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Let's have a thread for expressing thoughts and ideas which don't really deserve their own thread, and possibly aren't entirely appropriate for elsewhere on the site. As the content that description begets may not be entirely up to /qa/lity standards, I ask that posts made in this thread are moderately thought out and are kept at a civil level so the thread remains somewhat peaceful and is befitting of kissu. Aside from that, feel free to get whatever it is that's bothering you off your chest, or say whatever odd thoughts may come to your head.


File:1586643148531.jpg (261.44 KB,1920x1080)

salon in the options field?


Vermin makes these fields too confusing. Sometimes the field next to "New Reply" is options, other times its subject.


it's not confusing, it's "modern design"


File:Low.mp4 (2.89 MB,1878x1080)

Seeing one of the WEBMs in the thread that >>>/qa/38929 linked, intrigued me enough to want to see the anime that it came from. As it turns out, what I thought might have been an anime was actually a movie instead: Ouritsu Uchuugun: Honneamise no Tsubasa or Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise. It also happened to be one of Gainax's earliest releases. That said, the WEBM somewhat mislead me in what I was expecting. I was expecting more of a gritty military action show. That's not really what it was about, but that wasn't really a bad thing since it kept me from spoiling the premise of the movie. Tthe beginning was a bit lackadaisical, but as the movie progressed, I became more and more enthralled in the worldbuilding, story, and presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Royal Space Force. My only gripe is that it wasn't longer!


what's the difference between a salon and a cafe?


A salon is the place you go to and kick the door open when you arrive at a new town and want to kick some ass. A cafe is the place you go to meet your informant (who is pretending to read a newspaper) for info on your next target.


WHAT happened to the fast food thread that was more to my style


i thought a salon was where you got your hair cut


Oh yeah. I got salon and saloon mixed up.


gomen ne, bad borgar, fda come
did moving to /trans/ break again?


works fine, OP just deleted the thread themself




WHY did he do it



After being horribly disappointed by the other nostalgia attention-grab adaptation of an old IP from a videogame series I stumbled upon this trailer. What a fool I am that I'm once again pulled to that which I recognize from when I was younger...

Also on a somewhat unrelated note: I wonder how much Netflix pays anime studios to put their shows on the platform. Seems as though most of the stuff that makes its way on there has a relatively high budget.


Australia's new largest Dinosaur was found in the Eromanga basin. It's a huge Sauropod but they already called a stupid plesiosaur Eromangasaurus, it would be better to have called this new dinosaur that but it's too late now so they just gave it a stupid name...


I feel like kissu's been slowly drifting away from 2d/random and closer to standard imageboard cynicism and snark as of late, and I don't like it.




think you're selectively looking at what you don't like. on /jp/ which is more relaxed there are both some angry threads and good ones.


Haven't really noticed this myself, but what has been bugging me is just how dead early mornings tend to be. Guess it can't be helped since everyone's asleep but it's the one activity gap I don't understand even how you'd approach fixing.


>>>/qa/73231 is a good example. That sort of snark used to be pretty rare outside of the imageboard happenings thread. To be fair, it still is rare, but not as rare as usual, which worries me.


can't you just enjoy posting with other people. Why does it have to be that everyone behaves "correctly"?


I want people to respect the culture of the site they're on.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (359.86 KB,1920x1080)

We've picked up some new people in the past few weeks or even days so I think it's fair to give them time to adjust. I don't personally feel like the atmosphere has changed, but that's just me of course. My feeling is that it's not hard to get a thread back on track with a good post if you think it's gone in a bad direction


Still not so behind the idea of people needing to adhere to a specific idea of the culture. /qa/ in the past worked fine without being too strict on posters. Maybe people could take it easier in the past, or it's just me that thinks this.


I don't think there needs to be a hyper specific idea of what the site should be, but I don't like when a post sticks out in a bad way.


your post sticks out the most


In what sense?


Remember when people were vocal of their opinions on /qa/ instead of storing them and then developing meta hypothesises over them...


