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starting to melt in my blankets


File:firefox_RVjJqLABvK.png (125.66 KB,1870x447)

one of these things is not like the others...


Yeah, NHK is the only one with a male main character.


File:[Neuro-C] Komi-san wa, Com….jpg (202.6 KB,1920x1080)



nice pout blog


kagami gonna melt my popsicle


File:ba98d313499c6c929941101dca….jpg (275.78 KB,1536x2048)

started fixing sub for an anime this season because the official translation is bad and no one bothered with extensive fixes
i just made up a one-off name for my "releases"
but when i checked anidb today I found the name and my progress were featured in the fansub group section...


learning how to type numbers
7 is hard because it's 6+1 so I unconsciously switch to the finger after the index


I... Have no idea what you're talking about... Just press the keys...


6 is index finger, so 7 must be middle finger


File:1600354522938.gif (387.13 KB,320x270)

good job you're official now


Oh, I understand what you mean know. I don't bother with that.


Maybe I do it wrong, but I type 6 with my left index finger and 7 with my right index finger.


Touch typing is for nerds.


File:de1d5608d60e36bf20699233e3….jpg (293.93 KB,1228x869)

This blog thread is too distracting. I have to take a minute and calm myself down every time I scroll past and see Kagamin's shimapan.


too ecchi. like the one boob blog.


neighbours are mowing the lawn again


shield hero's shit
anyone know if kimetsu is any good?


File:1652391667509.jpg (345.88 KB,1228x869)

my wife kagamin is so sexy


if you can't enjoy shield hero I highly doubt you would like that


File:shield_hero.jpg (70.51 KB,500x707)

watch bofuri


ate banana with kagami


It's okay, I like it.

She is not your wife, stop insulting her.


Your wife Kagami is very cute!


stop insulting me, we've been married for almost 5 years now


No you haven't stop lying.


Stop yelling at him. He's clearly in a happy marriage.


No he's not! He's not in a marriage at all. Don't defend him, you are complicit in his lies.


File:8c7e62a87ddfaed115ed995c62….jpg (348.75 KB,734x991)

can't believe kagami cheated on konata with smelly anonymous


Im kind of losing interest in wrestling


I think I might have figured out my goal in hoarding: to hoard erosu/media in general that might be banned or illegal in the near future.


I dont think hoarding something illegal is a good idea


I'm insulting you, nerd.


File:Adjust_glasses_Kotoko.gif (237.83 KB,540x480)

It's ok as long as they dont find out.


give me rice


gonna blow my load in the toilet bowl


Dog woke up and sat up while panting. Think he might've woken up from a nightmare...


every now and again I see the pilk banner. Always sightly confuses me because I think it's some sort of Finnish flag out of the corner of my eye.


File:kissuu.png (37.14 KB,300x140)

New banner.


Yunocchi is NOT Finnish.


File:suomi.png (914.65 KB,1271x707)

Yunocchi may have been born in Japan, but she became a Finnish citizen after getting married to her former best friend (now female husband) Mia "Miyako" Kokkonen.


this is slander!!


feel like i should probably be watching something good from my backlog instead of seasonals...


old things are bad


I usually mix it up and watch one or two backlog shows when watching seasonals.


Wish I had the motivation to watch anime at all...


File:1605606545150.jpg (3.03 MB,2560x2880)

Have you tried sitting down in a chair with it playing on a screen in front of you


just watch a good one and it'll be easy


There are many good short-episode anime out there.


File:a530655aa6f1df43dd961d164….jpeg (234.25 KB,1200x936)

really like the "VeggieBites" snack recently
it's easy to chew and the salt and umami flavor are perfect level and doesn't leave oil on my hands
i already like kappa ebisen a lot which is pretty similar but the chewing of this is even better


three kinds of anime
1. good but tiring, hard to get through in one sitting
2. good and easy to binge
3. other
choose choice 2


I find with a good show or manga if I can get into it and build momentum I can marathon it easily. The first hour is the hardest then I get sucked into the world if it's convincing. Otherwise it's dumb to force myself to watch trash because it's popular or something.

Another way to watch anime is one episode at a time, with meals. That's how I got through LoGH.


the more an anime's current episode starts immediately after where the last episode left off the easier it is to binge. I never watch a monster-of-the-week anime twice in a row.


