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File:16604409663006824352337556….jpg (474.98 KB,1108x1478)


A very special Comiket 100 is being held right now
Is there anything you're excited about? Like new doujin game, manga, music, merch, etc. or maybe just pictures of cosplayers


lots of doujin stuff wind up on pixiv. there's some merchandise on their platform around the event, but I wouldn't dare import any of it


File:1465087279281.jpg (53.63 KB,696x717)

I may be looking forwards to the next fatalpulse doujin, but not really because that's kimo of course! No way I'd be interested in something so lecherous...


File:[SubsPlease] Tokyo Mew Mew….jpg (171.96 KB,1280x720)

I haven't been paying attention, so not really. I'm sure there's going to be tons of awesome stuff and some of it will get uploaded, so that's nice.
Comiket seems so stressful with all the waves of people and extreme heat. No thank you!


File:1366421333160.gif (104.91 KB,150x150)

Haven't paid much attention but what's with the Type-Moon cover for it? Are they going to be announcing something big?


File:EA468712-1330-4CB7-9B9E-2….jpeg (146.22 KB,620x900)

There's a fresh squeezed oj doujinshi out that I hope ends up on DLsite or something; also seeing Nyalra (Needy Girl Overdose) creator would have been cool.



wanna squeeze one out to this doujin


Well I can't guarantee there's nothing more to it, but given Fate is by far the most popular series for doujinshi these days, it's hardly a surprising choice.


File:FaHiX9NVEAA-KsA.jpg (1.82 MB,2582x4078)

Here's something for the daki lovers


Imagine if Type Moon did see something new, unrelated to Fate, Melty Blood or Tsukihime. But I think between Tsukihime remake and Extra they've already capped out on "big announcements" for a few years.

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