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File:01 Hyper Police [480p Hi10….jpg (108.59 KB,702x536)

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warming you up



excited about onimusha anime since the last time capcom made an anime for a video game (dragons dogma) it got a sequel not so long after hope onimusha gets a sequel




File:1477456507077.jpg (158.94 KB,1334x697)



shameless lesbian
she needs cock correction




File:[Drag] Utawarerumono OVA -….jpg (230.12 KB,1920x1080)

no hot blog here
only cocoa blog


A toddler should not be drinking that!!


it's not hot anymore


I accidentally let my pizza dough rise overnight. I knew I forgot something when I went to bed last night. But the dough is fine. It rose and spread nicely and I'll freeze it.


just bought some cocoa mix
excited for cold weather so i can sip some nice hot chocolate with milk


here's some choccy milk, because you're epic


rising pizza dough makes something else rise in my pants


both things happen because of yeast


Im thinking of quitting porn


allow me to help you on your journey


Please, at least do one more movie before retiring.


mouse got cathair in it


File:__komeiji_satori_kaenbyou_….jpg (114.59 KB,1233x1295)

usually it's cats that get mousehair in them


gonna watch the dumbass singing shark then post about her on /jp/


just listening to the leaves rustle and life move by


im a shark
im a shaark
suck my dick
im a shaaaark


fingers are dry and itchy


mowed the lawn for hopefully the last time this year
saw a medium size wasp nest next to the window with about 6 adult wasps on it and figured I'd just leave it since nature will take its course soon

good reference


ate an apple
it was nice fresh crisp juicy good always forget how nice these are


Thinking of getting a part-time job to support my favorite artists


File:03 Shoujo Kakumei Utena (1….jpg (124.92 KB,960x720)

watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena watch utena


File:Utena hands.gif (912.76 KB,500x333)

I did watch it, and even rewatched it, but I wasn't quite big brained enough to fully appreciate it like I do now.


It's on the list


I remember it causing weird conversations about sexuality back in the day


Accidentally was given interacting drugs by my parents and had like a 3,4 day high that I thought were just side effects of the new medication.
It was a mix of that, and the early effects of Serotonin Syndrome.
I read 5 books in 4 days.


File:d45779f1b447b8db43612534c4….jpg (716.67 KB,1000x705)

I have a similar experience to >>97245 except I havent rewatched it and after seeing how wildly different I interpreted it as a teen to the actual messages I might be not the target audience for it.
It always seemed too aimed at the female psyche for me at the time to "get".


It's written by a man


kagoshima-ben is wiiiiild


File:MVIDmg1.png (29.33 KB,548x299)

yeah, a man. But it's Ikuhara.
Stallman appreciates it; it offers more than just girly content.


listening to the mogra stream for the first time in a while because Aiobahn is on today


slept funny and now my neck's killing me owwww


File:Fd8vPAmagAAVD7I.jpg (244.54 KB,2048x1707)

aaaaaaa why couldn't it be a pre painted model? I need that 1/1 figure of Jada on my shelf.


File:C-1664725862841.png (3.35 KB,262x62)

got a new hdd


you're one natural disaster away from losing all your data


if he's like me he would just take his drives while evacuating


I think it is pretty stupid to get such large drives. With the annualized failure rate of hard drives, it is much safer to have multiple smaller drives than have one large drive.


No what if suddenly all mass in a region is vibrating and the contents on the shelves and tables are falling down on the hard floor.


tectonic plate scrubs


went shopping, spent about $25
found a $20 bill on the parking lot


The rabbit rabbit has judged you favorably.


posting recovered


I'm taking posting down again sorry. 20 minutes I think




if it's working now it shouldn't go down


File:[SubsPlease] Shachiku-san ….jpg (189.88 KB,1280x720)



it was funny that one time I broke posting by uploading a really big image of a precure with splayed toes


File:Grabber_4el6wgUN62.png (18.63 KB,831x338)

hard drive is being tested today
200k touhou images, though I'll delete all the stuff that's large (no filesize filter it seems) and then general pruning to fit my tastes (and the images that won't be properly tagged)


sadly hard drive not getting tested as much as I want
this thing bugs out so I'm going character by character and queuing 100 images at a time


this season of rick and morty has been pretty funny




Really tired of this all AI shilling.


Brb ddosing you


irritating issue. I think i've gotten it fixed for good?


File:[SubsPlease] Mobile Suit G….jpg (298.71 KB,1920x1080)

find it funny that after utena just suddenly popped into my mind recently, the new gundam is about school duels to win marriage rights to a bride with the mc being a girl


File:2e7880f84f4125048a87f2c78a….jpg (440.53 KB,1000x1000)

I used to have to eat a pizza several hours before bed because it would churn in my stomach and keep me awake. I'd also eat only half or three quarters of it and save the rest for breakfast the next day.
Now I can just eat the whole thing in one hour and go to sleep the next hour.
I of course wash it down with a hot chocolate.


That sounds terrible...


Got sick...


hope you feel better soon


hope you feel worse soon


always takes me by surprise when im reading a post and it just disappears


File:30042d2bc505f34415f81a1eb9….jpg (278.55 KB,1260x1867)

Played some Bloodborne. As always, the game's great, but that low framerate is such an eyesore.


been using my switch just to watch old pokemon episodes before bed with its pokemon program
pretty cool, but it goes season 1 season 2 and then there's a huge gap until season 7 so it won't last as long as I'd hope


chess scandals are so dull


File:__hakurei_reimu_and_rurima….png (1.55 MB,1032x729)

wish they would port it to pc sigh...


Dark chocolate goes along pretty well with salami.


I dont believe you


Just try it out.


