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File:R-1655025112705.jpg (107.09 KB,800x500)


Does Kissu read any anime blogs or find nice posts to read?
I used to have a wordpress site something like this where I would write about what I felt about certain anime series but no one ever finds them unless you have God tier clickbait SEO skills and talk about it on anime forums.

They're kind of nice and make me nostalgic of when I was trying to become pro-blogger. I probably wouldn't even know that Vinland has a season in progress if I didn't stumble across it looking for some sort of image.


That looks like a 2009 site.



>season in progress
Does that mean it's airing or that it's being made?


in progress of being created


That template fills me with so much wistful nostalgia I might buy it and blog about whatever backlog shit I'm watching.


and that's a good thing.


File:[SubsPlease] Aharen-san wa….jpg (162.75 KB,1280x720)

I can't say I do these days. I did back in the day when it was much more esoteric and obscure, I guess.
I think I linked one here after I looked at my old bookmarks that I had saved to a disk for some reason, but I'm having trouble finding it again.
I think reading stuff here is probably more interesting to me than some random person.

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