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We're living in Amerika for now, but what's it going to be like living in China?




Wouldn't it be Chima?



Probably never going to... despite its economic prowess China has a pathetically pitiful cultural pull unlike America. Just look at the biggest cultural icons of China, it's all games that take after Japanese gacha and are basically thought of as anime games giving more cultural pull to Japan.


I know no cultural icons in China who aren't opposed to it's government and therefore exiled/imprissoned.


American culture is pitiful as well, we are living under Japan.


File:69928251_p0.png (2.39 MB,2048x2048)

It still has super-hero movies, video games, and the remnants of Hollywood keeping it on life support (maybe also social media?), but aside from that yeah Japan is probably the biggest global cultural superpower and thank god for that.


File:371887c5533e6570c8a8b46389….jpg (1.97 MB,1716x2022)

China: copy Japanese, admire America, think Chinese.
The third point is the most important. Whatever they do to imitate others, its only on surface, but the mindset stays the same.


USA is still a cultural juggernaut, just not necessarily for us here. Hmm... I'm not sure if Japan would count as second. UK still exports a lot of music, shows and movies.


Isn't Jackie Chan a member of the CCP?


>just not necessarily for us here.

Exactly, we are living under Japan.


You only say that because you're on kissu. If you spend all your time consuming Japanese media and talking to other people who do the same, you're going to start thinking that it's way more mainstream than it actually is.

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