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File:1ae40b6c485d5825eb56b7ab06….jpg (3.47 MB,3508x2340)

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So what games has Kissu been playin'? Pulled out any consoles or dusted off any old games?


I got out my vita after not having used it in a long time. I'd forgotten just how great of a little console it is. I'm currently playing through Utawarerumomo: Prelude to the Fallen (Please no spoilers :< ). It's nice. So far I've been playing through on hard, but it's really not that difficult. Must be adjusted difficulty for the people who just want the story I suppose.


File:lotr.jpg (720.27 KB,1500x750)

Nothing new, I am still playing Medieval 2 with Divide & Conquer. I was about to send an elite army up north to fight the snow orcs, but Dunland went full tard and attacked me because they apparently hate me so much that they would rather die than coexist with me. Classic Total War AI.


File:[VCB-Studio] K-ON! [07][Ma….jpg (208.08 KB,1920x1080)

I tried playing Lost Ark but there's only bots playing that so I went back to playing Elder Nyans.


Been really into OSRS again lately. Having lots of fun grinding out levels.


Been playing Smackdown Here Comes the Pain on my PS2 emulator! It's my favorite era of wrestling plus the controls are really easy to master!
Also been playing skyrim modded, but I haven't gotten really far into it.
And playing minecraft. 1.12.2 modded, with like a bunch of random mods.


I got my vita 1000 yesterday and hacked it. I have been mostly been playing homebrew such as SMBX, emulators and stuff like that. I've also played regular vita games such as Neptunia;Rebirth 2, LittleBigPlanet Vita and an old version of Vita Minecraft


File:R-1661475954907.jpg (43.77 KB,280x279)

the narrator mocks you when you mess up


File:R-1661477608065.png (65.97 KB,348x247)

the player does more of the mocking in this one


File:2022-07-27-110601.jpg (120.35 KB,960x544)

I stopped playing Harvest Moon: something something Leaf Valley about a week ago. I'm angry at it. The unlock conditions for marrying characters happens early on and you'd never know until it's too late.
Didn't sell a certain number of flowers by the second month? Can't marry the pink-haired shopkeeper.
Didn't visit a pond at night during a full moon? You can't marry the goddess.
I assumed I was locked out of everyone and stopped playing. Screw that.
It's a shame, too, because I really liked it. The minigames were nice and there were story elements and cartoon villainy (pic related) that really elevated it above the typical Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons game in regards to characters.
But I couldn't marry the girl I wanted to because of asinine and hidden requirements.


Cool. I tried looking at Vita homebrew stuff before but the vita homebrew browser always seemed to crash on me. It would've been nice to try out Quake or the other ports on there. Now that I think about, I think there might've been Higurashi too. Hmm, I guess I'll check and see if it's functioning.


ugh I hate it when they do that stuff in games. Makes it all but necessary to read a guide.


i've been trying to beat touhou 18.5 but it got too difficult for me


File:05 - Daughter Of The Fores….jpg (149.25 KB,1280x720)

> I'm currently playing through Utawarerumomo: Prelude to the Fallen
Very good! Yeah, it's really easy. 2 and 3 will offer more challenge and far greater gameplay variety.

Is this it?


Been doing no death runs of Pikmin 3 recently.


keep looking at that ashes of creation game and sigh it's getting me hopeful for mmos again but i don't want to feel disappointed if it fails sigh



File:EoJxrc5VQAEoo8Z.jpg (1.15 MB,2744x3544)

Do visual novels count as gaymen?


I wish utawarerumono had autosaves. Yestersay while I was playing my game crashed ;_;


File:BattleTraverse_2022-09-01_….png (492.58 KB,1280x960)

been playing some curtain fire shooting game


File:occult.jpg (863.85 KB,1281x720)

I'd say so when they have more gameplay than pressing enter.


visual novel is a subgenre of games which have that user interface when telling stories


File:05 - Daughter Of The Fores….jpg (179.96 KB,1280x720)

But what if it crashed when it was autosaving?
Autosaving is a mixed bag to me generally in games that support manual saving. I like having control and knowledge of when the saving happens.
You're the guy reading the first one, right? Its vita remaster?


File:4d8ecde4e3923cbfe851b425f2….jpg (6.74 MB,2880x3888)

Been playing a lot of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Forever lately with some /qa/ friends and it's a pretty fun game, but a lot of us have no idea of how to approach the endgame because for the most part in the small skirmishes we play together there's never really a time where the games last long enough to get to where everyone is making the super cool endgame units. So I was wondering if there'd ever be a time that /qa/ would be up for a few big game sessions of supcom where we all try and play on a huge map that allows for these endgame situations, and if so is there any time that'd be good?

