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File:57878230_p0.jpg (1.54 MB,1590x1320)


It's 20 C outside. I think I'm gonna die


Quite possibly the perfect temperature!


Now it's 28 C. Really gonna die


Can you convert that into a temperature for people who believe in freedom?


File:a81dfe0cd1bf8ff351dc4f8822….jpg (337.79 KB,518x724)

8 C here


68 F (20C), and 82.4 F (28C).


Suddenly got cold again. Was 8C today. That's 47 in freedom units.


File:1599566457847.jpg (2.29 MB,2826x2120)

19C now. Luckily my flat is pretty chilly.


I bet that feels really good for cirno too. Clownpiece probably runs really hot


Was 27C for me yesterday. Not a pleasant experience when I'm well acclimatized to Autumn weather and had put away my fan already.


File:276e22734c25b98bcf46207f5b….jpg (317.45 KB,1000x1415)

It's 33 C
I hate it here.


Imagine the breeze they get when the other farts.


Spring here has so far been very mild and cool, I really like it. We had a really hot December, hottest in like a century if not recorded history (granted it's USA) so this is a nice balance.
Been a few freezing warnings on a couple nights, though, which is definitely not a good thing for budding plants.


File:1682609925624185.jpg (60.4 KB,666x915)

9 C
i am melting pls kill me


Cold and rainy today. Wanna just stay inside, but I need to go out to eat.


File:[BTN] Sayonara Zetsubou Se….jpg (112.85 KB,1280x720)

Was able to easily wear my hikki blanket up until now, now I'm starting to sweat because it's getting flippin HOT and humid and I hate this.


File:[SubsPlease] Megami no Caf….jpg (257.16 KB,1920x1080)

This is the first day of the year when the air conditioning can't reach the target temperature I have it set at.
Thankfully I have a little unit attached the window to give assistance to the main one, but this is the turning point of the season in which it begins to hurt just to be outside for most of the daytime.
Goodbye, wonderful "happy to be alive and outside' weather


File:death.png (44.47 KB,812x721)

It sure is summer. (´・ω・`)


Summer, the season of temperatures like "standard room temperature" and "only 25 degrees above freezing"


File:waterfox_8W9JCLA6lH.png (5.71 KB,308x80)

(94f is 34c)
Yeah, we're not even halfway into June (or officially summer). Summer is the season of death here.
My heat tolerance has been growing lately as I've been spending more time outside gardening, but it's still not what you would call pleasant.
Just going outside to water plants, no physical activity at all, for 20 minutes leaves me drenched with sweat and in need of a shower.


File:1541056279427.gif (911.54 KB,480x340)

It was 41 degrees C last week around my area.


May God have mercy upon your soul.


File:Screenshot_20230615_101055….jpg (47.24 KB,1022x300)


File:IMG_20230617_113117.jpg (1.6 MB,2976x3968)

it's cold...


all the hot guys hsould marry all the cold guys

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