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File:1487249352016.png (549.05 KB,1322x865)


How much time do you spend using imageboards a day on average? I feel like it's very easy to spend the entire day browsing a fast shithole like 4chan. It's almost as addictive as crack and cocaine and that's dangerous. This addictive quality is probably the reason why the users tend to not be very right in the head.


Couldn't tell you. I just have Kissu open all the time in a tiny window and check every new reply/post.


I think they were born that way.


File:6817bb83333714f13f69d96684….jpg (294.18 KB,760x901)

Only kissu? And what do you do while you wait for posts? For me it causes impatience if I keep it open all the time since it only gets as much posts as the slowest 4chan boards, so I tend to avoid doing that.


I'm doing other stuff in the background, mainly coding/research for coding.


20min-40min at the start, then about 5-15 min per every waking hour when I'm not focused enough on other things.


Same here, and if I'm not posting I'm gaming, reading, watching anime, or doing other things.


I came over with the nen exodus, but this is what I'm doing with kissu.


File:[SubsPlease] Teppen - 05 (….jpg (116.43 KB,1280x720)

I don't spend as much time I used to on them, but I guess I do what >>94221 does. I check the batch of new posts after I wake up and reply to them if I have something to say. Throughout the day I check things and start conversations and threads as I feel like it, but my preferences have generally changed from the "constant stimulation at all times" mindset that 4chan enables. When kissu gets fast I become fast in response, though, so it's something that can draw me back under the right circumstances.


Kissu has to be faster than /po/


Kissu has, or atleast I think it does, better notifications on what's being posted so people can see more of the board at once.

Something like 4chan, you tend to get less informed about individual posts because the quantity of data is much higher.

So that's to say that Kissu probably has less data for the user to read, but the average user is not using all of 4chan's data for their own purpose... this is to say that Kissu's more focused content and better ways to notify people of our respectively limited information makes the site not slow...

tl;dr. the problem is in your head


and besides... people having hobbies outside of imageboards is more productive to the site anyways. Imageboard addicts just create problems like an addict of any substance.

The key to life is balance.


Used to be an imageboard addict now I can do other stuff and browse imageboards too


Replaced my imageboard addiction with a booru addiction.


>Imageboard addicts just create problems
Actually having a few imageboard addicts in addition to people with hobbies that can feed their addiction is probably the most healthy cycle for an imageboard in terms of producing activity.


I personally get nothing from people with zero money just dicking around on the site


What do you mean


less than two hours cumulated, less than one most of the time even. Which is little compared to how much time I used to spend.


File:0005.jpg (199.21 KB,800x600)

>how much time do you spend using imageboards
used to be 24/7, now it's around an hour. you find less reasons to use ibs every day.
although i still spend too much time on the internet in general. just elsewhere.
browsing imageboards is more of an old habit of mine to be frank.


that people who's hobbies are imageboards are often the kinds of people who are more interested in the "drama" around imageboards and deduct from the potential value of imageboards


I don't understand the money part


Do you think someone like me can work a job and build an imageboard?


Used to be as much as possible, and would continue to be as much as possible if I hadn't put a couple barriers in place. I like imageboards. Now, I've limited myself to only kissu, and just half an hour per day between 9AM and 10PM. Might shrink it. I'm working on it.

>the problem is in your head
Not him, but you have to consid-
v nooooo


I don't know sorry


I go through all the new posts once or twice a day and sometimes reply, that's about it.
If there's a thread related to what I'm doing currently I pin the tab but that's pretty rare.


I feel like the posting rate of this whole website has gone down to 1/3rd of what it used to be a couple of months ago.


File:[touhou][group][artist-nac….jpg (748.74 KB,800x1081)

There's a pretty strong ebb and flow, and also the active times of day switch around. I think it comes down to people playing games or doing other stuff all day and ignoring the site. We don't have large numbers like places such as smug, but we're a bit more "hardcore" in spending all day on the computer every day.
A bit off-topic...


Varies a bunch and that's fine.


File:5037326_p0.jpg (170.41 KB,800x1022)

Really? I haven't noticed any recent change in the posting rate. The only thing I have noticed is that there are more VN discussions now, which is something I like.


Speaking personally, I have long stretches where I don't really have much of anything to post.


Same, and usually a big factor in my not posting comes when I'm heavily gaming or something.


i wanted to say maybe it's because higurashi aired a couple months ago, but i looked it up and it aired 2 years ago
god damn it... never mind then.


what he fuck...


Anonymous, I think you might have brain problems.


File:[Nii-sama] Higurashi no Na….jpg (262.98 KB,1920x1080)

Anon is stuck in a time loop


File:58172793_p0.png (301.12 KB,866x1000)

As you grow older you perceive time as going faster than you did when you were younger. Two years ago seems like just a moment ago when you're a witch of a thousand years.


File:8a84159f56c20d5cf8fc59be14….jpg (105.94 KB,1024x768)

Being a drunkard also makes time go by faster.


drunkards do seem to age faster.

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