File:hgcgn.png (4.58 MB,1920x1080)

Drinking Dk Pepper


im not buying salami for this


File:bc8e05c144ac36145f2a152f19….jpg (Spoiler Image,365.58 KB,1097x617)

I was peer-pressured into watching animal abuse content when I was younger and it sometimes haunts me


been wasting away hours of my time worrying about and looking at things out of my control sighhhh


When you worry, just think of Kagamin.


Sigh looks like I'll have to filter Bridgette images because of the amount of kuso western art she's getting now


fads come and go
just give it a couple months or try a site that forbids and filters that stuff? not aware of any, though, as places like danbooru aren't nearly as strict as they used to be


File:1646472582175.jpg (861.1 KB,1324x1690)

Killed Ludwig, lied about the church hunters, and got the Ranni sword which I am not going to use since the Church Pick is the best weapon in the game.


personally i prefer the fake ranni sword for big unga charges


You sound terrible, posting rude things about other peoples' food for no reason.


File:FVOA9pYUYAIF4my.jpg (524.89 KB,1638x2048)

Been having existential dread


think current events are to blame and hope that things stop being so critical soon


File:1513387843015.jpg (77.94 KB,351x351)

Why is Japanese such a bad language? I want to enjoy raw material, but learning this mess of a language is such a drag. (post-reps gaijin venting please ignore)


Can't you start reading as soon as you're done with a grammar guide?


some day ill draw toddler insect
mark my words


What's stopping it from being today?


too busy


File:cb9db2a8-fc5d-45fd-a358-8f….jpg (976.35 KB,1772x2008)

Eh I know, I know. Still my favourite FROMsoft game to date regardless.
I always end up replaying it at least once per year even though I literally completed everything, even the most obscure chalices.
never ever sadly


File:18b1d261d8f7a044580136c39d….jpg (331.43 KB,499x709)

Made mashed potatoes and it turns out the margarine had gone off. And the mash smells like blue cheese now.


want to buy nobeta but dont want my steam friends to know im a lolicon


unleash that powerlevel


made clam chowder for dinner. was very good. im happy soup season is back


File:1533575781261.jpg (209.6 KB,1920x1080)

Salting some cod. I hope this works.


so nice to shop for stuff when you have an actual job
i still got stingy habits from my teen years but im getting past them spending hundreds or thousands of dollars in a single purchase and reminding myself that it only represents X days of sitting in an office instead of being beyond my means


Having money must be nice


sounds like a way to lose a lot of money fast... i'd rather just sit on my mountain of gold...


Hard to actually find the time to shop since getting a jawb.


surprised that the hot pocket i microwaved today didn't explode and was actually crispy


microwaving shouldn't be crisping


why are there so many flies!!!!
i've swatted more than a dozen today alone!!!!!!!


read that as swallowed thanks to the previous posts being about food


i refuse to eat the bugs




ate a big helping of cunny casserole for dinner


a wat now


ate cunny for dinner


tune it down with the cannibalism will ya





Is animal crossing a good escape


Yeah, animal crossing can be a nice time sink. I'm not a super big fan of the new one though. It felt really grindy and artificially slow to progress (a lot of people cheat and do clock manipulation to deal with this).


just figured out that toasted roll and meat sauce is a really good combo


watching a Mario Kart (SNES) tournament marathon thing and it's bugging me how this guy pronounces Mario and Yoshi.
Mario with the first syllable like "air"
and Yoshi wit the first syllable like "posh"
I'm not mad at him, but I'm perplexed how he managed to avoid all the official stuff pronouncing both of those names


moooooore flieeeeeees


trying to beat the trial of the fool in hollow knight and failing


A certain youtuber did it on purpose. Maybe he also is too.


Oh, I guess that could explain it. I guess it could be turned into an in-joke of sorts


File:20221010172352_1.jpg (174.32 KB,983x715)



File:hollow_knight_lnRZuKvFVE.png (164.1 KB,1022x190)



now do the pantheon of hallownest


got to p2 mantis lords and gave up for now


ritualizing the october full moon by watching a playthrough of the new tsukihime


craptop battery looks to be extra dead
it's red even while charging


didn't think it'd happen to me, but in between doing other stuff today I make a bunch of AI images and fapped to them
I think 'vanilla' people will get bored of it, but for specific fetishes and combination of fetishes it's a whole new world


i lost my cutting board???


File:53928207-0785-4edd-8c1d-da….jpg (Spoiler Image,634.12 KB,1932x2576)

Hitomi Tanaka's onlyfans is really sad, both with how she responds¹ and how much she makes herself up with filters.
Everyone knows she doesnt look like that.

1: >i haven’t tits LIFT!OK? Someone wrote it in the comment on the last photo.
Men are too unaware of the hormonal balance that occurs once a month in women. My chest grows temporarily before it happens. I haven't had surgery! Really annoying


File:05b1b20d5b86345ee8e5d412e1….jpg (342 KB,2000x1407)

Here you go


im drink water


found it, had left it to dry by the window


must've killed fifty flies by now


I am in the era of nothing interesting to say


File:81cd64c58fba96c226e6d9a10b….jpg (707.71 KB,2233x3542)

bought a griller/air fryer thing
so i set it to grill mode and put a frozen salmon burger inside
it turned out to become a crispy burger with grill marks


Air fryers are really amazing for how easy they are to use


air fryers can be really good for certain foods and even better than you can get on stove/griddle but steak doesn't seem to work as well


air cooking I would think is much softer on the surfaces of what you're cooking...


c*mmed so hard i think my brain broke


Thinking of playing EQ2 again


Don't do it! MMOs are evil time vampires


gonna air cook a boob


File:bugg.jpg (363.43 KB,589x432)

found a big bug
shoe for reference


looked in the mirror and my eyebags were extremely visible should probably sleep


latest internet drama
twitchcon put a some foam cubes on the ground, an influencer jumped into it as a stunt for the event and almost broke her spine. Now she's in PT complaining about how much it hurts on twitter and other people want her to sue twitch for a bad stunt they authorized.