Maybe moderation has changed things but I kinda miss when people used to just say "die teen" or similar to posts they didn't like.


No one else is trying to enforce purity standards on kissu.

If anything this conversation right now is harming kissu more than any other post on the site.


In fact, I'm teetering on the edge of deleting all these posts for trying to create internal drama on kissu.


I'm not "trying to enforce purity standards on kissu". I don't want purity, I just want people to lurk before posting.


I did and still do. It's just that there aren't many posts that warrant it.


it's just discussion, doesn't need to be deleted
meta is in our blood


It's conflict. Instead of people discussing something interesting we're bitching about people calling E3 bad and using naughty words.

If I were to pick between someone not liking something and people saying that the people who don't like something should not exist then I would easily pick the people actually contributing to the site.


>people saying that the people who don't like something should not exist
I never in any universe said that. My gripe isn't that they're complaining, it's how they're complaining.


File:68803644_p1.jpg (489.02 KB,570x800)

Please be civil in the Kissu Salon. We've no need for brutes trying to pick fights.


You are retarded and a totalitarian idiot. I'm going to play video games. I hope one day you realize that not everyone has to post the exact same thing for them to get along and that other ideas can exist in the same place.

I'm going to do something else.


>a totalitarian idiot
Pardon? Criticizing something does not make one a totalitarian. By your logic, >>73231 is totalitarian because it's criticizing games. I can't stop people from posting things I dislike, but I'm also free to post things you don't like.


Arguing is boring and only serves to anger people and put everyone in a bad mood. Instead we should just find a nice resolution. Which is probably that people should voice their opinions more directly.


Also for clarification I'm not >>1094


I feel very strongly that telling people to behave a certain way is counter productive to having a good community and makes people focus on standards and identities rather than content and ideas.

That you don't see things my way brings me immense levels of anger.


It annoys me too. Buts such posters have always been here.


Does anyone else ever notice words that just don't "feel" right? I was writing something and used the word "altogether" - it's obviously a real word, it just feels wrong to me.


All the time, thankfully I have google so that I can verify the word I'm using is actually right and kill off that suspicion.


Pretty often in anime there are scenes where someone is walking and then there are other lays like the ground or foreground or background that also need to move. A lot of the time this looks unnatural to me, like the rate of movement doesn't match up and it instead looks like the person is just sliding across the ground.

I guess the minute acceleration from frame to frame and layer to layer is too much for some animators to get right or something.


File:dddef91f626b8495cd999c9444….jpg (332.88 KB,1920x1080)

I have been completely consumed by work and it has destroyed me. I would say that it has made me miserable but most of the time it makes me feel nothing at all. i have no passion any more, i dont have fun, i dont have things i look forward to, i dont have hobbies, i dont enjoy my off time. any sort of emotion i have has been ground into dust. i spend maybe a few days a month at home before flying off to god knows where again. i get home saturday, get a call, get told i am leaving again, and monday morning leave for the next two months. all my projects, hobbies, games, manga, anime, everything left hanging and unfinished. i never try to pick anything up again because what is the point, i will just have to stop again. i dont even remember where i left off, so i will use all my free time trying to catch back up and then have to drop it again. anything i do watch or play, i never enjoy. i do it just to complete it, its all just a task to get done. a check in the box. i cant stop to enjoy the graphics or the scenery or explore dumb stupid pointless parts that would absorb my interest for hours. any time i stop i become overcome with anxiety that i am wasting time and have things to do and press on. i keep telling myself that one day i will be free again, but when will that day be. i cant post on the internet anywhere anymore. theres nowhere i belong, any sort of friends i have had have long moved on without me. relationships that were irreplaceable to me have been thrown down the drain, i doubt theyll ever be rebuilt. i am alone. i work too hard and do too much for too little pay, underneath people i dont respect and who dont know how to do their jobs. it is 2 am and i just woke up from where i collapsed earlier this evening, i am going to eat and then go back to sleep as i have to be up in 2 hours. goodnight