Also for anyone interested there's some videos out on the internet that can give you a pretty basic understanding of how to get decent enough at the game to play and not immediately die.


File:MadeInAbyss-Win64-Shipping….jpg (304.72 KB,1920x1080)

The Made in Abyss game is out (and already cracked) so I'll let you guys know if I think it's any good. It seems like the tutorial is with the characters you know, and then the 'real' game is with your own new character.
Let's dive in...


File:MadeInAbyss-Win64-Shipping….jpg (328.91 KB,1920x1080)

This... this is what video game adaptations were made for. You are not merely a spectator. You are there. I am part of the story. I am Riko and I need to pee.
I feel like this is a test to see if you actually know the story, if you deserve to explore the abyss.
The future is now.


the pissu game...


Is there a special scene if you select that option...


Yeah. I've been moving so I haven't had the chance to play recently, but I'll try some more soon. Anyways, I think what you're describing is something that's already been solved. In games that allow manual saving, often times they'll also have autosaves but the autosaves won't overwrite manual saves. If you get softlocked because of a bad autosave you can just reload a manual save. I think even poor or infrequent autosaves would be far preferable to losing an hour of progress because of game crashes.


Sadly, no. It's even one of those cliche "okay you chose the funny option, now choose the real one" non-choices where you need to select the bottom one to advance.
Still, it's nice that it existed at all and had a few lines.
Unfortunately Share-X (what I use for screenshots) has crashed twice now when I take a screenshot of the game so I'll have to find another way to take screenshots.


I've been playing a lot of ryona recently. I "beat" Wolf's Dungeon (not exactly as there is no more content for now) and it was pretty good though bullshit hard at times. Here's the link https://ux.getuploader.com/eluku/download/330 if anyone is interested, password is eluku


File:MadeInAbyss-Win64-Shipping….jpg (242.78 KB,1920x1080)

I've found my home. No abyss for me, I'm just going to spend the rest of my days with Marulk.


File:C-1662493933295.png (374.02 KB,960x540)

So a few years ago the french (I think?) released a bioware like action rpg that I thought was quite charming, fun and had a neat setting.
Theyre releasing a new game very soon, but the trailer and beta footage seems to confirm thats its a mostly dark grey in color + souls but worse + steampunk kinda game and I just dont wanna play something like that at all...sigh


I really ought to get a handheld and give VN another go.
I just don't have what it takes to sit through them on my PC most of the time.


Yep, I know exactly how you feel. You just can't beat reading a VN in bed. Not just for comfort, but the computer has loads of other stuff on it that could distract you from your escapism.


playing some Snuggle With Your Cat Simulator


File:mia.mp4 (36.85 MB,1280x720)

Really liking the MiA game so far. But, I'm not sure how many other people would. It's quite slow paced and besides exploration you also need to maintain various things. You have hunger that steadily increases and transitioning areas takes a chunk of it. Tools like rope are consumable and weapons or fishing poles will break over time. There's ranged weapons, but the ingredients for arrows and bullets seem kind of extreme. You are also constrained by carry weight, as everything has weight. To gain increased rank and gold you need to bring back relics and they have weight, too, so you need to keep that in mind. There's also the curse, so you can't climb too fast, so you need to pause to recover for a few seconds. The stamina bar for running or climbing is also very low and fall damage is closer to real life than you might be used to.

It does a pretty good job of making the Abyss seem very inhospitable, though I think quite a few people will be turned off by the 'maintenance' of survival. I'm still in the first layer, but stuff is already quite punishing.


That sounds kind of tedious, like how many trips up and down do you have to make to grind rank to get to the next layer? And you have to climb the whole distance in real time? Reminds me of climbing walls in early game BotW.


It can be tedious, I guess, but I don't mind it that much. But, the real tedium seems to be coming from quests that require you to keep returning to the same area. I'm hoping things become more varied later on. There seems to be a Quick Travel option when I open the map, but so far it keeps giving me "you can't do that now" so I'm not sure when that unlocks.


Might give this a go. Would you say being unfamiliar with manga/anime would detract from the experience? Was waiting for the manga to finish like always but who knows when that's happening.


