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File:[SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man….webm (5.46 MB,1920x1080)


So the most anticipated anime of the year aired yesterday.... Does anyone have any thoughts on it or anything?


pretty meh, felt like typical norm stuff


It's not a genre I'm interested in, but I'll see what all the hubbub is about. From what what little I've seen of people talking about it, people are disappointed in the quality. Well, there's no way it can be worse than Biscuit Hammer. I heard it uses rotoscoping and I think that's there in the webm and I personally like rotoscoping but I think not everyone does.
There's already a lot of things I'm enjoying this season so it's going to be hard to impress me


File:1665514632807.jpg (3.74 MB,1251x4052)

I heard the worst about the adaptation, and went in expecting to be completely disappointed. Was pleasantly surprised, and happy to see, that the retards over where I was pointed to were just retards playing up the worst of the episode. Yeah, there was crappy CG used in the battle, but it wasn't nearly as awful throughout as people make it out to be and show it as with cherrypicked webms. At some points I'd even say it meshed together surprisingly well with the rest of the scene given what it was. The 2D animation is perfectly high budget, and for some reason what you'd expect to be crappy CG (the zombie devil) was wholly 2D animated. I'll have to wait and see how they animate the upcoming episodes to judge whether they "ruined" the action or not, but I don't think that the opening one is particularly anything that stuck out in my memory from reading the manga, though for first impressions it is kinda messy I think. Makima's voice is still going to take some adjusting to but depending on how she delivers more serious lines maybe I can get used to it. Denji sounds fine. Overall a pretty good first episode, enthusiastically awaiting the rest of the adaptation now instead of dreading it like I thought I would.

Also, it's a nice little touch that the OP has a bunch of references to film to fit in with both the Makima and Denji at the cinema bit and also Fujimoto's love for cinema. Not necessarily a fan of the song, but the visuals are 10/10, and I really like the ED song used but haven't seen what it looks like...

pretty meh post, typical normalf/a/g stuff

People are really overhyping the problems with it in order to cause outrage and shit on current popular thing. It's not really something you should pay attention to because it's people intentionally trying to be angry. Chainsaw Man's a fun story with really engaging characters so I do hope you give it a chance.


really like this webbum


Dang. Who finds all these references? I saw some of these movies, but who can actually remember the position of actors in a scene like that? Crazy.
(Well, Big Lebowski one is obvious enough)


File:[ASW] Chainsaw Man - 01 [1….jpg (222.62 KB,1920x1080)

It was fine, nothing like the 'disaster' the shitposters on /a/ (who are now indistinguishable from /v/ shitposters) are trying to make it out to be. The CGi was a bit kuso, but it doesn't ruin the whole episode. The problem is that the zombie fight is nothing like how it is in the manga; they extended it a lot to make it a full EP since it's just condensed into a single chapter in the manga and therefore had to add a lot of wonky choreography nobody asked for to it. Next eps will likely be better.


Makima got downgraded


File:[ASW] Chainsaw Man - 01 [1….jpg (160.69 KB,1920x1080)

Yes, that's another small problem with it. Makima's VA is some idol who has never had any major roles before. I heard it's because of a deal with Sony Music. And Denji's VA is completely new in the scene, it's literally his first role, but I thought his performance was okay.


I've heard speculation that the reason for Makima's VA being who it is, is that they're planning to use her for Nayuta too. Which would make sense.


File:[SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man ….jpg (393.95 KB,1920x1080)

Combined might of a bunch of people on the internet on a scavenger hunt to find the references. Also think this must be one too, but I've only seen guesses as to what, like He-Man or Thor.


File:[SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man….webm (487.25 KB,1920x1080)

Another nice little touch in the OP is that when Denji's crashing into different buildings and such the impact craters spell out CSM, for Chainsaw Man.


>It was fine, nothing like the 'disaster' the shitposters on /a/

Let me guess, they're posting in all caps and spamming threads to force it like DitF?


When someone pointed me to it, everyone seemed to be doing exactly that with cherrypicked webms/screenshots where the CG looked poor and saying the inane brainless shit you'd expect from any "anime elitist" who actually browses /a/.


I think I could get used to her voice, if she pulls off the more serious scenes well and doesn't sound exactly the same as she sounds now. But if this is just her constant speaking voice I'm gonna have some problems...


Femdom doujins


File:[SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man ….jpg (14.04 KB,254x194)




Why do you guys keep complaining about /a/? Kissu doesn't even have an /a/...


File:e95c8dc3e25e5d19d09ded2629….jpg (888.55 KB,1725x2477)

Don't know no /a/, but I do know Makima. Let's talk about how much we love her instead.


We've agreed, she's horrible but anon likes her because she's hot.
You would shoo her away after sex


Isn't she flat?