This sounds like multiple issues rather than just work. I hope it improves for you


File:1641026355276.png (58.09 KB,220x191)

A thought I had, but I wonder if cute little emotes to spam makes streams actually more successful in a sense since a big problem I notice sometimes when it comes to stream chats is that sometimes people don't really know what to comment on, and emotes could probably help facilitate more chat activity which raises the enjoyment of a stream possibly. I think this may be why both Youtube/Twitch and a large number of cytube channels have them implemented in numerous amounts.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (281.81 KB,1920x1080)

I've sometimes thought of adding some to the kissu seasonal stream, but I just don't think they're that good for communication. Well, I guess that's assuming people are using the chat to communicate which is clearly not the case when there's 10 messages a second.
It could increase activity, sure, but would it facilitate the main purpose of a chat window?


File:1442891600464.jpg (142.97 KB,1280x720)

I neither think Kissu's CyTube, Theatre, needs to be more like the mindless spam chats on Twitch and YouTube nor would I enjoy it if it were that way.


File:[Shirase] Tamayura - Sotsu….png (2.84 MB,1920x1080)

i can only hope you look back at this to change your environment anon. whatever sacrifices you have to make to change your surroundings, to allow you to make new relationships or foster existing ones has to be worth it. continuing like that, smothering your feelings until you can't bear it is a life liable to collapse.

sometimes change needed is internal, sometimes external. i won't be able to say. but i truly hope you find out.


File:mata ashita ne.png (820.71 KB,946x1440)

thinkin the norms might be onto something


I don't know what this is supposed to convey to me about norms being right about something.


What if there was a second chatbox where you could ONLY post emotes


That's dumb as HECK. That's basically what places like Facebook do for streams where when someone "reacts" it floats these stupid emotes over the stream.


The tree of life is pretty wild.

Also, bitmapped images are the worst. It's too bad there's no program to seamlessly and losslessly convert bitmaps to vectors.


It obviously wouldn't be implemented in a dumb way like that.


File:[SubsPlease] Machikado Maz….png (3.66 MB,1920x1080)

I hate this. I hate this so much... How the hell are people watching this 10, or even 20 years from now supposed to know what sus means?


File:[00_15_37.521] [NC-Raws] 街….jpg (4.47 MB,3840x2160)

Only if they pick the wrong sub.


File:4.JPG (173.13 KB,1913x1172)

More comparison.
Top: Loopsubs (edited Sentai)
Bottom: NC-Raws (B-Global)
Mikan said "sensu ga nazo da wa" (sense is mystery).


File:6.JPG (259.76 KB,1912x1222)

More Sentai shittyness.
Shamiko said "fooku nanoni! sajikagen!". "Nanoni" means "but" but Loopsubs translates into "Because". "Sajikagen" is an idiom meaning "at one's discretion" but Loopsubs translates into "spoon-feeding" which has an inappropriate meaning here.
This is a pun in the original, but it should be reserved as a TL note.


File:7.JPG (221.81 KB,1917x1173)

More comparison.
Top is over localization. Bottom is true to original. It's better if there was a TL note explaining the meaning of these Japanese words.


File:9.JPG (202.03 KB,1917x1212)

Another occasion of over-localized joke. Bottom is literal translation.
What should be done is to use the bottom translation, and a TL note explaining that tooth decay is depicted as a demon in children's books - the author's original intention.


I'm no expert on localization, but it kinda seems to me that for a show reliant on humor, your idea would be to have every joke whittled away and killed with literal meaning while TL notes block out the sun.

At some point you've got to just accept that the intended viewer simply would not care about all this stuff and for the intended affect (humor), constantly explaining the joke would rob all of the comedic timing... The concession then is to rely on localization.

Machikado is not a literal show. It does not need literal meaning to be funny.