>Would you say being unfamiliar with manga/anime would detract from the experience

It does, yes. The 'tutorial' is basically a fast track of the first season with most things excluded. After the tutorial you start a new story with a custom character.
I really can't recommend you to play it without at least watching the first season and then the movie that wasn't just a recap. From what I've heard the rest of the game is a new story, but including established characters and areas. Don't play this if you're not going to read/watch the source material.

Also, I wanted to say... good god a part of the second layer was so freaking TEDIOUS and I had to do it three times. I don't know what the hell they were thinking. It was just painful. Knowing that there was more stuff to explore kept me going through it, but that was not fun. The combat in the game is also a bit of a mess and very stiff, but again I'm not playing it for the combat but for exploring.


File:20220913_024459.jpg (620.51 KB,2252x4000)

I preordered Splatoon 3 and an empty package with the side ripped open showed up, then I got a new one sent for free and it came like this. Not even sure if I want to send it back in at this point.


Who shipped it?



can't saw if it was the shipper, but been liking fedex recently... well they're both reliable where I live and i dunno if it's ever an option for preorders


oh wait, you said USPS, not UPS... yeah I don't have that wear I live.
CanadaPost is quite slow too


I just went with what amazon gave me


Just buy a new case for the game if it's important. It seems like USPS will be what they are


haven't seen a game case in forever


i pirated pokemon sword recently
nothing better to play
guess kinda fun but have spent 10 hours grinding and searching for rare encounters
also installed umineko recently but havent started it yet


File:factorio-logo.png (70.41 KB,921x153)

>As announced during Nintendo Direct, Factorio is coming to Nintendo Switch!


State of play going on and they showed off a lot of good games so far


I like Tekken 8, Yakuza Isshin, and the Koei Tecmo samurai game.


File:1663110104497896.png (437.9 KB,972x692)

Ronin is probably going to be the Nioh of Elden Rings, and will be really good.


File:noita-20220913-230800-6818….gif (24.17 MB,640x360)

Healthy reminder to NOT stand too close to your explosions


I'm playing Smash melee.


File:C-1663133488494.png (4.02 MB,2582x1750)

This game's actually a lot of fun. It's a roguelike so it's hard and has permadeath, but there's a lot of neat spells and abilities that make all the runs a bit varied and unique. Also it's got steam workshop integration so I can play as Megumin.



Gosh, Ryza, why do you get THREE games? (seriously, it's strange to see the same protag 3 times in a row).
Magical flying? Swimming? Huh, quite elaborate for an Atelier game. It looks quite beautiful, too. Environments in Gust games have generally been a weakness of theirs, but these are looking pretty good.
I've been procrastinating in playing the first and second ones, but dang...


File:noita_HKEszcPq2k.png (1.45 MB,2359x775)

The gods don't take kindly to blowing up their temples...


Her squishy thighs are too powerful


Finally got around to trying Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children, it's nice. Very slow going but that suits me fine right now.


After a bunch of DLC for a decade, one of my favorite games of youth is getting a sequel


Practice extreme skepticism, but this sounds interesting: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/rtx-remix-announcement/
Basically nvidia is further treading into modder territory, which is giving me very mixed feelings. It had already started to copy ReShade with its crappy in-game interface (which I tried a couple times but turn off every time since it's vastly inferior) and it's now trying to enter the territory of injectors like 3Dmigito or ENB.
Initially you might think "cool, more options!", but this is taking something out of the community and into nvidia.
That is, of course, if it even works on enough things. It's not going to be magical like it's advertised here, it will still take a lot of effort from modders and if you do it then you're contributing to nvidia's near-monopoly and who's to say how it will choose to exercise that power if it gets it.


i can just imagine all the graphical glitches of an AI that has no idea what it's looking at


Yeah, people have been making "AI upscaled" stuff for games the past couple years and they're not particularly great and are even ridiculed in certain less polite places. They're better than the default, sometimes, but a texture is simply part of one object in a small area that's part of a larger area that's part of a world with its own history and themes. For the time being (and years to come) an AI is not going to properly interpret a person's artistic vision for something, especially when the source is so blurry.

Procedural generated stuff has also quickly run out of fashion and is blamed for a lot of uninspired visuals in recent games. You need a person to give detail if you want something to look like it belongs in a world instead of something that came out of an assembly line. I haven't seen and don't expect it to be very popular for modding since it's not workers meeting a deadline for their job (or mass producing generic assets for sale) but people doing things as a hobby in their free time.