File:C-1665860992258.png (1.95 MB,1500x2250)

They're not huge, but she has them


File:[Asakura] Isekai Yakkyoku ….jpg (180.73 KB,1920x1080)

I think I see them


File:Chainsaw Man v01 (2020) (D….jpg (Spoiler Image,3.78 MB,3000x4500)

>The problem is that the zombie fight is nothing like how it is in the manga; they extended it a lot to make it a full EP since it's just condensed into a single chapter in the manga
This was probably the biggest issue with the episode structurally, but I don't really see how they avoid it. Setting the premise and leading people in with the first episode kinda has to be done by adapting solely the first chapter, but it's just one chapter they need to fit into 24 minutes. When I went back to see how long the actual fight was in the manga, it's a mere 8 pages for quickly taking out the zombie devil and all the zombies after Denji is revived. Anime extends this to 4 minutes with some filler action.


File:[SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man ….jpg (315.29 KB,1920x1080)

Well, episode 2 dispelled most of the worries I had for this adaptation by actually doing the comedy bits right and Power's casting being 10/10. Definitely jumped back up to being potentially the best anime this season.

Still a bit worried about how Makima's going to sound during her non-acting scenes.


File:[SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man ….jpg (370.31 KB,1920x1080)

The strongest animal. Nyannyan


Think I figured out why they made Chainsaw Man CG while nothing else in the anime is. It's most likely due to how much time it would've taken to fully 2D animate him with his chainsaws running at all times. But, at the same time if they just made the chainsaws exclusively 3D it would've really stood out like a sore thumb, so they made a compromise and just made him entirely 3D trying to mask it with 2D any time they can so that it looks the best while also not taking up extreme amounts of budget. Disappointing to an extent, yeah, but also somewhat understandable. Maybe they find a way to improve it in the BDs, but the saving grace from what it seems is that they probably won't abuse CG for the other characters because none of them have such a quirk that'd make animating them fully require such effort.

Also pretty metal ED



It didn't really bother me much. I was expecting the absolute worst since people were speaking very poorly of it, but it's just "meh".


I think most people are just pissed that it's the main character being CG.


I think my biggest issue with the adaptation would have to be the sound design. Especially when it comes to music setting the wrong tone for what's meant to be joke and then somewhat harming the punchline. Although the end of ep2 and ep3 were done pretty well.


File:FgE6258aEAIGEFX.jpg (749.58 KB,2000x2883)

Loving all the great fanart coming out of this


File:power_cheer.webm (107.05 KB,430x424)

Really like how it's got a unique ED each episode, and so far all have been at least 8/10, and I think this latest one may have been one of the best yet. Love Power.


File:[ASW] Chainsaw Man - 05 [1….jpg (493.42 KB,1920x1080)

They really put a lot of effort in them. The fifth one has some amazing visuals. Feels like a waste to only use it for a single ep though.


I don't get it. I was like this for Spy x Family, but I'm extremely satisfied with Chainsaw Man.


>Feels like a waste to only use it for a single ep though
I completely disagree. In the long run almost all of these EDs are going to be remembered and it'll definitely carve a place into people's memory, not to mention it's definitely going to make more people tune in to see what the next ED is. It's a way to add onto the original manga too. Also while they last only a single episode, you can revisit all of them any time and judging by the views on them a whole lot of people are.



Yeah 8.8m views is pretty amazing for a single episode ED. I'm not a big fan of the hamburglar metal genre, but the visuals are really great


File:[SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man ….jpg (431.17 KB,1920x1080)

Is this some kind of Blade Runner reference?


File:[SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man ….jpg (313.41 KB,1920x1080)

First episode that really seemed to capture the feeling of the manga pretty well. Good restraint on the OST and the delivery was on point. Only complaint is that this week's ED was probably the weakest yet.


File:Gurumo - 55 #kobeni noOo0o….mp4 (279.29 KB,720x724)

also kobeni was perfect


Power probably smells


File:[SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man….webm (2.22 MB,1920x1080)

Not as bad as you


Kobeni's a bigger shab


Another pretty cool ending, this time with a retro VHS aesthetic. Fitting since CSM takes place in the late 90s.


File:[ASW] Chainsaw Man - 07 [1….jpg (269.96 KB,1920x1080)


File:[ASW] Chainsaw Man - 07 [1….jpg (237.34 KB,1920x1080)

A bummer that the Himeno barf scene was censored though. Only bad thing about the episode. Hope they'll uncensor it in the BD.


It's actually shoegaze. Can't remember but I think there was a band which sounded very close to that in the 2010s


I don't think it was them, but you can understand the instrumentation and vocal similarities. I'll see if I can find the thing.


I thought shoegaze was just a music genre.


yeah, because
>retro VHS aesthetic
is not a genre so I thought I'd clarify where the ending's musical influences come from


File:[ASW] Chainsaw Man - 07 [1….jpg (192.41 KB,1920x1080)

Dude... I was talking about the visuals. It's literally shown on a CRT TV with the VHS color bleed and everything. But yeah, the song seems to be shoegaze.