File:5.JPG (252.29 KB,1921x1235)

Pic related adds expressions not found in the original. Such rewriting litters the Sentai sub.
Back in the day when people still had the correct idea what a good translation was, gg's translation of Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei was universally panned for the localization of jokes and references, even when gg provided a separate TL note document. Sad to see how people are so conditioned to the over localized subs today.


File:[00_02_44.665] Arigatou.Pa….png (424.11 KB,853x480)

In comparison, here is an absolute translation classic - PaniPoni Dash DVD sub.
It leaves the original translation alone and also painstakingly use TL notes (can be turned off) to explain every single joke and reference appeared.
Imagine these localized to the Western counterparts...


These kind of Jokes don't work if they are not understood anyway, so localising does not help and just looks silly.

I think that even if the meaning is whittled away but the TL note, it was going to be or whittled away or destroyed anyway but at least this way you understand what the joke was, you learn something and it might come in handy later. A good example of that would be Gintama, it has a lot of Japan specific humour that you would only understand if you were Japanese and spoke Japanese but it also had TL notes. So maybe you don't get it the first time you hear it but the next time you will adn if another anime uses the same kind of joke you will get it because of the TL note in Gintama.


Another point against localisation is that if you know a bit of Japanese but not enough to watch it without subs, then you are reading the subs and matching the spoken Japanese with them when all of a sudden you can't match a line and you get distracted by that.


Often that can happen even if you don't speak Japanese. The Subs for season 1 of Machikado Mazoukou translated metric into imperial for some bizarre reason. YOU CAN HEAR THEM USING METRIC!!!!


If this bothers you so much just learn Japanese already


That's not the only issue, often they abbreviate words like that when characters don;t do it themselves so it gives a competently different feel to what was actually said, Anime Japanese seems to be quite clear and distinct, even when using a Kansai accent, it's an accent they don't shorten and casualise things like that.

I am but I should not have to, people should simply stop being incompetent. But also if a Japanese ero game gets a western release it often gets uncensored so in that case it would be better then the Japanese original visually but then it still has bad subs.


File:1552093503246.png (2.06 MB,960x612)

The absolute worst is when they use imperial in an unvoiced part of a VN. I don't know how much 4251ft 15oz 1 cup and 97 axethrows is...

Working on it, baby! I learned kana 5 years ago and I can already spot a few naughty words in porn!


ドスケベ !


File:[LoopSubs] Machikado Mazok….jpg (328.31 KB,1920x1080)

I think humor is a situation where localization seems necessary. Jokes aren't funny if they need to be explained. Of course, it's reliant on the localizers actually being witty and funny themselves which can be a very tall order.
The Simpsons is a cartoon that's been localized in many, many languages and so many of the jokes are specific to English or America that I often wonder how they handled things. Do I think they got a lesser experience? Maybe, but I think they enjoyed it nonetheless and that's the goal of entertainment. I think it's likely they even got better versions of the jokes in some situations.


Jokes aren't funny if they are butchered by localisation either, at least if you get a TL note you will get the joke next time. I don't think I can remember a joke localised in anime ever working.


File:Screenshot_2022-04-19 Bar ….png (12.06 KB,468x204)

>at least if you get a TL note you will get the joke next time
No. You can understand why someone might find a joke funny, but that does not mean you will find it funny the next time you see it.

Case in point: "A dog walks into a tavern and says, 'I can't see anything I'll open this one.'" The explanation, "It likely has to do with the Sumerian way of life and a linguistic pun," although in some way illustrative does not actually make the joke itself any more funny than on first impression.

This is precisely the role of localization. Perhaps a localized version would be something like, "A kid walks into a brothel and says, 'A sign I can't read never stopped me from opening doors!'"