Gonna scold Kissu for being gamers


i game
im gamer




File:Neko_Mimi_Blaster_2022-09-….png (598.83 KB,1589x990)

got a actual joypad so i could play better but im still stuck on this stage -_-
the game does a thing where boss monsters from previous levels show up as normal enemies and ofcourse i cant beat it the second time around sigh


whaaaa? what is that?


snilly snake game


File:C-1664076548947.png (4.54 MB,2599x1815)

Anyone playing the new Gundam game?


Looks kinda cool, what's it like? Is it direct mech battles or do you have missions and stuff?


Just direct mech battles, and it's free to play as well. (Just don't rank up if you want to play with friends since apparently people of different ranks can't play together, even casually)



File:waterfox_1CcSqf2I7n.png (1.4 MB,1233x750)

Oh, so it's like Fortnite or something? Dang, I suck at these games


Uhhh, not Fortnite. More like TF2


Err yeah that's what I mean. What was the name of the stuff... PUBG? And Overwatch? Stuff like that.


I think Overwatch was the TF2 clone


Yeah, I just mean it looked like the class-based team shooter genre.


File:screen000.png (88.44 KB,1920x1080)

Didn't finish this one. The story is way too stupid and boring and poorly written/translated in places too. The only thing that kept me playing was the combat but it's not varied enough to last an entire playthrough.

Playing xpiratez mod for classic xcom now, it's really good so far. Your crew is a bunch of half (or fully) naked mutant girls. There are some other mutants you can hire too I think. You start from stone age and the campaign is apparently 100h+.


File:Terraria-Labor-Of-Love-upd….jpg (71.26 KB,696x442)

Terraria's "labor of love" update is here (well, tomorrow)
Looks pretty nice, though I'd want to wait for mods to get ported over so it'll be at least a month until I play again probably. (and kissu should play together then).
Though, I bet they'll release a new "world seed" thing for a special mode so maybe we could play, too.
Feeling pretty excited.


oh damn I haven't played terraria since a month or so after v1.4 released
So it's still getting updated?


File:steam_mViviyNvaJ.png (334.74 KB,816x625)

Yeah, but it's not supposed to be as you probably know. 1.4 was the "final content update" but they just can't help themselves.
In addition to some really cool fixes and new stuff (like a new coral furniture set which is perfect for me), there are two new world seeds!
Man, it's amazing that they're still making stuff like this.


File:b7ff43e6e1cac3132c07dc062e….gif (1.58 MB,1288x576)


I'd definitely be up for playing the zenith seed sometime in the future.


File:1576707309299.png (109.14 KB,286x286)

I'm a few months clean, I don't want another reason to get sucked into this game again.


Blizzard does it again!


File:1609515377342.png (420.09 KB,700x653)

The TF2 killer (again)


File:Istoleherswordpleasedontte….PNG (45.98 KB,346x542)

I have been playing a lot of tf2 as of late and its been great fun


File:pal_rember2.png (145.02 KB,336x413)

With OW2 released I might check on how Paladins is doing again


File:Klawf.png (689.88 KB,1280x1280)

The new human characters in pokemon are pretty hot, but a lot of the new pokemon look like Yokai Watch creatures


File:Grafaiai.png (794.88 KB,1280x1280)


File:Armarouge.png (534.47 KB,1280x1280)


File:875Eiscue-Ice.png (516.05 KB,1280x1280)

Yeah, those designs are pretty bizarre. The crab is fine, but there's already a crab line and Krabby/Kingler looks better. I try not to be too harsh on the newer Pokemon since they already used up all the good material in the first few hundred, but some of the designs are really out there.
Most of the birds are good. I think it's hard to mess up birds generally, except this guy stands out as I look through Bulbapedia.


File:Wiglett.webp (233.55 KB,1280x1280)

Im sure there'll be good ones, as I was unimpressed by SWSH's early releases but I liked some of them like the ghosts, alcremie the fossils etc
but so far they look like fakemons and some of the names are bad
These feel like fakemon
Personally I think Europe is also not that great for pokemon settings, as the biodiversity just isnt there (Giant insects? apes? Giant constrictor snakes? In the United Kingdom?), it's such a tease too as this one is set in the Hispanophone world when a lot of the aforementioned things would be more fitting in a region set in like a pokemon version of Costa Rica.
Central and South America, Namibia/South Africa, South and Southeast Asia (and it would never happen but also China) and Australia would probably produce better pokes than another Euro one.
But I like the starters!


heh he looks like sperm


File:20221016165838_1.jpg (1.14 MB,3840x2160)

I remember someone saying that they were having a hard time with Sentinel Hornet. Well imagine having to fight her after two incredibly hard to flawlessly beat bosses and needing to heal during her fight because the final boss is even harder than her and you're gonna need all the health you can to have a shot at winning....


