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Warning: politics (of bees)


more details


bees are kind of like humans if you think very abstractly


bees are kind of like what humans would be like if humans were bees


So even bees use the metric system but Americans still don't...


File:beep.mp4 (2.12 MB,854x480)

bee political discussion:

¥Don't you understand? This debate is a farce! Everything is controlled by THEM!
*headbutts and beeps you*
¥THEY have our queen captive! This new hive location you're so excited about, we'll never be able to move there! THEY won't allow it!
*headbutts and beeps you*
¥Can't you see? This isn't a tree branch; there are no trees on this island! It's an experimental station set up by beings beyond our comprehension! They've labeled us with tracking dots and are monitoring our every move with their all-seeing machine eye!
*headbutts and beeps you*
¥What was I saying again?
Welcome back, worker #347. Now about the location of our new hive, I've found a nice spacious hole in a tree two kilometers to the northeast. You should come look at it...

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