Yeah I saw people bitching about it on youtube, it was a stupid idea to do that because streamers are probably the most frail people who aren't ill


still better than dashcon


File:1596518666271.jpg (180.51 KB,1280x720)

Been feeling lethargic lately.


Dude I love internet drama!


File:1663761345157442.png (138.58 KB,500x500)

I let Zote live.......


File:1640063017200.jpg (454.65 KB,1280x1084)

my penis kinda hurts sometimes so I went to get it checked out and the pissu tests results showed nothing wrong and now im just confused as to how I should proceed


you need to massage the pain from your penis


stop joing so much


sigh, another broken nutbladder...


Have a screening interview in the morning.
Luckily it's a remote helpdesk gig.


My cat has diabetes... We have to give him insulin injections every 12 hours now. I did not know this was a thing but I guess it makes sense.


fat cat i guess...


I hope it doesn't hurt him too bad... I'm sorry to hear that, health issues in the family are never easy


I am once again stuck with a bad network connection for the time being. According to MATE System monitor its about 15KB/s down. I can get away with browsing Kissu and 144p youtube oddly enough if I prevent the thumbnails from loading. Luckily for me I have hoarded games and data on an external hdd so this works out I guess?


Welcome to rural internet life!


Was sweating bullets
Spewed a lot of buzzwords
If I dont get this I swear I'm just gonna go join a commune or something


Maybe become a monk, monastery life seems similar enough to NEET life


getting into one of those self-loathing depressive spirals again


is there a way to do tag based sorting in Windows...


>tag based sorting
You mean grouping/filtering? Or actually sorting alphabetically by tag name?
>in Windows
No, there is software like TagSpaces but it's pretty bad IMO.
You can "emulate" tags by putting them in the filename, or by symlinking a file to a directory named as the tag.


booru style but for folders


I never used it so I'm not recommending it, but maybe this is what you're looking for?
Some 8chan anon created it.


nah, this is for organizing hgames and stuff by tags


File:d7e6f2d2cb359f7e33a1702d32….jpg (392.58 KB,992x1155)

burned the roof of my mouth on hot tea and it hurts to drink more of my tea now


File:2022-10-10_22-14-21.png (383.54 KB,504x597)

Should have drank cowfee.


tarded postman tried to deliver shit when i was in the shower
who the hell shows up to deliver that early? what did you think was going to happen idiot. and you couldnt have waited 10 minutes or knocked a second time after inconveniencing me like that in the first place


should have come out of the shower and given him some "service" uwu




He's coming again today. I'm ready. Working from home and not taking a shower.


He came!
Very quick if you ask me. It was like, pyuu pyuu~ and a 1440p monitor shot into my home.




not being homophobe when I say.. just creepy


many rude comments


I thought this was just a weird way to describe a delivery and installation


eating salami like a banana is tough but interesting


feeling melancholic and unwilling to do anything


I have been rewatching Keroro Gunsou for about a week now, I am on episode 133. It has been a fun ride so far rewatching this


I wonder if/when Steam will stop accepting my default "verify your age" date as January of 1900


You are 122 years old and you still browse kissu?! What a nerd.


family coming over tomorrow
gotta change the desktop bg to something a little less kimoi for his sake


they should slide you a free game of choice for your longivity!


Started watching a lot of Asmongold and mainstream youtube gamer/news entertainment recently. He's pretty funny, gives me a laugh.

one of the youtube accounts I use to upload things has no history so I started watching whatever youtube default recommends based on uploads when I'm on it.



I keep needing to restart my computer and jiggle a hard drive cable because a drive gets really slow and unresponsive. It's a newer SSD so it's not actually bad, but the plastic part of the SATA cable holder snapped off and it must be really sensitive. I wonder if I should get some rubber bands or something. Thankfully windows and most programs aren't on it, but enough of them (like my browser) is on it so it really hurts


post kimoi current desktop bg


File:luckystarsinthebasement.jpg (239.64 KB,1024x768)


wtf not kimoi at all


ate some cunny for breakfast


meanwhile Konata is just at home chillin, playing netoge, clueless


Lucky Star? More like Lucky 'Queans


or if that looks too french, luckweens


pharmacy had a shelf with books on sale
the usual stuff: horoscopes, romance novels, children's books
some of the latter had cover art featuring that teen-girl-on-deviantart sorta kind of western chibi
a series of books called "an abnormal family"
looked up the author
turns out that yes, one of those characters is her avatar
and she's a roblox youtuber that also makes children's songs
fascinating, really


There is a spider called the Brazilian wandering spider. After it bites somebody Symptoms may appear within 10 to 20 minutes after the bite, and death within two to six hours, these symptoms are severe pain radiating to the rest of the limb, systemic effects include tachycardia, increased blood pressure, vertigo, fever, sweating, visual disturbances, nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing and paralysis. But this is not the interesting part, the interesting part is that if a male is bitten it can give them an erection that lasts 2 days, so they would be paralysed by the spider and then made erect. Somebody needs to write a doujin about this.


File:f88ae4b8697b58a8df0e7c42c7….jpg (1020.78 KB,2894x4093)

just ate a freshly picked apple
it was very good


come on... got another delivery coming in the post today...


hit my face against the door and it made a loud noise


did that with a mug of tea against my teeth once


File:37180b0af54dc6bc98d0115d1b….jpg (351.68 KB,2560x1440)

the delivery came!


did you also hit it on accident



feel like making chili


Beans or no beans?


beanless chili isnt real chili


I can't stop generating fat dickgirl Yuyuko images with AI


works well


i've been swatting at least half a dozen flies per day for the last sixteen days
over a hundred kills...


regex should have never been added placed into programming languages


in most complex cases a dedicated function will perform(in performance and maintenance) better than a custom regular expression


Advent of Code made love regex


made "you" love it? Shame


I really, really hate youtube


Everything's "underrated" or "forgotten". They did whatever so you dont have you, we will forever be in their debts. They know the dark secrets experts aren't telling you, in fact, they're smarter than experts. Oh, and some current event like NFT are the cause of all our ills.