Looking forward to a superstar inland empire run, especially now that the game's fully voiced.


File:hornet.mp4 (39.6 MB,960x540)

Got back into playing Hollow Knight and now I'm trying to do the no-death difficulty and finish the 112% run I've been working on. So, I thought I should try and have another go at this save file and it was actually a lot easier this time around. I switched around some of the charms, especially the thorns one because it seemed to be making Hornet harder to predict by screwing with the damage she takes. Anyways, here's the run and save file if Anonymous ever wants to have another go at it. Most of the bosses should be easier than Sentinel Hornet is at that point.



I was looking at some old MMOs I used to play after hearing about EQ2 again.
Ragnarok Online is still going, although the company is trying its best to kill it and has threatened to sue many servers
Maplestory had a bit of a resurgence on retail of all places
Silk Road Online is completely dead outside of private servers, and I'm surprised people still play it at all when BDO feels like the modern version of that game, down to botting being allowed although the most popular service is low-rate and disallows botting
FFXI is still played and has actually gotten a fair amount of attention from the devs to give it modern quality of life

I'm surprised that these games are still fairly alive, FFXI and SRO are the ones I'm most curious about really but I'm a friendless autist so my anime and single-player video game backlog is more important right now


Also I didn't play EQ2 both because it would hurt my personal growth due to the time commitment and also US$15 a month is too much for basically a private server (everyone is playing their version of WoW classic), you could get like a 1000 hour+ classic like AOE2 remastered (which is another game I'm looking at, even though I'm dumb but RTS games could help make me smarter)


File:1356751954502.jpg (60.77 KB,784x522)

Persona 5 is coming to Steam in two days. I don't think I'm going to play it right away, but it's definitely on my radar. Strange to think that I can play a game I've seen images of for about five years now.


File:bf06105c20702e7ab6f36eb971….jpg (1014.05 KB,1280x1000)

Finished Ocarina of Time MQ. Felt kind of bullshit at times, tedious at others. It doesn't feel nearly as grand and majestic as it did when I was a kid. I also can't believe I'm just figuring out now how close Link was to having a harem.


>I also can't believe I'm just figuring out now how close Link was to having a harem.
happened to me too when I went back and replayed that game as an adult. Also made me disappointed you couldn't actually marry the fish girl.


File:Hollow Knight.zip (349.49 KB)

This has been my best Steel Soul run yet, nearly finished upgrading my nail just need to get some more grubs and finish the Trial of the Warrior then I'm set. Think at the pace I'm going, and if I look up some speedrun strats I can get the 100% in under 20 hours achievement.


I never understood how he was bruteforced into getting older, when it was implied that the Kokiri never became "adults".


> The Deku Tree Sprout informs Link that he was originally raised as a Kokiri, despite his Hylian heritage, based on a poignant move by his injured mother: she placed him in the care of the Great Deku Tree during the Hyrulean Civil War before her death in order to safeguard his life from the calamity beyond.


Zelda is very /ss/y


3d zelda is one of those games like Rune Factory that desperately needs h-scenes


There's a ton of doujin ones out there if that's your thing.



Any of them with good gameplay?


Not games, 3DCGI h-scenes. There's even a bunch of futa ones with crossdressing Link.


File:C-1666297010294.png (400.56 KB,1828x1127)

Next up... 100%


File:p5.png (29.02 KB,637x110)

My poor old wallet.


almost 600$!


File:C-1666327381936.png (60.57 KB,995x457)

hey wait that's cheaper than it is here...


i think it's best framed not in terms of currency exchange but in terms of what that money can buy
as in, how many sandwiches is it worth?
in my case, for the minimal cost of ARS$ 3.899, i can buy... about six sandwiches
(the real exchange rate is 300 ars per dollar, just in case)


That's a lot of sandwiches >_>



File:921156d8d590416383b5a395d0….jpg (219.72 KB,800x725)

Playing Persona 5 Royal makes me miss the upbeat atmostphere of P4. P5 tries too hard to look cool, the UI is too mesy, and the music isn't all that great either.


