I have heard that the exact same thing happened there as well.
A+ moderation.


The windows 10 task bar is really bothering me lately. First it tells me the whether but now it even comes up with 'sunset coming' 'breaking news' and 'easter' notifications, it's invasive, distracting and annoying. I did not ask for it to do this.


>they just kicked out some of the older topics and replaced them with things that are more appealing to a younger and bigger audience

I think the only motivation for that would be the containment garbage board status that /jp/ has. Vtubers were a /v/ thing until mods forced it to be a /jp/ thing.
It's true that hiro ran 4chan as a business, but his attention to doing things like that was lost after he discovered he could make far more money streaming. I still can't quite wrap my head around that one. What the heck are people hearing that's so entertaining or informative?


Now the task bar is telling me it's Humid. I don't care! Leave me alone!


Right click on an empty space in the taskbar and turn those things off.


>There was a "otaku culture" meta thread up when I checked it a couple weeks ago and the people bemoaning the death of everything we hold dear were clearly in their teens and were extremely wrong on everything and named the usual culture war enemies so it was quite a surreal sight.
What were they saying?


File:Untitled15.png (29.7 KB,595x247)

Now what?


File:Taskbar and Start Menu Cle….png (666.2 KB,2967x1089)


File:1651054029314.png (50.16 KB,595x247)

That doesn't help me get rid of the problem I was referring tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's just the search bar being annoying. I don't think you can disable that aside from getting rid of the search bar altogether.

Just so you know, the search bar doesn't actually go away if you remove it from the taskbar. If you open the Start menu, and start typing it'll bring up the search bar.


File:OOSU10_6UVigsENb1.png (6.11 KB,494x67)

I don't really want to go into detail since the mention of the things was itself the problem.

A year ago I had to do some search bar fix to disable that thing blacking out and generating errors. You can find people talking about it back in 2020 and 2021.
You might want to use some third party tool to block the search bar's access to the internet, like https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10 which is what I use. I disabled this stuff and used windows update blocker so I wouldn't have any more big errors in windows when it updates and breaks something.
Your problem might be unrelated, though.


Why not use a better start menu and search like Openshell, StartisBack etc?


Oh wow, it's even worse than I thought.


I know vtubers make a lot, but surely producing stuff like this must take a sizeable chunk of their profits, right?


Probably not. I heard somewhere that it costs $200,000 to make an episode of anime and that's a whole episode including all costs. A two minute clip like that might not even coast $1000.

It's interesting how many comments are in English to that as well, all but one from where I scrolled down to anyway(but that was not far).


I think the Japanese more comment on the premier itself, just look at the chat replay to see how thoroughly outnumbered english posts are. Also, I think google biases language if you sort by top comments. Looking at Newest First makes it a bit more even or in favor of JP comments.


File:money.PNG (656.61 KB,1224x916)

Apparently she paid 500k yen for it. So she almost made back all the money just from the superchats on the premier alone.


Only 500k? That seems pretty cheap honestly, I'd heard that for the bigger MVs the cost goes into the millions.


That's if she was the one that even payed for it and not a producer.


Probably worth remembering that there's always going to be fans willing to produce for cheaper compared to someone with not much following.


Okay after looking around a bit more maybe it was 500k USD not yen. But I don't feel like trying to trawl though archives or streams to find the actual amount. But it was apparently very expensive according to Marine.

Either way, she makes so much money this is still nothing for her.


File:total superchat revenue.png (83.48 KB,1229x117)

Jesus, that's a big fucking difference Anonymous. And I wouldn't call that a small amount, if it's true, at all.


Superchats are only a small part of it. There's also merchandise sales, sponsorships, ad revenue, and base salary that she gets as well.


But to counter that the company she works for would get a cut off everything she makes, that could even be quite substantial.


Money is worthless unless you spend it on something stupid. I thought Pekora still lives with her parents and probably makes 1mil annually


I disagree. If she lives with her parents still then she's probably going to retire in a few years and never work again(provided she wants to but it seems Kizunai Ai did that). That's the difference between stupid people making money and smart people making money.


Watched a few engineering disaster type videos and something occurred to me: in our modern era we have various engineering disaster to look upon as references to ensure the same mistakes are not made. It really made me think about ancient architecture and survivor bias. We have all these ancient Roman sites, and such, and it's often touted how the Romans were excellent engineers, but what of their disasters? Surely it happened that when building something it collapsed. Were they really such great builders or do only the most magnanimous structures still stand? I think it's a bit interesting to think about. What structures now will still be standing in 2000 years?


File:ZZY 0275 E.png (1.11 MB,1600x1674)

There probably where, I know there were a few Roman stadiums where the wooden seating collapsed and killed thousands of people. But the Romans were working with quite sturdy and reliable material(aside from wood) and much of their architecture was borrowed form the Greeks so they would have learned lessons there or they would be copying designs from the Greeks who had learned lessons. Much of it simply relies on using material that has a lot of mass and is quite durable like stone or marble and then designing it so the weight is distributed correctly and holds it in place and then because of the mass and durability of it not much can phase it(aside form earthquakes). The Dome of the Pantheon is fairly impressive and uses concrete though.

Modern concrete won't last long, I heard it's only rated for 100 years or something like that because of the steel bars corroding and expanding. 100 years is not long really.


I really hate it when geography nerds complain about the Mercator projection without understanding or explaining why it is the way it is. The Mercator projection is uniquely useful compared to other "more accurate" map projections because it allows the plotting of straight lines courses where on other projections, the curvature of the Earth must be accounted for and so courses must instead be plotted on curves or otherwise. That is the genius of the Mercator projection. It is a navigational aide, as a map ought to be.


Pretty much everything I like is also enjoyed by annoying 4chan internet contrarians, and it makes it really hard to find people to talk about this stuff to.


Contrarians really do drain my energy.


File:1523125531700.png (189.9 KB,360x360)

Nowadays there's contrarian support for everything because everyone can find support for an opposing opinion they can be contrarian towards. Better to just ignore those types altogether.


File:Screenshot_20220509-05022….jpeg (259.07 KB,859x484)

I have conflicting, extremely strong, feelings of moving past what I'm currently doing and better appreciating what I already have. I cant weigh the options satisfactorily and really, am afraid to. I feel like the best answer I have is to grow and avoid burning bridges, to hope that others feel the same. Is that fair?


What's the deal with people who constantly change their username and profile picture? It's annoying trying to figure out who's who when they do that...




Maybe that's the point.


Steam has an option that lets you add nicknames to people.


sometimes people wonder why engineers and designers don't run businesses.


File:[AOmundson] Tengen Toppa G….png (3.19 MB,1920x1080)

Maybe its more that I should hope they grow with me.


File:[CR ONIBE] Love Live! Supe….jpg (263.98 KB,1920x1080)

I think this problem comes from conflating changing yourself with changing your surroundings. The two can be mutually exclusive and you can stay where you are while changing at the same time. Kinda like the conclusion you came to in a sense.


People who come up with extremely bad analogies are funny.


Many of them do, I don't have an opinion on the matter.


Saw someone saying a while ago that they had a grandfather who had learned German and they used to say that they spoke the language best when they were drunk. Not because they were drunk, but because people are often too self-conscious of the way they're speaking when learning a foreign language that they're too insecure to be able to mistakes. I thought that was a neat observation, at least for a single person.


wearing a tie. wish nice clothes weren't so much work.


I hate the recent trend of people calling everything that's even remotely self-aware or self-deprecating "ironic". I get that we're all sick of the 2010s, but please stop abusing words.

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