There's a lot of things I dislike about youtube, but on the whole, I'd say I like it. I wish it had more competition though. Not because I think there's anything fundamentally wrong with how the site does things, but because consumer (and thus creator and platform provider) choice is always a good thing.

I beg your pardon?


cookies taste softer after letting them oxidized for a day


File:1550876579634.png (126.71 KB,363x411)

I can't believe I finished a whole 'za in a single night.


File:36d91c7dc1410791d9706ec613….png (5.81 MB,1736x2456)

>>97478 here, I was WONDERING what had happened to yesterday night's pizza...


File:R-1666901323748.jpg (1.06 MB,1181x1669)

i can relate


Imagine how nice it would be if you could make a pizza and send the finished slices to other kissu posters.


I'd send you a pizza with sweet potato and orange. (It's a good combination, seriously.)


Is that a pizza that has that stuff instead of tomato and cheese or as an addition?


It'd be on top of the cheese.


Ooooh, wait, a pizza covered with mashed sweet potatoes..... That could be interesting.


would be willing to try that actually but it would require a pretty neutral cheese and a sweeter tomato sauce i imagine


had spicy korean chicken for lunch and my lower intestines is really regretting it now


ate korean spicy chicken a few days ago and the flavor was triggering a memory I couldn't really place down. I felt like I had tasted it before and there was something more to it than just remembering the flavor, but it was just out of my reach


made some nice salted rice for dinner


The heat has hit and I'm only wearing shorts tonight.
I hate it.


same this sucks I want winter to come already


File:[Isekai-mini] Tensei shita….jpg (164.8 KB,1920x1080)

apparently the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror this year is just going to be an anime episode...
why can't good things just be left alone


Disney loves imitation anime. Nobody'll watch it anyway.


I think I'll quit anime after it airs


>why can't good things just be left alone
Because it's the season of spooks and frights.


You know, homer would be a good fat old man


File:1591223971867.gif (2.62 MB,472x472)


homer get out
im piss


pickles came out decently well
love brine


File:MV5BYjAzODZhZWItNDJhNi00ND….jpg (81.39 KB,610x456)

I don't see how this is any worse than all the imitation anime we got in the 00's.


halloween's ruined...


I actually remember finding this one funny when I was younger


Looked this up and anime Lisa is pretty cute.... She reminds me of Satoko.


Yeah, Kappa Mikey was pretty funny. I remember it being more of a regular cartoon with occasional references to Japanese tropes, made "in house" with their own interpretations of the style which made it look like fan stuff you'd see online which gave it charm. You got the general feeling that at least some people involved were huge fans of the "source material".
Mikey (from the USA) was drawn in the typical Western cartoon style while everyone in Japan was anime-like which was pretty clever.
dang, I kind of want to rewatch it now


I've grown to hate that sort of thing more and more as I've gotten older. I think it's because I'm a lot more acutely aware of how cynical and insincere it is. Whenever I look at that stuff, all I can see is some out of touch middle-aged bald guy saying "the kiddies love this "anime" crap, so we better cash in on it!".



there was one dude in corp chat
whose profile pic was him with a badly pasted yor
it is proof that western otaku are not dead


back hurts
must have slept in a bad position


I hope that 3d schoolgirl smoking in trash that was posted here is doing better


hopefully she has piled more trash to stay warm for the winter


File:ren.png (194.48 KB,512x367)

spent like 10 minutes re-deriving high school physics equations trying to help imouto with her homework because she didn't tell me they were on the front page of her worksheet....


thinkin bout 'ruri's fat tummy


like watching youtube on smart tvs as i go to sleep but HATE how you can't mod adblock onto it


if only you had a thing over your bed that you could use a normal computer from...


Just connect your pc to you tv with a hdmi cord...


shipment was lost somewhere in china so got full refund


Ah, unfortunate your stuff got lost. At least it got lost in China though. Shipping from China can take quite a while so better for things to get lost sooner than later.


Do you have a lazy eye


i do not


ate a garlic clove


File:becky_garlic_tattoo_smile_….png (141.15 KB,800x600)

Garlic get!


and if you count each circle as one clove you get eight of them


used to eat a piece of garlic every so often because it seemed healthy


I once tried garlic pills, for general health, that were basically just a minced clove stuck in a capsule, but it gave me too much heartburn and I bet it'd make me smell bad too


browser was acting slow, then I got reminded that I installed AVG yesterday


Back when Norton was infamous, there were three free antivirus contenders - AVG free, Avast, and Avira. Avast in particular became super shady and untrustworthy. I haven't heard any controversy surrounding Avira outside of having too many false positives.
Malwarebytes has always been a good antispyware.
Microsoft Security Essentials had a lot of praise too, not sure why they chose to combine it with Windows Defender when Defender had a reputation for being not as good.


my w-wordplace's laptops STILL have mcaffee on them even after john mcafee's crazy south american druglord antics came to light


i only installed it because I had to get some drivers off the internet and wanted to make sure they didn't have anything else in them


File:Untitled.png (449.21 KB,1600x900)

tried to install the meme cube, but no matter which background i try it looks like some sort of unholy hellscape which makes me suspect that my laptop might be cursed




Mcafee(PBUH) himself uploaded a rather memorable video where he tells people that he and the company had parted ways for a decade, so it's all good.


well, that and he's dead...


so tired of being busy, feels like I haven't gotten much of a break for the past month and haven't had time to spend with my friends on /qa/


eventually you stop being busy and things get better


ugh. I feel like this would give me a migraine if that's how dragging windows worked.