I can't believe I officially became a paid shill. Now I can buy even nore stuff thanks to the extra money. Thinking about what to buy next.


What if anon only watches episodic shows?


had to work out in the yard in this hot weather which sucked but at least it was at the beach where a nice donut place and ice cream place are ate a nice vannila donut and got a strawberry milkshake feeling satisfied


what are you being paid to shill?


sigh i have never had a milkshake on the beach and possibly never will


hehe PGA tour is in Oklahoma and they're getting a dose of the weather.
Summer-like heat death a few days ago with a high humidity and dew point that was pure misery to every living human being outside, but now it's cloudy and 30-40 degrees cooler so everyone is covered up. No tornadoes so no one can complain
if only I liked golf


I want to sperm inside kagamin


i think i would enjoy playing golf
i just don't like going outside


stop shilling


shiller me timbers


File:FCCGWunUcAMtYQX.jpg (203.57 KB,1200x849)

had a thought before entering the thread now its gone


gonna pull down kagamin's pantsu while she's cooking


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (217.3 KB,1920x1080)



banana in belly


the pervblogger


stayed up all night again


Trying to learn linear algebra on my own but holy fuck this is incomprehensible to me.


Wow, what a nerd.


Just visualize it and it'll be easier.


it's a bunch of parallel equations put into a grid. If you understand X = Y algebra then it should be easier to understand.




draw a kissu shab


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (361.13 KB,1920x1080)

I was sure my GPU had 2 HDMIs out in addition to the DVI, but it's 1 DVI, 1 HDMI and 1 DisplayPort. I need a HDMI > DisplayPort converter....



yeah... why do they even have displayport? who even uses that


I got a HDMI to DVI adapter a while ago. It's kinda strange. For some reason it does this sort of wave motion. I thought HDMI was supposed to basically be DVI, so I kinda wonder how they managed to screw that up or if one of the components inside the converter is just bad or something.



ah my condolences man, I had the same problem about 3 months ago when upgrading my GFX card 3 generations ahead. Ended up buying a bunch of the wrong cables and wasting time at Microcenter.


File:zzz.jpg (53.97 KB,850x601)

thinkin bout learning sewing
if i can make a custom quilt to fit around my desk i can have a kotatsu next winter


File:Agony.gif (724 KB,480x360)

Why the FUCK am I getting sick with a COLD when its so fucking HOT, HATE anything that is not winter.


File:b84821827511aa8db1f6456d68….jpg (460.52 KB,1100x1100)

need to pee but cant get up


nevermind i figured it out


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (318.21 KB,1920x1080)

Got the converter thing and it's working! I will update the 'games in bed' Kotoko thread at some point in the future. When I'm not drawing it's like I have a 3 monitor setup now... sort of. It's pretty small at 15-something inches (35cm) so it doesn't pair too well with my big TV screen


hehehe >>>ec/648



why does she keep eating the files?


someone mentioned 'chocolate' and she just couldn't help herself


I'm angry, angry about people shitting on things I like


File:firefox_CLqNb1NKHP.png (608.25 KB,1356x242)

what is this new thing


Rubbed a pillow directly on the tip of my penis with my underwear on. Felt so good it hurt and it stayed sore for half the day so I had to stay in bed from being so horny. The front of my dick felt the same way and I twisted my hand so it felt like a handjob.


I only noticed it yesterday. I guess Youtube thought pornhub made a good feature


uh but what is it


Isn't it showing the audio levels?


the degree to which semen glows under a black light is overstated
had a look around my bedsheets and computer peripherals and didn't see anything
ordinary dust glows way more


that's what i thought too, but the audio in the lower area was actually a lot louder than the beginning, and nothing really matched up


it shows the popularity of different times in the video


??? How could they tell that?



thunder coming down so hard near me it's tripping the alarm system and making the sky constantly bright


File:5ff2bba2012121a21b1e16ee1e….jpg (3.98 MB,2645x3679)

I love to mass download images with imgbrd-grabber, latest tag was "arima_miyako"


I figured it was that indeed. I have only seen it in songs so far I think. It's usually at the part where the song actually starts after an intro.


