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File:57878230_p0.jpg (1.54 MB,1590x1320)


It's 20 C outside. I think I'm gonna die


Quite possibly the perfect temperature!


Now it's 28 C. Really gonna die


Can you convert that into a temperature for people who believe in freedom?


File:a81dfe0cd1bf8ff351dc4f8822….jpg (337.79 KB,518x724)

8 C here


68 F (20C), and 82.4 F (28C).


Suddenly got cold again. Was 8C today. That's 47 in freedom units.


File:1599566457847.jpg (2.29 MB,2826x2120)

19C now. Luckily my flat is pretty chilly.


I bet that feels really good for cirno too. Clownpiece probably runs really hot


Was 27C for me yesterday. Not a pleasant experience when I'm well acclimatized to Autumn weather and had put away my fan already.


File:276e22734c25b98bcf46207f5b….jpg (317.45 KB,1000x1415)

It's 33 C
I hate it here.


Imagine the breeze they get when the other farts.


Spring here has so far been very mild and cool, I really like it. We had a really hot December, hottest in like a century if not recorded history (granted it's USA) so this is a nice balance.
Been a few freezing warnings on a couple nights, though, which is definitely not a good thing for budding plants.

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