File:cap_[Moozzi2] Puchimas!! P….jpg (276.96 KB,1920x1080)

Being busy is a catch-22, when I'm kept busy I feel less sad and enjoy my hobbies more but I also have less time to do things I enjoy.


My aussieboo mom keeps buying me AFL guernseys
Currently wearing a north melbourne wife-beater


shab beater


there's trend micro housecall, virustotal, and clamav too for small jobs


File:4844f7573b940112c37b2426bf….png (271.43 KB,600x600)

Ate some excellent leftover カレー. I highly recommend using stock instead of just plain water when making it.
カレー is both delicious and very lazyNEET-friendly as you can make a large batch of it and not have to worry about cooking for a while.


File:71e6f9bfa66417f65def4ac3b5….jpg (665.25 KB,1000x1200)

ate nothing but 4 quarter pound beef franks and 8 slices of brioche today

turning curry bricks into edible thing takes too much effort that i usually just go with prepackaged ready to eat curry
recently i used prepackaged paneer makhani as pasta sauce and it was surprisingly decent because normal pasta sauces taste like nothing in comparison


been eating a lot of sweets lately, fear diabetes


Hair is beginning to get too long...


Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is temporarily free on steam, if anyone is interested.


free to keep too


its 90 gigs...


you dont need to dl it to own it


every day i wake up with a smile on my face knowing that i don't have to do wanikani anymore


File:1470809919129.jpg (11.18 KB,176x162)

I forgot to cancel my Playstation Plus subscription and they just charged me for another month.


How was it? Can you read raw エロゲ now?


File:a30b834b136ee8919adc045499….png (4.82 MB,1950x2550)

Went to the supermarket for the first time in a long while but I completely forgot that my state banned the use of single sue plastic/paper bags so I had to carry my stuff as I was leaving... Fortunately I didn't need much. Oh well.


i cannot
but it definitely helped


File:8184e96b93267b8249e8332511….jpg (145.73 KB,1280x2048)

really? what should i do if i want to buy something in a pinch?
>“No bags whatsoever," Smith said. "No single-use plastic, no paper.”
>Smith said inspiration for a total bag ban came from a recent vacation he took with his wife to Aruba.
lmao, paying the price for a politician's vacation


I just throw everything into my trunk from the cart and bag it when I get home so it's easy to get out.


File:3f6d3acda31b4343415323ba4e….jpg (1.14 MB,1100x1550)

I wish I could afford an electric bike, carrying loads of groceries while cycling on a normal bike is exhausting.


File:56380795_p0.jpg (74.68 KB,600x600)

can't tell if my misanthropy is coming back for another round or if i'm just tired, guess i'll sleep on it



What state?


File:Screenshot_20221105_110223.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.25 KB,720x996)

dat /qa/ dream


File:reusable_shopping_bag_x1.jpg (265.01 KB,1200x1090)

There's nothing stopping you from bringing your own bags. I've got a few of this kind since they often get handed out for free during events and things. If anything, having a few of these is probably better anyways, especially when carrying heavier stuff like cat litter since they're sturdy enough not to rip.


File:2138cd3ac790959c8d719e022b….jpg (4.69 MB,2069x3461)

where do you put the bags?
i go to the downtown here often, and there are zero groceries with parking lot
in fact, there is hardly parking at all so the norm is to drive to a nearby suburb and take trains there
most groceries there provide "compostable" plastic bags that are strong enough to carry heavy things, and they only cost 5 cents each, honestly it's the best of two worlds: a strong bag with negligible cost


>where do you put the bags?
What exactly do you mean?




the hell, it's 24C


I just leech off of my friends to play online; a buddy's account is set as primary on my PS4 and that's enough to grant online play to the entire system.


How do people talk to strangers so easily?...


their opinions of me are of absolutely zero consequence
i can safely go out into the street and scream my lungs out, their stares will be irrelevant
i've already done so multiple times
i can ask them whatever i want
they will not stop me
they do not matter


wasn't that clear enough? i can't store them in car trunk because there is no parking, and it's just stupid to hold an empty bag while walking all the time


if it's strangers at like a store or food place or something i've just developed a set dialogue in my head for how to talk to them and usually i have most of my responses to anything ready
if it's strangers that i don't have anything ready to say for and haven't prepared at all to talk to i break down and get anxious and feel like dying


File:EZNkFZFXQAE_Gvx.jpg (389.87 KB,1536x2048)

In my wizardhood, I finally, only now decide I want to know about music theory.


File:__tohno_akiha_tsukihime_an….png (1.01 MB,1196x1549)

I wish making online friends nowadays wasn't so hard. All my best netoge friends I used to get along with either went and deleted all their accounts/traces of themselves or settled down and got actual careers and lost interest in online friendships. It's kinda depressing not having anybody to talk to outside of imageboards for a few years now.

I feel like it used to be easier to get along with people, but I think I've become more unsociable myself too.


I sometime think about what it means to stay true to myself, but at the same time I think forcing yourself to do the same things for over a decade is even more dishonest; we are meant to grow and change and fill different roles at times.
I have lost contact with many, but some, some are still there; and even if I lose them or they lose me, they were still an influence on my being, and I hope I was to them as well for the best.

Outside of my own mindset, I can admit that it is more difficult, because the people our age get busier with the highs and lows of life obviously, but the younger generation, although permanently attached to their screens, mostly seem content to just watch others create, or they are on sites I don't like using.
I think it's just easier when you're younger to make friends because there's less baggage, and we have less mental defenses built up from our experiences of dealing with particularly kuso people.


File:1372532469013.png (88.08 KB,431x551)

>mostly seem content to just watch others create
If that's the case then we're all doomed because only a select few of those who get older actually retain that creative drive.


