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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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File:97528285_p0.jpg (297.15 KB,869x1228)

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starting to melt in my blankets
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i think fat is good as long as it's not stomach fat


I think stomach fat is great


accidentally changed my Debian error sound into a dog barking


wan wan


File:Question_Maira.jpg (418.55 KB,1280x720)

What's "Debian error sound"?


File:1655714972230.jpg (1.54 MB,2067x1447)

its bad when its one me, good when its on her


Debian is a linux based operating system and he changed his error sound to wan wan!


be careful in a dark cave maira


rubbing cat's belly and he's kneading the air hehe


subbed to a pixiv artist


File:yukarin.png (319.66 KB,623x670)

I biked down to town centre today because I wanted some banh mi for breakfast (and I had to stock up on booze and I needed a bicycle pump) but they closed the food truck by the time I arrived.


spent all day playing d3 and i kinda feel like i should've done something more productive...


play grim dawn instead


File:C-1655831688915.png (48.76 KB,1186x191)



In a really good mood for no reason


File:__yoshida_yuuko_machikado_….jpg (197.41 KB,815x700)

summer just started and it's already unbearable


Eating dinner while looking at Kagamin's pantsu.


bad human design decisions:
oily eyelids
sweaty hands
pinky toes


Might game


might rest


someone was rude to me but then I was rude to him back
I'm finally learning how to ask questions


File:__yazawa_nico_love_live_an….png (2.9 MB,1582x2894)

Bought eggs at grocery store. The banknote I paid with tore apart when I took it out of my pocket.


File:20220622_004146.jpg (168.86 KB,895x1250)

really starting to feel summer


it's 16C dammit.....


¥all that hair
I always shave my head, especially in the summer lest I wake up with a wet pillow every morning. Wonder how females can stand this hotness with their head full of hair.


I've never noticed my head getting hot from having long hair. I do appreciate it in the winter for the extra warmth though.


it feels like autumn and it's fucking COLD



Might game some more


thinking 'bout gaming after i watch some anime


woke up after a dream of being stung by bees to a slight pain in my butt, at least i think... but i ended up spending the last 30 minutes looking for a spider or something thinking ive been poisoned...


The adjustment mechanism on my left armrest is a little loose and it's bothering me way more than it should.


It's over


played a C&C game again. Hard mode is pretty fast paced, but easier than I remember


File:waterfox_MNDb9P6NLI.png (68.37 KB,325x185)

love seeing new banners
nice job!


enjoying the cozy lull between seasons


File:[Nutbladder, I presume?] H….png (2.7 MB,1920x1080)

Taking it uneasy lately.


File:[Sae-nce]_Hidamari_Sketch_….png (1.02 MB,1280x723)

Was just an underactive nutbladder.


imposter syndrome, third wheel. ignored.


File:1623886701916.gif (759.05 KB,500x281)

slept for 11 hours and still feel tired


kind of want to die


usually come around to thinking that but then i think that occassionally there's still good moments in life that come and go that i wont get to experience if i did and think against it
gonna die someday anyways no reason to hurry towards it


File:1640070968728.gif (1.97 MB,500x281)

kissu needs to brighten up! always remember the joys of being alive no matter how small


File:[IrizaRaws] Love Live Niji….png (7.02 MB,1920x1080)

It's a nyanderful friday, let's all enjoy today to our fullest and have a great day!!!!!!!!


streaming Zero Hour


File:1656069879209.jpg (1.39 MB,1496x2000)

The weather was really nice today but it's going to rain again because why the hell would the weather be nice in this part of the country.


The weather today was extremely hot, and I had to move stuff around in a baking, non-air conditioned storage unit. It had to have been at least 40C (104F) inside that storage unit. I'm surprised I didn't suffer from heat stroke or have a heart attack or something.


File:[Natsu] Yuru Camp △ - 06 [….jpg (928.66 KB,1920x1080)

Went to the store and it was hot and gross.


Open my window and it's too hot. Close my window, it's too cold. Sure can't wait for summer to end.


File:1605658661178.png (17.62 KB,240x240)

I didnt go outside today so I dont know if it was hot or not

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