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File:Capture.PNG (43.73 KB,1456x654)


How big is Kissu's vocabulary? There's this fun test to take that will tell you! There were some difficult questions on here I thought.


There's also a Japanese vocabulary test that I quit halfway through because I was too frustrated. Guess I need to work on my 日本語 more...


File:got some lucky guesses.png (10.91 KB,977x425)


File:C-1660305444946.png (154.8 KB,1922x1055)

Pretty good apparently. If I still read I figure i'd be in the 1st percentile, but good enough.
Started out thinking it was going to be a pointless test but the difficulty did increase eventually.


pointy triangular feet


File:C-1660306039904.png (26.49 KB,458x412)

Was kind of happy when the dials went up to higher numbers, but then they hit me with the "Your vocabulary size is like that of a 8-year-old child in Japan."


File:words.png (32.91 KB,1019x470)

ESL by the way.
I think the test definitely inflated the number a lot, by 2 times I estimate.
If you get less than this as a native speaker, shame on you.


File:C-1660306538003.png (26.08 KB,467x415)

Well, at least I'm good at English.


File:C-1660306690644.png (54.67 KB,1251x552)

Seems like kissu has a pretty high vocabulary on average.

I bet you just look at encyclopedias all day, nerd!


We don't study the language, we use it.


Yeah, pretty sure the "22000" vocab here isn't even enough for standardized exams like GRE. I barely got to 70th percentile for Verbal reasoning in that test.


File:Screenshot_20220812-100328….jpg (203.16 KB,1080x1186)

I suppose I did alright, but there were quite a few words I hadn't seen before. Words like "inveigled", and a few others.


File:vocab size.PNG.png (23.33 KB,1030x459)

I wonder why it didn't provide sentences or paragraphs for figuring out the meaning of words or phrases sort like how the SAT and ACT does. I feel like that would be a better way to estimate vocab.


Not really, those types of questions give you a lead in to what the meaning is. I think the purpose of this test is just to see how much vocab you know off-hand.


File:screenshot.png (33.57 KB,1024x450)

The state of the average american's vocabulary is pathetic if you ask me. I got a bunch of them wrong and somehow I'm still in the top 6%


>Top 6.73%
The last 20 or so got pretty difficult. Hadn't seen at least 3/4th of the words there. I guess that's what I get for being raised by internet games writing in English with other ESL's. Good enough.


I got 22887


File:english.png (21.61 KB,965x437)


Scored alright, 22988.
¥top word in kana
>The antonym of さむい is:
aaaaaaaaaaaaa (picked second)
Got 5560, but started spamming the first option halfway through so lower than that......


File:Screenshot_20220812_191249.png (35.66 KB,1183x551)

I think I did alright, seems to be similar to most others. Towards the end there were a few words I hadn't heard in ages or at all.


File:Screenshot 2022-08-12 at 1….png (33.52 KB,983x452)

Nothing like an internet quiz to boost your ego


File:2022-08-12 20.48.58 www.ar….png (29.99 KB,619x455)

im tard


isn't is strange that the results are either 22xxx or 29xxx words?
i bet the last three digits are simply generated randomly and there are only a few predefined levels so there won't be any results between these two numbers


It's certainly possible that their math is borked, but it also could be a bias towards a certain type of content where obscure words like aerate, salutary and inimical all appear in the same sphere of intellectual writing, so if you know them you're also highly likely to know the words obdurate, dowager and inveigled. Would be nice if mr. smarty pants could chime in.
Maybe it's not doing any math at all, and is instead matching you with the profile of a literati proper who has had a much more precise evaluation.


File:snapshot.png (35.9 KB,1002x443)

I got around 10000 the first time, but then I took it again while paying more attention and got this


File:vocabtest.png (31.19 KB,1123x694)

Native speaker
It really reminds me there's still a lot of words I don't know. I don't read all that much so I rarely come across some of them.




File:1650140962325.jpg (141.22 KB,556x556)

I got a similar result but in my own language. That's what I get for doing nothing but browsing the interbutts and playing online games in my teens.


File:shakespeare.jpg (38.24 KB,1102x460)

Yeah I cheated by looking up the definition of the words, so what?
Hello fellow cheaters. It seems you weren't as smart as me to properly identify antonyms and synonyms though.


Wow that's truly genius, you simply looked up the definitions while we were sitting there trying to remember it out of our heads like fools. Good job, that is next-level stuff.


Confused satokos


There's only one....


regardless of how it's generated, the numbers can't have any reasonable accuracy past the first 2-3 digits. You'd need to ask thousands of questions to be able to approximate the last digit


Oh, f%$^ them. They said my Japanese lexical skills are on the level of a grade schooler but for a fact I know they aren't taught kanji let alone archaic idioms by that age.


There are sixty questions so your actual score is the first three digits divided by ten, multiplied by two. Roughly.


File:waterfox_8Kh5JuqKnb.png (25.11 KB,981x614)

I don't really like this quiz, it's really bizarre with the word choice and antonym/synonym isn't really a good choice for words with multiple meanings. Well, I did better than I thought I would


How is the kissu average so much higher than the site's average. Even excluding the cheaters


File:R-1660451473266.png (29.64 KB,952x450)

I did pretty well I think.

This. Some of those picks were pretty strange.

I assume it's a combination of the site naturally attracting the kind of people who tend to have larger vocabularies, and writing somewhat in-depth posts every day improving your grasp on language as a whole.


I'm a loli who lieks to read.

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