too much perversion
pervert overload


not enough perversion
pervert underflow


well i love to see images of arima miyako


File:1600714844830.png (137.9 KB,428x428)

you on right /qa/ on left


just the right amount of perversion
pervert stable


File:15ac7c6c8194c7af6c041a4e3b….gif (699.51 KB,480x270)


today I am going to go to a restaurant by myself


File:9eaf093727e081df52bfa95993….jpg (433.27 KB,700x1000)

in that case have another


used to do that at a izakaya in my former city. Was alright since it was basically a bar


this drawing tablet has a velcro thing on it for cable management
sadly the cat finally noticed and he loves loves LOVES chewing on velcro
opened the window to distract him, but it only worked for a few minutes and now he's back


Do you ever feel like a team of geniuses are transmitting thoughts into your brain so that you are smarter than you really are?


my neck hurts
think I need to get a mechanical arm holder thing for tablet


All me.


Got a cold sore again and I feel like dying. This is what happens when I go outside.


Went on a long walk/run yesterday and now I can't bend at my knees without pain


File:453f975d2b9f42cfe98a5f8a62….jpg (595.84 KB,2935x4096)

just made an anime studio score ranking out of boredom, using a weighted average of ratio of titles in the top250 (very good), top1000 (good), top2500 (above average), and normalized to the score of Kyoto Animation
three tiers are obvious from the score distribution

"Premium" Tier
Kyoto Animation 100
GAINAX 88.69223206
Studio Ghibli 82.84692149
SHAFT 79.44936087
David Production 79.02134306
Ufotable 66.65666717
TRIGGER 66.51917405

"Good" Tier
Production I.G 54.61021555
WHITE FOX 49.55752213
MADHOUSE 49.33030376
Brain's Base 49.21337267
CoMix Wave 48.67256638
Bones 48.2418357
sunrise 45.65151053
WIT STUDIO 45.1681416
P.A.WORKS 40.7922461
KINEMA CITRUS 38.9380531
Manglobe 38.9380531
A-1 Pictures 36.15676359

"Assembly Line" Tier
CloverWorks 29.44096698
J.C.STAFF 28.67014184
SILVER LINK. 27.74895738
Gonzo 25.71380865
MAPPA 24.67904774
Toei Animation 22.39883152
TMS 14.96141942
Doga Kobo 14.10799025
AIC 11.72832925


File:mankasa.jpg (65.62 KB,1280x720)

Why do you hate MAPPA? Can't handle strong women?


neat looming through mappa's catalog just found out they're making another boson OP season


aaaa all my favorite studios are in assembly line tier


None of these studios are terribly bad. The ordering seems alright, but the labeling of them seems unjust.


haha you got herpes


Yes I hate it. Everyday I hope for a vaccine for this curse to be released.


don't vaccines prevent diseases, not cure them?


I don't know. Vaccine. Cure. Whatever. Just something to get rid of it forever.


the ratings are taken from website, obviously
i only selected some well-known ones, and "Assembly Line" isn't intended to mean bad, just they make lots of stuffs with whatever amount publishers are willing to pay


>the ratings are taken from website, obviously
A non-JP one? That probably explains why TRIGGER is so high up on the list.


the rating is from bangumi which is chinese, i chose it because newer shows also get plenty of ratings unlike anidb, and they tend to not overrate (only 4 anime are rated above 9.0)


Huh, anidb tends to usually get a good amount of ratings, and they have the samrtest algorithm to adjust as well.


Oh yeah, AniDB is still active. It's one of those sites like MangaUpdates that freaks me out still exists and stll used it.


File:ratingdistribution.png (9.18 KB,784x470)

it's true for old shows but for recent seasonal shows the amount of rating is low
like for anime from last season, when anidb has 200-300 ratings it would be 1000-3000 on bangumi
the score distribution of bangumi is similar to the anidb "Average" score, while the "Rating" score has higher variation and tends to overrate some shows


gonna tell my kid I'll never have to stick his fingers in the mouth of the girlfriend he'll never have, instead of kissing



>Early Access
>Open World
The four horsemen.