I have noticed that I am much more inclined to watch a video when it is posted directly on Kissu instead of linked to youtube.


noooooooooooo stop you're going to embolden the youtube thumbnail posters


That's a good line of thought. I guess it's just the human condition to be sentimental over the past, but of course nothing stays the same forever. I guess it's true that when you're a kid it's easier to meet people since you don't care about stuff as much too. Honestly I just wish I could make friends with somebody again. Communication is hard.

It's funny, but I think as you get older you start to crave intimate relationships more too. I always thought I'd be fine by myself and just using imageboards, never would have dreamed I'd start feeling wistful over something like this.


the heck is a thumbnail poster


File:1507241965645.gif (1.72 MB,500x522)

I'll be your friend, Anonymous!


Feel like I'm always jumping on bandwagons as soon as they die


Lose weight.


these pickled onions' taste is much more muted than i expected
made the pickled the cucumbers in the same way and those had a much stronger taste


nevermind tasting it more now must've been the orange


There's an artist I've posted on kissu a few times and you can tell he's an animal lover, as he draws cats and occasionally birds with some silly men. His pet cat passed away and he drew his "last hug" and wrote about it https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/102604589 and it really made me choke up.
A pain I know too well and will experience again...


sigh reminding me one of mine is on his last legs too


yeah, mine too................


my cat already died


can't keep a cat to experience the highs and lows of their being, because allergies.


made it home in time to escape the thunderstorm :3


the thunderstorm was so epic last night
missed having a good thunderstorm


Spent several hours grinding my tongue against my lower teeth, hit it a buncha salt, and now it's got a couple of bumps on it. Feels nice to poke at.


File:[Rom & Rem] Urusei Yatsura….jpg (193.78 KB,1920x1080)

noticed people in random places on 4chan doing the "post opposite of what someone just said" thing that we used to do on 4/qa/ a lot (and a little bit here). wonder how they spread from us in ~2018 to 4chan in 2022


File:FcayrVxX0AAtPee.jpg (1.25 MB,3840x2160)

Took a 4 hour nap.
Really hungry for some ramen but there are no ramen shops where I live.


File:1492394448242.jpg (240.36 KB,1920x1080)

After about a week of feeling increasingly lonely and sad, I've resolved myself to try and make a real connection with someone!

But I'm not really sure how. I think a strictly online relationship will end the same way as the others, so maybe it's time to try and actually meet someone. I don't really have any "normal" interests in common with the people on stuff like dating/friend-finder apps though. I wonder what the best way to go about making otaku connections is.


File:mpc-hc64_vHcWeK0duJ.jpg (350.73 KB,1920x1080)

Good luck! I don't have the mindset to do it; friendships require a lot of work and anonymity gives me the security and comfort I need without all the pressure


Thanks! The hard part, I think, is actually finding people with shared interests, or an interest in me. It's easy to meet people like that on forums and imageboards, but it's much harder if you want an actual relationship of any kind I'd say. Going outside of my comfort zone for the first time in a long while is pretty intimidating, but it has to be better than sitting around grieving about how lonely I am.


File:1496085600163.jpg (100.27 KB,855x720)

I was about to suggest going to anime cons, but those are just full of normos and smelly autists.
The last time I attended one I left after just an hour because of how awkward the whole con was.


Dont wake my wife up so early


File:1663761345157442.png (138.58 KB,500x500)

missed out on the easiest 300k of my life because of a dumb mistake...


I saw the deleted post.


Walked in on my parents making out


did you join them


What happened?


300k bananas...




File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (178.56 KB,1280x720)


File:fcf46ddc388fe2c316d61604da….jpg (1.79 MB,3508x2539)

found a free book that someone left outside so i picked it and and read it
turned out that the book told something that i already thought about and also had the same conclusion as mine
so in the end i learned nothing that i didn't already know


>also had the same conclusion as mine
you wrote a book?


no, i conducted philosophical thoughts


File:Kaijin Kaihatsu bu no Kuro….png (1.89 MB,1920x1080)

My neighbor in the apartment room next to mine is extremely annoying. All day long he goes like "owwwwww" in a high pitched voice and it's driving me insane. I can't tell if this is some sort of weird otaku thing I don't understand or if he's just genuinely insane and being Japanese doesn't have any bearing on their disregard for neighbors.


Upon, uh, reflection. It's more of a "EEEEEEEEE AAAAAAA EEE AAAAAAAAA" each time. I am dying inside.


Record the screaming and share it!
This way we can all work together towards giving a proper diagnosis.


One of the lessons I picked up soemwhere in life from someone was to always check for thick walls for apartments for that reason. Well, if you can get them, of course.


File:FgJkXahaEAAquu_.jpg (2.82 MB,2161x2908)

Morning. Bedtime.


oh shit something tripped the alarm in dad's house and he wants me to check
and it's raining like there's no tomorrow
pray for me onegai


Stay safe and don't get too wet!


cunny cunny
yum yum yum


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (271.62 KB,1920x1080)


File:IMG_20221113_185647508.jpg (2.46 MB,4160x2340)

got extremely wet and loved every second of it
water above my ankles, like i was back in delta
took this pic
no burglars thankfully


File:C003_37_001.png (364.59 KB,640x669)

Someone online tried testing me by lying. I am not sure how to feel about this turn of events, but my trust in them has certainly been reduced.

holy... that's a lot more rain than I was expecting...


Kuon!! IT'S KUON!!!!!


File:1417121021857.png (248.62 KB,631x720)

>Someone online tried testing me by lying. I am not sure how to feel about this turn of events, but my trust in them has certainly been reduced.
I used to know someone who would do this to me a lot, but they later confessed they lied about a bunch of stuff themselves before blocking me. Very strange people out there.