File:014.jpg (740.52 KB,1156x1656)

Heh. I remember people trash talking 4 back then because it was happy. "It's going to kill SMT!"
It really did notably create a split in the IP and the fanbases, though, with dancing and mystery dungeon games on one side and SMT "purists" on the other.
As long as they keep making "mainline" SMT games I'm happy.


I played Age of Wonders III, it's terrible.


File:20221023213702_1.jpg (276.71 KB,3840x2160)

I'm gamer.
I game.


Also, I figured this out during my under 5 hour speedrun of the game, but you don't even need to beat hornet sentinel to actually beat the game.


File:255e3905e999e18d9e1324f70f….jpg (1.1 MB,1000x1169)

I liked P5 quite a lot back when it first released, but after playing 4, the game feels like a downgrade in every way except maybe the battles.
Maybe I should just hang out with my pals in Inaba again. I am not really feeling any connection to the 5 cast.


I only really like Makoto's oshiri, but yeah P4 is better


File:3ede6bbb46661befe27d1991a2….jpg (257.65 KB,1320x1520)

You can also bone your teacher in P5. I wish P4 also had some delicious cake.


Online fanbases love fearmongering how things are going to be "killed" or are "dying".

SMT purists are easy to rile up though, I remember one getting indignant with me over saying I liked the series when I had only played Devil Survivor


File:dabfba41740290e3ae0033778c….png (958.77 KB,1300x961)

Japan is in desperate need of more characters with sex hair.


It depends on the artist, it just looks dumpy on some


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (407.65 KB,1920x1080)

a single strand of hair out of place can really enhance the 'sex hair' look


Literally, or implied?




please do not sex the mewkles


This mewkle is female.


mewkles are pure sex




Playing Metal Hellsinger, I can get with it a lot better than with BPM, but I still SUCK at rhythm games.


Sexed animals are worth more


starting the 'beat up the perverts' game



File:steam_N5uGco1rGw.png (741.91 KB,975x454)

Nice. It makes me happy to see this as the first thing on the Steam main screen with a 'Top Seller' tag. Steam reviews show "Mixed", but I never truth those people so I wonder if it's any good.


this guy instantly lost


Played a bit more Utawarerumono. I'm not sure who it is exactly since they weren't revealed, but one character sounds a whole lot like Char from Gundam...


File:20221028181911_1.jpg (422.75 KB,1920x1080)



Played a lot more Utawarerumono. My ears did not deceive me. Dii is voiced by the same voice actor as Char.


File:02 - Ruler Of The Wild For….jpg (137.99 KB,1280x720)

Neat, I had no idea. Every time I think I recognize a voice I'm wrong, so I don't bother.


File:361d41937537915c1db484d9f1….jpg (135.37 KB,2000x1400)

I played Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door for the first time to completion. It felt weirdly like a conclusion to the Mario series, I really like the crowd system for special moves.

Peach should've stayed dead at the end.


And on the gamecube theme I was thinking of playing Eternal Darkness for Halloween!

I had a lot of games for the gamecube that became rare, I wish I took better care of these things, but it's no big deal because Dolphin is such a better experience.


Peach's relationship with TEC kinda confirms the theory she plays both Mario and Bowser
Grodus surviving being obliterated by the Shadow Queen made the climax less cool
Bowser being a joke in the beginning but then being bad ass when things get serious is perfect.
Why can Yoshi-kid talk when none of the other members of the species can?
And in the epilogue, Vivian shouldn't have returned to his sisters after presumably an eternity of being treated like trash. Goombella shouldn't have had the implied crush on Mario, it should've been on another party member. Vivian was enough.

I dont have much to add, I'm surprisingly moved for a 20 hour nintendo rpg, Mario RPGs have unexpectedly vibrant worldbuilding and I heard Origami King is a step in the right direction. I hope for the twentieth anniversary they do a "where are they now" manga or something.


Beat Utawarerumono. What an unsatisfying end... Hearing Aruruu cry was though...


Yuzuha ;_;
Is it trying to make me hate this series?


File:2022-10-30-092249.jpg (166.71 KB,960x544)

I think I have whiplash @[email protected]


so those /secret/ guys were right after all huh...


would you stop it with that. you're gross.




