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I first heard of 4chan watching Gamer from Mars videos about '10 crazy 4chan pranks' I think they were called I remember seeing these videos and thinking that 4chan was this magical place where you could say anything you wanted and get people to do what-ever you wanted and it wasn't as good as I thought it was but I still enjoyed being able to say why I liked with complete anonymity and I became interested in anime and manga and gradually I started using 8moe and other chan-sites


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I'd heard about it all the way back when chanology was going on, but around that time I never really thought of it as a place that shared my interests in anime/video games so I just didn't really start going to it until around 2010-2011 after seeing around that it had good discussion of anime/manga and there was a strong fansub/tl community there. I was only reading posts at the time since I was still disinterested in social interaction and just wanted to watch anime/play video games mainly by myself so I took a few years to actually start posting. I think if I could go back I'd convince myself to join the discussion rather than being an invisible observer due to my experience posting and having found it more fun to be a part of the discussion than not.


I don't remember.


When I was 15 this guy at school would go on and on about 4chan and all the wacky things from /b/. So I went there, but it was boring and nothing took my interests, I don't even remember anything abut it at the time.
It was not until years later, probably about 2011-2012 when I was going through a Hentai image torrent I downloaded from Pirate Bay that I found parody of the opening from Naruto but with the 4chan cat and I thought that was interesting so I went back to see what was there and saw that it was a bigger site than just /b/. But I still got bored of it in a year or so and went to other imageboards.


2011 was when I finally hopped on 4chan. The sad thing is I could have been an "originalfag" if I actually listened to the guy on an emulator forum that spoke so highly of it back in 2002, but I was happy to just stay and talk about video games, and people said that place was full of lots of gross stuff and I didn't (and still don't) want to see that kind of thing. Then I got addicted to MMORPGs for a solid 10 years and broke free and finally checked it out.
I was a bit surprised relieved that it wasn't full of gore and illegal pornography, which is the way it was repeatedly talked about.

I still miss forums.
I remember that one anonymous version that someone made a few years ago and linked on 4/qa/, that was pretty cool.


I don't remember much except that I googled some sinister terms and what I found were ED articles and Miku. A lasting impact on my experience must have been that the first boards I found were entirely 2D-related. I wasn't familiar with anime yet, but the constant exposure to pictures of anime girls made me reconsider my views. Felt intrigued by defining factors like elitism and edgyness. Found new media to explore, new genres, new anime, books, albums, games; probably my personal emotional peak after a few years.


>I still miss forums.
It's funny. I kind of missed the boat on forums growing up, so I don't really have the connection to them that a lot of other people do. I mostly used chatrooms as a kid, and forums felt too stuffy and slow by comparison.


I think I'd heard of it once or twice beforehand, but the first time I remember using 4chan was after finding /u/ in 2012 via googling Yuru Yuri. I didn't use it much at first, given /u/ is quite slow, but I tried some of the other boards the following year and got hooked in like that.


My brother ten years older than me was introduced to 4chan by his high school friends and I bugged him to tell me what the site was about until he relented. So that's how I started using /b/ and the discussion boards on 4chan in 2006 as an underage b&.


I heard about 4chan when I was still following gravity falls rumors on tumblr. This guy, alex hirsch, the creator of the show, started leaking false information about his own show on /co/ or /b/ (I don't exactly remember), we didn't know it was false information back then though, so it piqued my interest and I hopped on to 4chan to check out /b/. It seemed very gross and full of messed up porn and deranged people so I put it off and tried to forget about it. This was around 2014-2015 I think. I went back a year later, when I was really bored, election thing was happening back then and found about /qa/ out of sheer chance. When I started lurking, moot was already gone and /qa/ turned into a semi-designated shitposting board, but in a good way. I really liked how the tone of the conversation was similar yet so different than the rest of the website, it felt way more laidback and honest.


It's a long time ago. I was on a website with flash videos and flash games and there was a loop of some guy humping a piece of text saying 4chan and people were talking about "this 4chan guy" so I tried to find out who that was.
Can't remember the name of the site. I've looked, but even using archives I'm not getting anywhere. It was a pretty obscure flash site and not close to one of the bigger ones. I just kept finding weird sites on the internets.
Searched for 4chan due to that flash loop and got to the frontpage. Being 12 and a naruto anime newfriend I went straight to /a/ since it was the first visible board in the list. Of course it was a complete disaster for the rest of my youth, but I have no regrets.


Found Pooshlmer first actually, although I knew of ED and vaguely of 4chan from someone at school, it just didn't mean anything to me at that time. I was really into Pokemon ROMs because it was all I could play on my mediocre school laptop. From there I got into Touhoumon and there was a dedicated thread to it on there.


I came to 4chan in 2015 because I was a edgy, depressed, and racist and among those crowds on the internet /pol9k/ was the cool place to go to complain about the refugee crisis and being an insufferable loser. I think I stuck around after removing that part of my personality and permanently quitting those boards because it was the best place to talk about paradox games (even though /gsg/ has always been one of the worst corners of the site) and because I liked the contrarian/elitist/indie tendencies of /mu/ and /v/.
I don't even get nostalgic for when I first stared using the site because all the boards I went to were terrible in every way


File:165395232642.png (341.98 KB,730x1370)

My first chan ever was Hispachan around 2016 then I learned English and started visiting 4chan, Wizardchan, 8chan and many other IBs though Hispa was always my main board. Now Hispachan is dead and I feel like I don't have a home anymore.


any good hispa memes? board culture?

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