To add onto why just tacking on a TL note doesn't make something any funnier the next time you see it, imagine you're watching Lucky Star and there's an Initial D reference, but you've never watched Initial D, nor have any interest in cars or racing. Seeing the TL note: "This scene is a reference to the drift racing franchise Initial D" does not make make the scene any more funny the next time you see it if you do not find the scene humorous to begin with. Imagine you're a complete blank slate and someone tells you, "Oh, it's a Gundam reference". You'd think, "Huh? Why is that funny. I don't get it." If someone says, "It's because Kamille has autism." You'd still be at a loss for why it's funny. Just expecting an audience to suddenly find things funny after explaining a joke to them is ridiculous and I have no idea what put it into your head that explaining jokes will make people find them funny the next time they hear it. Maybe that's true for clever puns, but for jokes that rely on previous context that's not at all the case...

Seriously, if a newbie was watching Nadesico, how many references to previous mecha franchises and tropes do you think would completely fly over their heads? A metric ton! So, just slapping on a, "This is a reference to the anime Mazinger Z" does not make the situation funny!


psychological humor is international. pop culture is limited. It's why konosuba is legend.

That said, I still love monogatari despite it being Japanese family guy


>You can understand why someone might find a joke funny, but that does not mean you will find it funny the next time you see it.
Whether someone finds a joke funny depends what jokes he knows during his life experiences, which heavily depends on culture.
It's simply impossible to please everyone. If the English translation of a joke is localized to an American specific joke, few English speakers outside of America will understand it, even native ones like Britain, Australia, Singapore, South Africa..., not to mention non-native speakers.
How many versions of localization will you need to make then, especially considering English is the lingua franca of the world?

That's why the only way to make watcher to find it funny is to educate them, and encourage them to immerse in and discover various aspects of Japanese culture, and that's what TL notes can do.


That example is a stretch, not even the article you mention knows what the joke actually was.

Generally, when a TL note is used the person making the TL note knows the joke and the joke is not from a civilization that died thousands of years ago. So again, once you see what the joke is through the TL note you will understand it next time you encounter a similar joke.

That's another stretch, if it's from media like that then it does not require a TL note. It only requires one if it is something specific to the Japanese language or culture, not simply something from a show that you might not have seen.


I disagree, and you fail to understand the berth of localization due to your own clear prejudice against it. Take for example Dante's Inferno. Each line is written both literally to the ends of the story, and allegorically. To simply translate each line, line by line literally would rob the allegorical meaning from the text. So, to the end of readers understanding the MEANING (i.e. not the literal translation, but the essence of it), it must be rewritten and done in such a way that preserves the original meaning while not being literal in translation.

This is the point of localization, not "Wow, Ash that's a nice hamburger you've got (proceeds to eat onigiri)."


>"Wow, Ash that's a nice hamburger you've got (proceeds to eat onigiri)."
You fool, that was a jelly doughnut!


>it must be rewritten and done in such a way that preserves the original meaning while not being literal in translation
This is a strawman which I never mentioned. The problem is that localization rarely preserves the original meaning.
Take >>1474 for example. Not only they have completely different meanings, but even the types of joke are different (pun vs reference).


>This is a strawman which I never mentioned.
Because you're constantly raving against localization, not bad localization. Make a distinction or the people you're responding to won't. It's not my responsibility to read your intentions only known to you.


Every single sub comparison I posted earlier criticized significantly alternation of the original meaning. I used wording "over-localization" twice. You should've known my intention by then.
There is an acceptable localization in the show: the "Sacramento Canon" localized to "Sakuramento Canon", which I didn't criticize, because it doesn't alter the original meaning while also outlines the pun. However, in vast majority of cases, it's impossible to do such level of localization.


>in vast majority of cases, it's impossible to do such level of localization.
It's impossible to do quickly. It is not impossible.


Do the "proper" localization of the examples I posted then, including all references in the PPD sub.
References are simply impossible to be "properly" localized because the joke is simply the presence of it, not because it has any deeper meaning.


File:09. Kino no Tabi - the Bea….png (2.06 MB,839x478)

If you keep replying you win.


I won because I said so.


nice concession


I'm of no obligation to reply in good faith to someone who will not extend the same courtesy. I was agreeing with you, simpleton.


Who? Is that you, who did not extend the same courtesy by taking the initiative of dropping a sarcastic response?