File:Utawarerumono.S02E01.False….jpg (177.51 KB,1920x1080)

Ohhh, are you the guy that was reading the first one? Yes! You've entered the world of Kuon! Wasn't that intro scene nice?
The combat is a lot more fun than the first one because they distinguished the characters a lot more and you'll end up using a variety of them for different things. There's quite a few special mechanics that I've never seen in strategy games that were really nice. Throughout the game I would think "I wish Disgaea and other games played like this".
They also increased the difficulty in hard mode which makes it a lot more enjoyable, and a quite a few times you'll even be frustrated!
Ohh, you're so lucky to experience it for the first time.


File:044.jpg (216.99 KB,640x480)

>are you the guy that was reading the first one?
Mhm. I liked it a lot, but the ending felt like it came out of nowhere and was fairly unsatisfying at that. If it weren't for the fact there are sequels, I think that would taint my impression much more so.

>Wasn't that intro scene nice?
The video, or do you mean the intro part where Haku gets chased around by a giant bug? I thought the video was surprisingly well done. The intro... I'm not sure how to feel about yet since I haven't seen anything past the part where Haku is reunited with Kuon and getting dressed. My first impressions though are that I'm not very fond of the protagonist. Again, just from first impressions they seem much more out-going and rash, which is quite different from Hakuowlo. I guess I'll have to see if I warm up to him.

>The combat is a lot more fun than the first one because they distinguished the characters a lot more
>They also increased the difficulty in hard mode
Oh, that's nice to hear. I actually decided to go with normal because the combat of the previous game was kind of draining with having to do training to make sure all of my characters were leveled up and had good stats. Hmm... Maybe I'll change my mind if it seems too easy. But if its too grindy... Hmm... Are there any bonuses for playing on hard?


File:BNVV0580.PNG.png (2.73 MB,1920x1080)

Now that I'm running windows I'm curious to try VNs again, I was looking at trying this but I heard it was a nakige so I'm a bit reluctant at this moment in time.

I think I'll do Tsukihime or School Days first.


I just meant the general intro scene of Kuon's face close-up looking over "you". It's something reminiscent of the first one which was a nice touch.

>My first impressions though are that I'm not very fond of the protagonist.
Well, he's a normal guy. Cowardly, weak, lazy. I think you'll start to like him.

>Are there any bonuses for playing on hard?
I can't remember. If there is, it would just be related to combat and not change any scenes or story.

It's very emotional, but I think it's a disservice to give it a simple label like that. There's SoL, war, politics and other stuff that set it apart. And Kuon.
Also there's specifically a VN thread if you're interested in that kind of thing >>95318


>I just meant the general intro scene of Kuon's face close-up looking over "you".
Oh, that completely slipped my mind with how quickly everything was progressing.


I played "Hot Dog King" or "Fast Food Empire" for a laugh and it felt like an H-game without the H.


looks like a good concept for a brothel-sim


File:9118e73ed5e2ab5cf7083c1bd8….jpg (24.98 KB,400x400)

Anyone want to play some OJ?
100% /qa/

Also Vermintide 2 is free to keep https://store.steampowered.com/app/552500/Warhammer_Vermintide_2/


File:20221103182755_1.jpg (374.25 KB,1440x900)

There's winning OJ, and there's winning OJ


I hope we can start playing semi-regularly again, that was pretty fun., but please god no more island maps.
Also we should probably see if we can get a Terraria server going soon, or maybe Minecraft?


Noticed something really annoying... In Utawarerumono I liked to leave the game on auto mode so I didn't have to constantly press the next button, but in Mask of Deception the Auto Mode doesn't work properly because the screen times out and causes my Vita to sleep...


File:20221110190132_1.jpg (736.93 KB,3840x2160)



File:steam_qPTacydQTj.png (182.64 KB,1190x914)

Nearly finished with fully completing all of Hollow Knight... But I think I need to stop for now because this last pantheon is awful and hard and I hate it.


File:screen001.png (73.47 KB,1920x1080)

Still playing this and not much else. Dwarf fortress is coming next month, interested to see how it feels compared to the old one.


File:MonochromeMobius_Rights_an….png (614.8 KB,1070x582)

Goodbye real world, I'm in the world of Utawarerumono for the time being!
Check out the butt on the daikon, didn't take long for Utawarerumono silliness to appear


File:MonochromeMobius_Rights_an….jpg (247.31 KB,1920x1080)

Forgot to link it since it's out:
Buy 20 copies, at least. If we could get a few people here to buy a few million copies each I think we could get some more Utawarerumono games in development, so you could do that, too.