I don't like how far away the camera is on those shots, have you played it?


haven't but it looks like one of these >>90669 but with an arpg-like gameplay angle which seems neat


Maybe, if it meshes probably. Maybe I will try it at some point.


played the beta and unless they changed now raiding works i wouldn't recommend it, you can lose 80% of your progress overnight
or you could play on pve servers but that's boring


File:83690472_p0.jpg (244.14 KB,645x912)

installed new case fans in the nude like how God intended


body felt like I was continually stepping into a cold shower
hunger pangs
body tried to reject water
body tried to reject food
walked too much
fell asleep all gross and sweaty
work up exhausted
took a bath


File:[LoopSubs] Machikado Mazok….jpg (519.92 KB,1920x1080)

Now added to the list of things that somehow break and need a computer restart: pen pressure in zbrush
why does this keep happening? I don't even put the computer in sleep mode any more


File:__hinagiku_kunoichi_tsubak….png (1.12 MB,990x1400)

I think I'm slowly becoming a footfag for no good reason. Just when I thought I couldn't fall any lower.


went from losing a bunch of money to making a bunch in the span of 5 minutes and it really racked my nerves
time to sleep...


... how? playing stocks or something?


by working in energy...


can you make people start using nuclear energy


I'm homesick for a place that doesn't exist, never existed and will never exist.


thinking im getting fat


I hate going to bed almost as much as I hate waking up


can't stop pissing




File:[LoopSubs] Machikado Mazok….jpg (239.9 KB,1920x1080)

ate too much pizza
why does this always happen
it's specifically pizza that seems to bypass by satiation detection


File:comfybed.jpg (131.75 KB,1280x720)

The sun's up, and that means it's bedtime.


got some tea and drank it while eating a bunch of those powdered mini donuts


I don't know that I like this. It doesn't really help in anyway but I can see it being used by creators to make videos even more tailored to the masses and cut off much that the masses would not like. They will look at it and see that people are skipping the more informative parts and so they will stop adding them in the future.


I think uploaders have already been able to see this info through the analytics page for a long time. Youtube just added it publicly now.




It’s far more than that, they’re suggesting what topics of videos to upload directly because they get more views


me reading about the content conspiracy


found out that mal supports taiga again so i moved my account back there
was using anilist but it's just so shit and has no hentai entries, or even ishuzoku reviewers




I think you have to turn lewd stuff on Anilist


oh... well that's dumb...


been having bad existential dread lately.


feel bad for cat he ate some foam somewhere that got stuck in his intestines and had to get surgery and is now stuck with a cone head for a couple weeks so that he doesn't lick his stitches...


think I might have a triphasic sleep schedule
two cycles after noon, one cycle just before midnight and one around early morning


apparently how a lot of people in hot climates seem to sleep


Never watched it. Is it a revenge story or a suffering story?


the former


I'm Quitting Heroing has a slight edge to it that might be a bit more high intellect than a I HATE THE WORLD type story


File:Screenshot_2022-06-08_19-4….png (5.53 KB,272x56)

HEVC encoding my JAV collection because I don't want JAV to take up much space but don't want to delete them either.


Im THIS close to just filtering futa on male and NTR.
Im more revulsed by the former but I just dont wanna see Yor and Marin like that


what's the point of a girl having a penis if she isn't using it to impregnate boys?


File:679d119e88a4ef5cad196306fd….jpg (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB,1530x2155)

Most artists dont get it right.


Wow. One glance at the full image and I already love it.


marin is just asking for it


Why? Cuz she shows her boobs


If you already hate them why aren't they filtered already? Is it because of anthologies of stuff since one hit would hide the whole thing?


Yes, and I dont really hate either its just a ton of both has been uploaded lately



Bisque Doll seems like a type of show that I should wait for BDs.

It also makes me dread certain manga I like getting animated because of all the NTR shit popular romance seasonals get


thinkin about finally watching SaO


Just read the glopping part and watch GGO.


File:1647692199049.jpg (431.96 KB,1920x1080)

Was there anything that was censored? I didn't notice it if so.


>all the NTR shit popular romance seasonals get
2 nukes weren't enough. castle bravo should've been tested in tokyo bay.