File:pattury noredi.png (46.21 KB,207x262)

I like seeing Japanese people being bad at romaji.


I notice stuff like this pretty often when I try to think of English words -> romaji. I often find that words I would write end up not being the commonly accepted version despite sounding closer to English than the Japanese version does.


Most artists, and really creatives in general, are misanthropes of some sort. The main reason most people get into art to begin with is because they have trouble connecting with the people around them. Consuming and producing art provides a way to engage with human emotion in a way that's sufficiently removed from actual humans.


I've seen the opposite happen too. From what I've heard from a couple of artists, it's some kind of frustration that leads to drawing that kind of stuff.


What do you mean, that answers everything.


In some instances, this may be because the words don't actually come from English, like "biiru" (Dutch) or "enerugii" (German). Also, how close a word sounds may depend on the dialect of English you're comparing it to. Consider, for instance, the second vowel in "shinario" (scenario).


I very rarely find that, in fact I don't think any artist I follow does it.


Feel like I can think clearer after I've showered.


Stop deleting things!!!



File:fff89a7260dbc2ba7ff3fe6987….png (1.31 MB,1823x2942)

Seems that LoopSubs agrees with me by switching to the literal translation as base:
>!Starting next week, we’re changing our subtitle and video base to B-Global!


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (181.92 KB,1920x1080)

my noise cancelling headphones have ceased being noise cancelling because my hearing has grown to counteract the noise cancelling affect...


Time to take this opportunity to switch to open-backs so you can stop ruining the hearing you have left...


In that case, I'd just listen even louder to block out the background passing through. Even though I can hear through my headphones, I still listen at fairly low volume. About 2-4% of line out volume. The only time I go higher is when I'm eating something and the crunching gets in the way of hearing things.


File:12d5a1f98a39569cd3b4ceed14….jpg (818.08 KB,1200x1600)

maybe try to get a pair of etymotic? i have a pair that have fantastic noise isolation and it's passive so it doesn't have the headache effect of active noise cancelling
you can get a pair of er2 for $50 on sale


I've never had any headache problems with noise cancelling, but regardless I really don't think earbuds are the things for me. I've heard they're supposed to be really bad for your long-term hearing compared to traditional headphones. I can certainly believe it. I used to listen at the lowest audio setting and with things turned down additionally on my phone, but I've noticed I've been climbing up the volume from a few notches to like half volume. I haven't done anything else to degrade my hearing so they're probably the culprit there.


don't worry, it's just a psycoacoustic effect: larger sound sources appear louder even though the actual loudness is the same
that's why you turned up the volume to compensate for being smaller sound source, the same happens between speakers and headphones
but with earbuds with good isolation (etymotics have -40db passive isolation), you are likely to use less volume because you don't need to cover the ambient noise


>larger sound sources appear louder even though the actual loudness is the same
no... I said, I used to listen at the lowest volume on my phone, and now I no longer do (because it's now too quiet).


did you do some formal test to determine whether your hearing really degraded?
there are several possible reasons why you increased the volume


File:memo.png (3.31 KB,778x108)

I think it's a bit funny that threads about anime and manga are deleted on sight on 4/jp/, but threads that are about something related to Japan, but have literally nothing to do with otaku culture (and usually filled with the usual 4chanisms) are considered a-okay by the staff. I don't remember things being that bad before the vtuber takeover. And speaking vtuber takeover, I still wonder what really caused /jp/ to become the absolute dogshit board it is today. There was at least one staff member who tried to uphold some sort of quality on the board but he just suddenly disappeared.


These days I think it's just a generational shift. There was a "otaku culture" meta thread up when I checked it a couple weeks ago and the people bemoaning the death of everything we hold dear were clearly in their teens and were extremely wrong on everything and named the usual culture war enemies so it was quite a surreal sight.
I'm sure 4/jp/ is enjoyable to the people there, though. And it will be enjoyable to the people there in 2030.