It's a JRPG prequel to Utwarerumono, specifically 2 and 3 I think since it's happening in Yamato. I still do not understand why it did not include the name. Is it to encourage non-VN readers from playing it or to otherwise attract new people? I doubt it's going to rely on knowledge of 2 and 3, but it will offer you a better experience if you have it. Anyway...
Somehow Nekone's voice is even cuter. Yeah, she's younger, but it's the same voice actress so it's really impressive that she managed to do that. The 3D looks pretty good, but not amazing. Too early to comment on the battles, but the exploration is pretty okay. There are gathering points and an item category of "Materials" so that sounds nice, I'm a total sucker for gathering and crafting. It instantly makes a game better to me.

I can already feel the Utawarerumono spirit in writing like pic related 30 minutes into the game as calming music plays. Don't let me down, Aquaplus. Your exploration and celebration of emotion is a beacon upon the industry.


Harvest Moon made me feel sad


The older ones are quite special with the "wtf how'd they put that in a video game back then?" stuff. Have you ever looked up the requirements to marry the witch princess in one of the games? In addition to ludicrous requirements like giving her 10,000 gifts, you need to litter a bunch, pass out 100 times, oh, and kill 50 of your animals from neglect.


>giving her 10,000 gifts, you need to litter a bunch, pass out 100 times, oh, and kill 50 of your animals from neglect.

This sounds like one of those urban legend things your schoolmates would tell you and would not believe


I've been fucking around with some Pokemon ROMhacks.


File:MonochromeMobius_Rights_an….jpg (404.52 KB,1920x1080)

As a follow-up to this, Do NOT start this as your first Utawarerumono game. If you don't know the major story events of the other ones (or the anime) you're going to be spoiled.


gonna start playing dofus again


I looked way too deep into Mother 2 after playing it for the second time especially after being aware of the plot of the third and got themes of existentialism, the goods and ills of spiritualism, technology warping society, lost innocence etc.
Do you think messages in media that are interpreted by the viewer that aren't of the creators intent are valid?


Diablo clones are the only games that routinely leave me sore.


yeah i'm kind of a gamer


File:1669233193669684.jpg (479.4 KB,2048x1378)

The glitches from the new Pokemon games are quite infamous and hilarious and have inspired some art already


File:1669233224702675.jpg (984.77 KB,3000x2200)

another one


what is engie doing there lmao


I feel really bad for the people who had to work on those games. They really did just need another year or even month in the oven. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with them, they're just really unpolished.


This one feels too mean to me. It's probably because it's Western though (at least, it looks Western. I'd be surprised if it wasn't). For whatever reason, when Westerners poke fun at things, most of the time it feels a bit too personal and rude. Maybe it's just me though.


I haven't encountered anything crazy yet, although I did notice at the academy that people tend to flicker a bit when there's alot of them around.


I'm pretty sure it's because of vid related and similar things.
I'm not sure why you guys think the Western one is mean. It looks like it's either mimicking, or is actually from, that one /fit/ draw guy named 'sir' that did/does the New Year's comic for them


File:5a2a9eccc40b9fda629969c7ce….png (1.35 MB,1063x1100)

I don't really see how it's mean. People make silly images regardless of culture.


I dunno. I'm probably just seeing things. It just feels like there's this extra bit of spite there that's not present in the Japanese example.


It's more because western artist think reference = funny


File:waterfox_xy1KMkZ6vq.png (726.32 KB,725x654)

Hmm, maybe it's the style. The faces are quite intense with lots of > < eyebrows so you might perceive it as angry.
Anyway, here's one of sir's comics made for /fit/ which it reminded me of: https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/fit/image/1483/24/1483242762425.jpg I don't think it's mean, but it has a juvenile style to it that could be perceived as harsh, but I think it's just cartoony.

I'm strongly considering getting Project Diva on Steam since it's on sale for the autumn sale. (Also there's an Steam autumn sale going on)

Over 170 songs and there's a modding community of people that have added songs from other Miku games into it as well as new songs entirely such as from newer artists like PinnochioP, but don't get too excited since I assume it's just the overlay on top of the pre-existing music video if not a static image. Still, very cool! Also people mod the outfits and models and stuff as you'd expect.
Sadly, from what I've heard there's no options to hang out with the vocaloids in their rooms. That was such a hugely charming part of the games and it's a huge disappointment that it's not there.
Gamebanana sure has a... unique layout https://gamebanana.com/games/16522


File:C-1669904497730.png (1.16 MB,1160x653)

Finished Fuga.
I rate it good/10.
Very cute, loved the style of art and sound.

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