Every now and then I watch Ben Heck, but he's just a straight stream of consciousness to the point of almost being unintelligible to me. Just constantly repeating seemingly unrelated quotes from random pieces of media that I don't know. Kind of like AvE, I guess, but instead of mechanical stuff its electronics.


lead designer's complaining that players should git gud rumao


File:[Doki] Onii-chan no Koto n….jpg (296.37 KB,1280x720)

I tried attaching an animated png to an mp3 file but it didn't work.


...Or rather, it works but only the first image shows up.


you music player doesn't support it


Chainsawman dude banned off twitter
for impersonating sister


fujimoto? for impersonating his sister?


pinched my finger in my gaming chair


>Chainsaw Man Author’s Twitter banned? Chainsaw Man series is one of the most famous anime that is currently airing. Tatsuki Fujimoto, the creator of the manga, has been actively promoting his anime on Twitter. But due to his silly act of being Koharu Nagayama, Twitter banned him.

>As Tatsuki Fujimoto impersonates a fake elementary-school student and gives opinions on the latest Chainsaw Man episodes. Twitter seemed to have banned his account, due to the age restrictions of the platform.


Ahh, I see. Interesting way to set up an alt, to say the least.


File:41912df800edfc951a1407b65c….jpg (140.04 KB,609x565)

was reading up on that /b/ thread but then realized i don't know what the difference between golang and go is


File:9cb8eac9e8.png (142.96 KB,1457x1020)

Chinese sellers sure are something else.

golang is the unofficial name of Go, because who wants to be confused with an old Asian board game


Almost had a breakdown because nothing is being done about animal abuse on youtube despite flagging it and writing multiple emails


essays only work if you have an audience in the millions to show it to


That's terrible, that kind of stuff should be easy to spot and delete.
I kind of want to help and report it too, but at the same time I am quite squeamish and I really don't want to see anything like that.
I never saw animal abuse persay, but I was quite surprised that there are hunting videos on Youtube including bow hunting which could easily be considered animal abuse(bow hunting is banned in many countries for that reason). You would think something that bloody would not be allowed.


い is cancer i hate it




it fucks up almost every consonant it's paired with
it's insidious




Utawarerumono villain has such great reaction faces but I can't use them due to spoilers
what a cruel... sadame


gonna watch some lucky 'queans


How about we just try to get people to stop using YouTube altogether. Move on to other platforms like Odysee at least or even better with PeerTube instances.


But then how would I watch tributes like this


looks like mission rewards got accidentally nerfed due to a spreadsheet mistake


I want to jerk off but its really cold and I dont want to take off my pants for that long


just unzip your dick


turned up the heat but now I dont want to jerk it because i got bad news earlier and i just remembered that im sad
i think ill drink some more sake and watch diy


just used 2 items to heal MP and healed myself and then the next hit on a boss killed it


File:20221117_020034.jpg (1.41 MB,2200x2606)

tardlaughing at cat attacking toilet paper hehe


speaking of cat
got my heated mattress cover out since the weather is cooling down and I like to turn it on before I get in bed and my cat always appreciates its warmth
instead of rolling himself in a ball he'll be splayed out with his belly or side contacting as much of the bed as possible


omg chocolate cat


love my aunts cat
when i housesat for my aunt her cat would race me to the computer chair and claim the spot so that i couldnt sit down on it


what's the twitter alternative btw


Mastodon, I guess? Depends what you mean.


Smugloli and pawoo would probably be the most kissu friendly
Regular mastodon is just communists


Yeah, I'm sure that a western imageboard is going to replace an artist hub...


Oh I thought you meant to post, Smug has an instance thats more popular than the board.
For artists it'll probably be Pixiv if they're non-loli
I dont know what the situation is for loli artists if they'll still use Pixiv or not for non paywalled content, and I'm not quite sure what they'll use for paywalled stuff
Pawoo usage depends on artist to artist


I think the best course of action is to wait and see. It's a turbulent time with pixiv's newest brouhaha, twitter self-destructing and of course danbooru having a bunch of DMCA'd art taken off of it due to AI misinformation


>I dont know what the situation is for loli artists if they'll still use Pixiv or not for non paywalled content
That's only banned for paywalled content through Booth and Fanbox. I see no reason why Pixiv would nuke themselves like that.


Pokemon card game is actually fun and addicting but meta cards are so damn expensive especially with the hype from youtubers


This traumatized me as a kid


File:f91b4d143ad05236ba9279b2e3….gif (37.66 KB,800x655)

another rainy weekend full of thunderstorms:3


just found that some youtube channels started to make shorts recently even though they hadn't done so since shorts was launched
guess youtube is prioritizing shorts now so they started making them to gain traffic


went to anyc because I got the chance to do so without having to spend much on travel/place to stay, didnt really want to go at first but also didnt want to let a good offer pass
was counting yor cosplayers while waiting in lines but ended up deciding to start getting pictures with as many as I could


File:f74fc3017b4914110e2e19e665….jpg (322.98 KB,700x850)

ate premium ice cream


was it better than normal ice cream


This is the first time I dont feel an urge to buy the new pokemon


Certain types are, like chocolate or real vanilla, but the caramel one I ate was too sweet.


my nephew hates caramel
I ask him "Want some ice cream" he says yes then I say "It's caramel" and he says NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!.


That's me but with strawberry.


want some ice cream?


want some strawberry ice cream?


My sperm smells like a fishtank.


weird smelling fishtank


rain started


is it raining men?




gonna get fat on soy


hope it all goes to your big fat butt <3


File:29184269_p0.png (1.35 MB,1500x1500)

Nice I woke up while the sun is still up.


Somehow bugs keep finding their way past the mosquito net, which makes them get stuck between the net and the glass. First it was a moth, then a wasp, and now it's a big spider that's missing its front right leg. I don't know what's going on.