File:NEET GENERATION.mp4 (15.26 MB,384x288)

I have gotten the "work or school" ultimatum from my parents. I understand them is the scary part, I have often worried about this and I'm afraid of the suicide or homelessness endgame if I ride this out until they cannot support me anymore.


File:01. パズル.flac (30.81 MB,175x175)


The ending of this songs feels like the fading away of adolescence and the 2000s in general.


File:1550013971695.jpg (66.98 KB,845x473)

I forgot how much harder it is to ride a normal bike than an electrical one. My calves were this close to screaming.


Manually copying survey responses from one survey into a new, more comprehensive survey. Is this what it's like being a salaryman?


File:E92FC32A-9E06-46A7-ACF7-F0….png (851.3 KB,1136x640)

its funny that the internet on the plane is faster than that in the airport


That's because you're pushing the data forward in a direction. Ideally you'd have a train going in circles for fastest internet


Cleaned my room and took out the trash after putting it in trash bags, all while naked to not get the stench on my clothes.


Are you still naked?


Not anymore. Afterwards I had to keep half my arm in soap for five minutes to feel better.


>to not get the stench on my clothes
So you got the stench on your naked body instead...?


I have no safety clothes or I forgot about the bicyclist rain coat.


I went to THREE bike stores to get a bike raincoat with a hood part and none of them had one. So stupid. The guy in the third store said it was because hoodies are a bad idea since they catch the wind but I don't believe him, you wear the hood under your helmet anyway.


I got it as a gift for Christmas, after an incident where I drove for hours when suddenly there was heavy rain and I wasn't even in my city at that point. I'm really proud of that ride because everything got wet but the irreplaceable expensive goods containing bag which I wore under my jacket.


that's why i buy most things online


File:1609232617032.png (33.12 KB,600x600)

ate spareribs


File:1634156353563.jpg (122.18 KB,1280x720)

I think I've gained a little weight again, I stopped my daily exercises like 2 months ago and started drinking alot again along with eating with no regard to health. Not that I'm fat or even chubby I just have a small bump fat on my belly, I think I wont give into despair like last time, honestly this is probably a somewhat normal level I was just really skinny before after months of not eating much and this time I've just not in good shape like I was in the months where I was exercising. I miss the past where I would be somewhat skinny no matter what because I was recovering from an eating disorder for years


just got an index spoiler from a doujin...


not like that matter with the current state of index...


why is that? I'm only just starting to get into the series




what kind of doujinshi were there in that bag


Hand-coloured engravings from 19th century.


File:95913683_p0.jpg (1.38 MB,1240x1754)

I need to stop watching street food videos.


Aren't you afraid of the hygienic fragility in those locations?


File:48536858_p0.jpg (687.06 KB,750x1000)



just think about it as training for your immune system


If it was animated, all the parts around the food would have to be pixeled.


Bad finger cut that I had to get stitched up is finally healed, but... It's healed all weird. It's just like a lump of solid skin tissue and it's sensitive and hurts when I press it against thing fairly often. What the heck. I've heard about "scar tissue" and all that before, but I didn't think I would have this...

It's genuinely bothering me to the point where I think I want to go to the doctor and ask them if they can treat it like a wart or something and try freezing a few layers off or something...


how long ago was the injury? I cut my finger on a meat slicer and get stitches, it took about a month to fully heal. There was a lump of skin where the injury was for awhile, that was last November and the skin is dull a little raised


Me too. Im afraid.


File:1602923973096.jpg (47.63 KB,600x600)

I started to disassociate when I was taking an important test to get a government job, I was getting that mind left body feeling where you become conscious of your perception of reality and find whatever your doing to be absurd. Still ended passing


About a month ago...


then its normal, I was actually wrong when I said I got the injury in November, it was in early October. I clearly remember the skin being noticeably raised and a little red in late December, by now its just a tiny bump. As for it being sensitive that's also normal, I think it should only be a concern if you wait a long time and its the same but I really dont think that will be the case.


File:742b3dad96c1359296e86e85ae….jpg (119.31 KB,824x1400)

just blew off the dust on projector lens and it surprised me how much dust did to reduce the contrast


blehhh so tired i'm passing out


Wasted my day sleeping yesterday and now it's very early today


Not wasted!


