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File:shrooms.jpg (856.46 KB,1758x1157)


Found this outside today.
Are these shimeji mushrooms? They seem to look like that but aren't fresh anymore.


File:Coprinellus_micaceus_Glimm….jpg (4.19 MB,3000x2044)

From my deductive Googling powers, I believe those are possibly Coprinellus micaceus. Supposing they are, they're a common mushroom that often grow in clusters at the base of tree stumps or on decaying hardwood trees. They're known by the common names mica cap, shiny cap, and glistening inky cap.


Before you think about eating anything you find outside always remember to check whether a poisoon variety exists and compare what you found to it!



I'd just do a poison test on yourself by either patch test or eating a small amount to see if you have a negative reaction


File:mushrooms-mushroom-collect….jpg (170.62 KB,1019x1300)

Those are some cool mushrooms. The ones that occasionally grow around here after lots of rain are very flat and wide.
It's all from a place where a tree used to be and had to be cut down because it was diseased. This was about 20 years ago, so I guess mushrooms are still growing from its underground stump.


shi me ji


He looks like a mix of Len'en and Inu Curry.

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