I wasn't trying to insult you.


She just needs a power washing.
I like that band and that album.


Yeah, I think it was this band that reminded me of the ED


The scene that celebrates itself..


I wonder if that's actually because of some law or if it's just tradition.


I like all the art of kobeni being forced to do stuff she doesnt like


She's quite rapeable.


File:sloppy 1.jpg (18.39 KB,400x400)

She's contracted to the sloppy blowjob devil after all


pubic safety


File:[SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man ….jpg (225.7 KB,1920x1080)

Well, this episode was executed very well. Aside from a bit of CG that didn't even look bad. Can't wait for the next episode and to see how the stream reacts to what happens in it.


>Sloppy 1


File:2b859e247313ca48f0879ecf59….jpg (237.09 KB,1900x1800)



Selamat Pagi Devil


File:osaka question mark.png (209.64 KB,500x500)

If those are the film references in the anime, it makes me wonder what book references there are in the manga.


File:[SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man ….jpg (263.57 KB,1920x1080)

Uh... Osaka...


I like the csm anime


the cem anime


I like turtles


File:FiAx-UGaUAA7f5T.jpg (146.18 KB,736x1082)

For anyone interested in not getting spoilered tomorrow, I'd highly recommend trying to watch the episode as soon as possible since there's probably a lot that can be spoiled from the screenshots that'll come out of it. Unless you're ready to hold off on the rest of the internet until the stream


i like the csm anime even more now


File:reeze.jpg (992.68 KB,900x1300)

Shame the anime won't get to the Reeze arc, she's a real bombshell.


File:[SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man ….jpg (Spoiler Image,240.38 KB,1920x1080)

They really did an amazing job with this cut. Works perfectly. Just like the rest of the episode honestly, loved it.


File:wide makima.png (Spoiler Image,595.98 KB,976x971)

The manga panel was better.


Looks like a trap


what if makima was cute


File:1605342322451.png (22.31 KB,470x534)

Say 'Banana'


what if makima hat a fat smelly futa cock?


File:1670415221866_.png (Spoiler Image,486.29 KB,976x971)


File:Makima, nooo!.mp4 (650.16 KB,1280x720)




he he he




Wonder what people new to the series think of the latest episode. Think it's a real turning/starting point for the series.


It was pretty great. I wasn't that interested in the show until the previous week's episode so it's nice that it finally started.
With a 3 episodes left.


Pretty much sealed the "Gantz 2022" impression. Wonder if the mangas were written by the same person.


File:[SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man….webm (1.98 MB,1920x1080)

Helpful Power


File:moemoemoe.jpg (251.69 KB,1920x1080)

Kashikoi Power


I got around to finishing it and I love the show!


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (334.86 KB,1920x1080)

Pretty great once it got going. A shame that it didn't get going until like episode 7, though. Power was voiced by the red Mewkle I can't remember the name of who also did that Dumbbell main character and Manatsu in Tropical Rouge. Getting some pretty big roles, huh.


A magical girl series featuring Power would be pretty boson.


It feels like they have a shab for every taste in this series, its incredible


are you talking about looks or character?



WRONG Reze wasn't there yet, now she's real bombshell.


File:SleepyPower.jpg (321.01 KB,1920x1080)

The spinoff we truly need.

I dunno' if it was just overhyped or there were issues with the adaptation, but the anime was kind of disappointing. Especially the fight scenes, the animation was good, but they had all kinds of weird cuts and poorly explained or altogether unexplained plot armor/retard tactics moments, especially in the latter half. I feel like it would've greatly been improved if we had a character to do the play-by-play breakdown like you'd normally have in a shounen show like this. Maybe it was better explained in the manga?

The characters were pretty great though, especially Power.


Honestly, the fight scenes in the manga were the low point, so I'm not surprised they weren't much better in anime form. I think the main problem with the anime was the poor pacing, which just feels too slow for a story like this. The dark/muted color scheme is something else that stuck out as not being fitting to the original tone.


I think potentially one of the biggest flaws that the anime had was within the sound department. Fujimoto's tone of writing in the manga came off to me as pretty deadpan. I'd say the humor laid somewhat in how serious and depressing the larger story/setting is while the main cast themselves (with exception of aki playing straight man) are more going about their daily lives like it's ordinary to them, which it is. That's why when it comes to the anime, trying to make things too sentimental with emotional music in scenes like the ball kicking just completely ruins the delivery which is supposed to be quick, snappy, and to the point. In 'Goodhye Eri', his oneshot, you can pretty clearly see him lay out his own tone with a character that makes a really sad setup and journey with someone that ends with an explosion because he wanted the movie to look cool. Not to say there's no emotional impact at all, but there's better build-up to them and they're somewhat sparse. Getting you accustomed to the tone of the story and characters properly first before trying to really get you to care.

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