I disagree it's really nice


drinking sanpellegrino it's really really good and cool in this hot weather one of the better fruity drinks


I wish my cat would recognize its carnivorous nature and stop eating plants and then vomiting them up an hour later.
They're not poisonous, but I moved one of them for 5 minutes and forgot and of course it was within his reach and...


For some reason one of my cats does the same thing. It's really odd that despite their supposed intellect, they can't figure out the link between eating the outdoor grass and them barfing...


maybe this perspective is actually incestuous(leads to staleness) and leads to us failing to broaden our perspectives on media?


They know that, it's why they do it, they are purging.

I agree with him, they are terrible and it won't lead to a broadening of perspective either(not in a good way anyway).


Read more reviews


You could read reviews on MAL or other sites if you really wanted, in fact that would be a better solution to the issue you have as it would broaden your perspective even more.


Did that for a while and there are some nice reviews on that platform. Or was that a passive aggressive comment to shit on people who talk about their opinions in public?


>They know that, it's why they do it, they are purging.
I've heard that before, but I'm not so sure. It makes sense for wild cats, but for domestic cats it seems more like it's just a new source of stimulation. Well, I've never done any research so I guess it's just... a guess.


Cat has been coughing the past few days. I'm worried for the little guy. He's not in the best health already. Gonna see about taking him to the vet.


Could it be allergies? Hope it's nothing serious...


Maybe he meant it in the sense that a written review is better than a video review.


No, I meant that there is more diversity so he would broaden his perspective more which is what he says his goal is. Youtubers are just normal people who happen to have a channel however, they fall into similar mindsets. They are content creators, how they view the world and so media as well is going to be through the lens of the kind of person that wants to make that kind of content and put himself out there like that, they tend to be quite social minded and more in tune with memes and pop culture. Whereas a review on MAL could be written by any number of kinds of people and you can read them faster and there are more of them.

This is just my opinion, I don't see a need for anime reviews.

A wild cat is anatomically very similar to a domestic cat, even a Tiger is just a scaled up house cat(or a house cat is a scaled down Tiger). Cats are quite close to each other genetically and it's why so many species can interbreed with each other. There are other reasons people suggest for eating grass as well, such as nutrients, laxative effect, an instinct from long ago when they might have had parasites and so needed to eat grass to deal with them. I have not heard your reason and I don't really believe it. If you research it you'll find all sorts of ideas.

Cats in general are actually quite mysterious in many ways with people not really having a solid consensus about much of what they do.


File:C-1655129535266.png (4.93 KB,282x53)



File:1559519461111.jpg (336.97 KB,1398x1400)

It took ages before I realised that Komm Susser Tod is just a copy of Hey Jude.


File:nohomo piano.jpg (162.28 KB,800x800)

Only the rhythm of the chorus, it's probably just a cool reference. I play piano and I can tell you it definitely doesn't have the same melody in that department.


File:[mbt]_Moetan_-_06_[DVD_h26….jpg (55.67 KB,428x480)

I went to the doctor today hoping to finally get rid of that annoying earlobe cyst of mine. He said he didn't have time for that and instead just popped it and called it a day. Boy I can't wait for it to come back again in a couple of months.


Man, drawing loli really lowers your chances of being treated like a normal person.


well yes, you'd get the same reaction if you drew guro and they would be rightfully scared if relating with you eventually exposes them to social or physical danger


File:1541803100015.png (156.54 KB,557x530)

It's lonely at the top.


feeling so tired it hurts


Noticed an area like a line from a scratch (despite not having been scratched and the line not fading) that appears to have petechiae. I am FREAKING out. My hypochondria is going crazy. I hope I don't have leukemia or something AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


>Infections and reactions to medications are two common causes of petechiae.


File:85978643919ddd8142786247c2….jpg (413.31 KB,2048x1536)

g'morning (afternoon). feeling like an empty husk after spending all night fapping to teto.


