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File:599usd-chan.png (13.76 KB,300x300)


How come there hasn't been as much development in emulation of 7th gen consoles? Even 8th gen consoles seem to be getting better development as of late compared to the 7th.


My guess is that it's because 7th gen was the last generation to use less common RISC architectures, and complexity of said architectures were at their peak as far as consoles go. PowerPC and Power ISA aren't ubiquitous like ARM or x86 so the emulation community has less talent to draw on when trying to develop a 7th gen emulator.


Hmm, how so? The only one I don't know about is the 360, but Wii and PS3 work pretty well I'd say. Stuff like Xenoblade even has an "HD" mod


I thought Wii and PS3 were still behind in functionality compared to their Switch/PS4 counterparts?


>Wii ... still behind in functionality
Wii emulation has been fine for a really long time now thanks to Dolphin.


RPCS3 is a game by game basis, but a lot of them are there


there is no working ps4 emulator


There's orbital I believe but I dont think it does retail games yet no clue


File:__link_and_toon_link_the_l….gif (28.03 KB,450x339)

took me a few hours to remember the context of this pic


I do kinda wonder about the 360's status with emulation. Since I always wanted to replay (and finish) the last true Rare game that they put out before Microsoft gutted them. But my 360's long dead and, being the dicks that they were, Microsoft made that title a 360 exclusive so I can't really go pop it in and play.


What is that? Kameo? It's nothing to write home about...


Yeah, Kameo. I remembered it having some variety gameplay, but my memory of it is foggy compared to the rest of Rare's titles I've played. Although that may just be because it wasn't that great...


It's okay I guess. If you really want to play it, I think I have it on my xbox. I don't really use it these days so I could ship it to you.


I'm not that itching to play it, just wanted to confirm whether it was good or not. Besides I'd kinda feel obligated to play it if I received it in the mail..


It's really no issue nor a rush. If you want I can leave my email...
I don't mean to pressure you, but I'd be happy to do something for someone again. It's no big deal.


File:my trustiest face.jpg (149.13 KB,1500x1500)

>I'd be happy to do something for someone again
Could you co-sign my loan?


File:1536386797459.jpg (329.04 KB,1748x1262)

Are you going to purchase a plot of land where the fabled Kissu mansion will be built?


He's going to purchase it and put termite eggs in the soil.


Termites are very good builders, and the prices they charge are quite reasonable too.


If I were to hire any builders, I wouldn't stand for anything other than a beaver, the nature's engineer.


File:98107421_p0.jpg (184.82 KB,1488x2088)

Speaking of emulating 7th gen consoles, what firmware do people recommend for RPCS3? Is there any reason to use one over the other?



Just get the latest official one


File:1586162377283.jpg (72.86 KB,500x476)

Trying to play Drakengard 3 on RPCS3 and man trying to get all this stuff working and the DLC installed is a pain


File:C-1677636551652.png (1.27 MB,1280x720)


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