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File:[anorak] Null Peta - OVA (….jpg (227.13 KB,1536x864)


A MALE MOURNING DOVE OUTSIDE MY WINDOW HAS IMPRESSED A FEMALE! He was walking around her, preened her a little, and then... THEY MATED!

Amazingly stupid birds, though. I don't know how they even know how to mate.


This is what they look like. They're called "mourning" doves because their calls sound quite sad. I used to think the sound was from owls, but it was weird because it was during the day.


Doves being dumb is what make them cute, though


Doves are NOT cute. They're rats with wings.


File:1521178681_1467434263_seag….jpg (542.52 KB,1020x689)

Nah seagulls get that title.



Doves are fine if they're not rock doves


File:good-goose.webm (2.74 MB,472x504)

awsome op


is this resident evil village?


Saw some nesting mourning doves. Was nice watching the male go back and forth bringing twigs back to the nest, but it was funny watching when he got back because every time he flew back to the nest he'd sit on top of the female. funny birds


File:20220411_144143.jpg (9.72 MB,4032x3024)

Male over there on the left, and the female is sitting in the nest in the center behind a branch. Tried getting a picture of him standing on top of her but I wasn't fast enough.


File:index.jpeg (319.65 KB,634x512)

There's an asshole starling that decided to make camp in my backyard this year. It keeps bullying all the robins that like to congregate around my house, and for two months it would wake me up real early in the morning by making a bunch of racket outside the windows.

Incidentally, I haven't heard any mourning doves close by this year. I hear them in the distance, like a block or two away, even though I would normally hear more of them. I wonder if this thing has something to do with it.


I remember watching a video a little while ago about starlings. Some guy had a few trees where a flock of some uncommon birds would nest, but some starlings moved in and killed off a majority of the flock, so the guy got an air or pellet gun or something and killed the starlings.


pigeon types are pretty smart though... birds are smart lizards!


Compared to parrots and raptors, they're pretty dumb.


Find its nest and breaks its eggs.


File:20220430_173920.jpg (5.98 MB,4032x3024)

Saw a starling hopping around looking for worms the other day.


File:Bird_Mourning_Dove_On_Rock….jpg (763.49 KB,2500x1672)

I can't speak of other types of pigeons, but mourning doves have a really stupid reputation around here. Maybe not stupid exactly, but extremely slow to react which leads to people thinking of them as slow mentally. It's like you open a door to go outside and every other bird flies away, but the dove will just sit there walking around until you're almost on top of it. This is different from birds that learn and become tame around specific people in specific situations, like my house has had generations of robins hanging around, but they're still quick to frighten and watch us intently.
Mourning doves? They will sit in the street until they're almost run over by cars. They will sit near a hawk while other birds give it a wide berth. Something falls over like a branch or potted plant? Other birds fly away instantly, doves sit there for about 3 seconds and then fly way. And it's not that they're "hiding", they're moving around and sometimes even chirping during this. I guess they've just never had an evolutionary pressure to improve since they're obviously doing quite well
They're nice, calm birds and it's cool how they're usually together as couples (they mate for life I think) and I don't have any problem with them, it's just weird how different they are from other birds.


birds are very important


I dunno about mourning doves, but I know pigeons are technically domesticated. Maybe mourning doves are like cats and have sort of self-tamed in order to live more peacefully among humans, but haven't yet fully self-domesticated.

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