I wonder how many habits have been grandfathered into /jp/ though, like how archive enthusiasts hypothesized that the zenith of an active /jp/sie was 2-3 before they reclined into lurking or got an identity on IRC


File:44632659_p0.png (96.85 KB,419x484)

You're probably right, but the whole thing just felt very artificial to me. The shift didn't happen gradually; it was like they thought that /jp/ was too slow and old-timey for their liking, so they just kicked out some of the older topics and replaced them with things that are more appealing to a younger and bigger audience and left it at that.

I have never browsed /vr/, but I have heard that the exact same thing happened there as well.
A+ moderation.


The windows 10 task bar is really bothering me lately. First it tells me the whether but now it even comes up with 'sunset coming' 'breaking news' and 'easter' notifications, it's invasive, distracting and annoying. I did not ask for it to do this.


>they just kicked out some of the older topics and replaced them with things that are more appealing to a younger and bigger audience

I think the only motivation for that would be the containment garbage board status that /jp/ has. Vtubers were a /v/ thing until mods forced it to be a /jp/ thing.
It's true that hiro ran 4chan as a business, but his attention to doing things like that was lost after he discovered he could make far more money streaming. I still can't quite wrap my head around that one. What the heck are people hearing that's so entertaining or informative?


Now the task bar is telling me it's Humid. I don't care! Leave me alone!


Right click on an empty space in the taskbar and turn those things off.


>There was a "otaku culture" meta thread up when I checked it a couple weeks ago and the people bemoaning the death of everything we hold dear were clearly in their teens and were extremely wrong on everything and named the usual culture war enemies so it was quite a surreal sight.
What were they saying?


File:Untitled15.png (29.7 KB,595x247)

Now what?


File:Taskbar and Start Menu Cle….png (666.2 KB,2967x1089)


File:1651054029314.png (50.16 KB,595x247)

That doesn't help me get rid of the problem I was referring tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's just the search bar being annoying. I don't think you can disable that aside from getting rid of the search bar altogether.

Just so you know, the search bar doesn't actually go away if you remove it from the taskbar. If you open the Start menu, and start typing it'll bring up the search bar.


File:OOSU10_6UVigsENb1.png (6.11 KB,494x67)

I don't really want to go into detail since the mention of the things was itself the problem.

A year ago I had to do some search bar fix to disable that thing blacking out and generating errors. You can find people talking about it back in 2020 and 2021.
You might want to use some third party tool to block the search bar's access to the internet, like https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10 which is what I use. I disabled this stuff and used windows update blocker so I wouldn't have any more big errors in windows when it updates and breaks something.
Your problem might be unrelated, though.


Why not use a better start menu and search like Openshell, StartisBack etc?


Oh wow, it's even worse than I thought.


I know vtubers make a lot, but surely producing stuff like this must take a sizeable chunk of their profits, right?


Probably not. I heard somewhere that it costs $200,000 to make an episode of anime and that's a whole episode including all costs. A two minute clip like that might not even coast $1000.

It's interesting how many comments are in English to that as well, all but one from where I scrolled down to anyway(but that was not far).


I think the Japanese more comment on the premier itself, just look at the chat replay to see how thoroughly outnumbered english posts are. Also, I think google biases language if you sort by top comments. Looking at Newest First makes it a bit more even or in favor of JP comments.


File:money.PNG (656.61 KB,1224x916)

Apparently she paid 500k yen for it. So she almost made back all the money just from the superchats on the premier alone.


Only 500k? That seems pretty cheap honestly, I'd heard that for the bigger MVs the cost goes into the millions.


That's if she was the one that even payed for it and not a producer.


Probably worth remembering that there's always going to be fans willing to produce for cheaper compared to someone with not much following.


Okay after looking around a bit more maybe it was 500k USD not yen. But I don't feel like trying to trawl though archives or streams to find the actual amount. But it was apparently very expensive according to Marine.

Either way, she makes so much money this is still nothing for her.