File:1463167164929.png (147.68 KB,1000x1000)

I had to talk to customer support for the past 3 days because they insisted they absolutely would not refund me the whole amount back for a faulty item, even the manager told me it was basically out of their hands because too much time had passed. I would have been shorted nearly $100.

I sent the item back for at least the partial refund, and for some reason the company issued me a full refund to my bank account anyways. Including the tax which they said they absolutely would not do. I don't really get it, but at least I got my money back.


people are really motivated to see Kobeni from chainsawman doing the black-commedy dance.... which happens at the end of the story pt1 and might not ever be covered by MAPPA...


just wait for them to make s3 ez


sounds like the manager was full of shit or didn't know policy well


File:..png (5.38 MB,1952x1331)

spent too long thinking again


File:Kindle_2022-05-23_00-36-24.png (80.89 KB,325x403)

gonna drink new coffee tomorrow


What kind?


Hard drive is making a scratching noise


I think it just died


can th4e guy with the chocolate cat please post more cat pictures


can the real slim shady please stand up









File:479e8ef2cfac7249a846556d7….jpeg (335.66 KB,752x1062)

congrats you win a loli


File:[DBNL]Di_Gi_Charat_Nyo_-_E….jpg (116.43 KB,853x480)

tried to make a kotatsu by clamping a blanket under my desk and using my computer on the floor as a space heater
it does not get very hot, maybe i'll buy a real heater


Need to run Furmark or Prime95 or something else intensive to get your computer temperatures up.


File:[DBNL]Di_Gi_Charat_Nyo_-_E….jpg (150.83 KB,853x480)

i though about doing something like that
what would worry me is the computer overheating when running something heavy and recycling warm air
but considering it's only a few degrees hotter in there now maybe it couldn't hurt
also the fan noise


drank some warmed milk with a splash of vanilla, time to oyasumi


post the waku waku one


spent some fifty minutes sitting there with my hand restrained inside some xray machine...
they shouldve given me anaesthesia.....


File:1612379618292.png (1.02 MB,1200x1080)

imoutos in hospital


File:1484245273366.jpg (225.43 KB,1278x1401)

VERMIN! With these digits, I... iunno man do whatever you want


fuck i missed


spent hours looking for a specific doujin then found it and then spermed to it was nice


heh that was a good GET idea
okay finally I have something I can add css-wise, although that image has a LOT of headache-inducing white in it...
ummm.... hmmmm


gets are not important




File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (314.88 KB,1920x1080)

I've attached the Aqua image >>99999
to background via the blog thread OP. If you don't want to see her then you better stop blogging!
(I'll last a couple days, until Sachiko Day maybe)


having some rooibos tea with some caramel choco


gonna play some cunny archive


File:yugh population.png (22.24 KB,286x327)

There are some pretty depresso articles out there.


File:saaroa.png (29.82 KB,284x390)

>a speaker died in 2013


blue waffle


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (194.33 KB,1280x720)

Playing gacha? Laura is double disappointed


File:sw_winter.jpg (298.89 KB,550x750)

This time of year always makes my heart feel heavy for some reason. Even sleeping is kind of a pain because I feel all sentimental. Maybe it's the cold weather.


"playing" gacha


love mozocry


my keyboard's right bracket key (the matching version of [) stopped working again. Previously I had to wiggle the key around and apply pressure strangely, but now it seems completely dead. It's not a button I use often, but I really do need it...
guess I have to look for a new keyboard on black friday


File:1595302274989.png (299.96 KB,1200x1600)

He's one of my favorite artists.


Monitors are being annoying... sigh...


Monitors are no longer being annoying :D


funny reading an older book and seeing computer science being referred to as a "new branch of mathematics" instead of its own thing like it's become now




think ai novel generation is a bit too addictive, need to take a break


beer and tofu fried rice for din!


feeling melancholic with a tinge of anger, frustration, and annoyance.


sounds like you need to find a nice brain activity to engage in


why is there a dead fly in my glass
floating in the water


dude in a yukata at the jap fair lmaooo


Flyies and gnats will sometimes suicide bomb into your drinks. I don't know why they do it but I've seen a gnat kill itself by flying directly into my coffee.


File:100159135_p2.jpg (1019.13 KB,1358x1920)

Ate microwave potatoes with butter sour cream canned corn and cajun seasoning.


this part of the year sucks
my head is a mess im stressed out and feeling the onset of a panic attack


watched some pilgrimage videos where a guy visited some RL locations of YnS and NNB
the places look okay but overcrowded and unromantic


I got 4 wisdom teeth removed, now I can only eat certain foods but it's hard to know which ones, annoying.
Also my neighbour is setting cat traps at night now. Annoying. We will have to make certain that they are locked up at night.


I agree. I've never put much stock into the idea of seasonal depression, but reflecting on things I've come to realize I tend to truly feel despondent around this time of year.


cajun on potatos is ii ne


File:51483379_p0.png (607.79 KB,700x1075)

ate pancakes


somehow combining barrier and clipboard inserter creates a wall of jank


so many things to do and i can't choose any single one of them so i just do nothing


try walking around outside for 10 min when you're like that


My wife hasnt been the same since koruri ate our egg


arg vs aus this saturday....
kakugo shiro, ausbro


File:00-1.ogg (650.58 KB)

im going through all the textbooks and courses i have downloaded and some of them can be kinda funny
like the intro to this one


File:1548090574979.png (252.7 KB,602x449)

Pronunciation practice, huh.
Is there any point in learning how to speak Japanese if I only plan on using it for reading and watching untranslated media?


Aussies like football more when its shaped like a lemon.


this birds ready to get cooked


I have thought about learning several languages, but because I lack any access to real life immersion and thus I feel like if I would need to constantly study it or else I'll forget it and itll be pointless



You could still visit. Asian languages are unique in that pronunciation isnt the hardest thing for learners


hand is sore and I'm not really sure why.

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