File:total superchat revenue.png (83.48 KB,1229x117)

Jesus, that's a big fucking difference Anonymous. And I wouldn't call that a small amount, if it's true, at all.


Superchats are only a small part of it. There's also merchandise sales, sponsorships, ad revenue, and base salary that she gets as well.


But to counter that the company she works for would get a cut off everything she makes, that could even be quite substantial.


Money is worthless unless you spend it on something stupid. I thought Pekora still lives with her parents and probably makes 1mil annually


I disagree. If she lives with her parents still then she's probably going to retire in a few years and never work again(provided she wants to but it seems Kizunai Ai did that). That's the difference between stupid people making money and smart people making money.


Watched a few engineering disaster type videos and something occurred to me: in our modern era we have various engineering disaster to look upon as references to ensure the same mistakes are not made. It really made me think about ancient architecture and survivor bias. We have all these ancient Roman sites, and such, and it's often touted how the Romans were excellent engineers, but what of their disasters? Surely it happened that when building something it collapsed. Were they really such great builders or do only the most magnanimous structures still stand? I think it's a bit interesting to think about. What structures now will still be standing in 2000 years?


File:ZZY 0275 E.png (1.11 MB,1600x1674)

There probably where, I know there were a few Roman stadiums where the wooden seating collapsed and killed thousands of people. But the Romans were working with quite sturdy and reliable material(aside from wood) and much of their architecture was borrowed form the Greeks so they would have learned lessons there or they would be copying designs from the Greeks who had learned lessons. Much of it simply relies on using material that has a lot of mass and is quite durable like stone or marble and then designing it so the weight is distributed correctly and holds it in place and then because of the mass and durability of it not much can phase it(aside form earthquakes). The Dome of the Pantheon is fairly impressive and uses concrete though.

Modern concrete won't last long, I heard it's only rated for 100 years or something like that because of the steel bars corroding and expanding. 100 years is not long really.


I really hate it when geography nerds complain about the Mercator projection without understanding or explaining why it is the way it is. The Mercator projection is uniquely useful compared to other "more accurate" map projections because it allows the plotting of straight lines courses where on other projections, the curvature of the Earth must be accounted for and so courses must instead be plotted on curves or otherwise. That is the genius of the Mercator projection. It is a navigational aide, as a map ought to be.


Pretty much everything I like is also enjoyed by annoying 4chan internet contrarians, and it makes it really hard to find people to talk about this stuff to.


Contrarians really do drain my energy.


File:1523125531700.png (189.9 KB,360x360)

Nowadays there's contrarian support for everything because everyone can find support for an opposing opinion they can be contrarian towards. Better to just ignore those types altogether.


File:Screenshot_20220509-05022….jpeg (259.07 KB,859x484)

I have conflicting, extremely strong, feelings of moving past what I'm currently doing and better appreciating what I already have. I cant weigh the options satisfactorily and really, am afraid to. I feel like the best answer I have is to grow and avoid burning bridges, to hope that others feel the same. Is that fair?


What's the deal with people who constantly change their username and profile picture? It's annoying trying to figure out who's who when they do that...




Maybe that's the point.


Steam has an option that lets you add nicknames to people.


sometimes people wonder why engineers and designers don't run businesses.


File:[AOmundson] Tengen Toppa G….png (3.19 MB,1920x1080)

Maybe its more that I should hope they grow with me.


File:[CR ONIBE] Love Live! Supe….jpg (263.98 KB,1920x1080)

I think this problem comes from conflating changing yourself with changing your surroundings. The two can be mutually exclusive and you can stay where you are while changing at the same time. Kinda like the conclusion you came to in a sense.


People who come up with extremely bad analogies are funny.


Many of them do, I don't have an opinion on the matter.


Saw someone saying a while ago that they had a grandfather who had learned German and they used to say that they spoke the language best when they were drunk. Not because they were drunk, but because people are often too self-conscious of the way they're speaking when learning a foreign language that they're too insecure to be able to mistakes. I thought that was a neat observation, at least for a single person.

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