File:C-1655431081574.png (6.86 MB,3070x4096)

How do I make windows10 stop updating forever


File:0bb207a7001769028cb805fb82….jpg (118.17 KB,500x354)


I use https://www.sordum.org/9470/windows-update-blocker-v1-7/ and I haven't had any issues in the 2 or so years it's been doing its thing


debrox with earplugs feel sooo gooood


and now my ear is clogged even after rinsing
thanks debrox


File:asdf.mp3 (360.04 KB)

gibberish cyrillic


fuck this im going to put in more debrox and keep it in for an hour


did it work




I took out the earplug when my head started to hurt, and it took a while and a bit of prodding from a cotton swab, but now I can hear again. No wax came out though.
Fuck debrox


I used the syringe instead of the saline spray can and it got everything out! Last time I used a syringe that didn't have a curved, narrow tip and it didn't work. Tomorrow I will do the other ear. I love good syringes! And I'm okay with Debrox now.


What is detox


Debrox? Mix of hydrogen peroxide and a nitrogen compound found in urine.


File:20220617_083322.jpg (3.8 MB,4000x3000)



neck has been aching all afternoon and it's not going away hope i can sleep this off


jeeze... been thundershowers for the past two days and now it's 11C tonight


I'll trade you a heat wave and wonderfully high humidity
lose your will to live after being outside for 5 seconds or less


toes looking really mangled after my latest tangle with trying to fix my ingrown toenail... maybe i should just get it fixed sometime...


¥ A Netflix only TV anime of the Cyberpunk game
I think I'm gonna hurl


Also it's Trigger being strapped into making more Netflix "easy cash" anime


siggghhhhh got all excited and distracted by erotic images again...


File:035.jpg (83.15 KB,514x755)


>maybe i should just get it fixed sometime...
They'll just numb your toe and yank the nail entirely.


Wish I was a magical meow meow idol


File:1601259779686.png (216.21 KB,615x387)

I think im going to have to start exercising again, I feel like Ive gotten fat despite being 3 pounds light than I usually am. I wish I had any idea of what normal levels of belly fat were... I feel like my normal standard of poking myself and its bad if theres any squish is unrealistic


nice /qa/ belly


Is it an anime, or is it an """"""""""anime""""""""""? Netflix likes to label crummy American action cartoons as 'anime' for some reason.

Also who are you quoting?


He's probably quoting Netflix.


youtube made their ui more annoying to look at again...


looks the same as always


yens aren't quotes.

I hate idiots like you. Read my followup written right under the post.



huh? Isn't it more rude to be inapropriatly insulting me with "who are you quoting" and insulting the anime industry by calling japanese studios who work on western projects as not real anime studios? Get your emotions in check


>yens aren't quotes.
The line above the yens.


was wearing a blanket even though it's really hot already and passed out from the heat don't think that's a good sign


File:1609629519930.png (34.5 KB,612x691)

hate washing my onahole


dont say I have a /qa/ belly!
I think I am not going to give up eating normally and alcohol and instead will start biking again, delicious party precure makes me want to eat too much


can't believe Koruri is here blogging in the thread




body fat percentage, calipers, something something
the internet will say 20% if your abs aren't visible, more if you're actually fat
there should be a body fat percentage reference chart in google images somewhere


i think fat is good as long as it's not stomach fat


I think stomach fat is great


accidentally changed my Debian error sound into a dog barking


wan wan


File:Question_Maira.jpg (418.55 KB,1280x720)

What's "Debian error sound"?


File:1655714972230.jpg (1.54 MB,2067x1447)

its bad when its one me, good when its on her


Debian is a linux based operating system and he changed his error sound to wan wan!


be careful in a dark cave maira


rubbing cat's belly and he's kneading the air hehe


subbed to a pixiv artist


File:yukarin.png (319.66 KB,623x670)

I biked down to town centre today because I wanted some banh mi for breakfast (and I had to stock up on booze and I needed a bicycle pump) but they closed the food truck by the time I arrived.


spent all day playing d3 and i kinda feel like i should've done something more productive...


play grim dawn instead


File:C-1655831688915.png (48.76 KB,1186x191)



In a really good mood for no reason


File:__yoshida_yuuko_machikado_….jpg (197.41 KB,815x700)

summer just started and it's already unbearable


Eating dinner while looking at Kagamin's pantsu.


bad human design decisions:
oily eyelids
sweaty hands
pinky toes


Might game


might rest


someone was rude to me but then I was rude to him back
I'm finally learning how to ask questions


File:__yazawa_nico_love_live_an….png (2.9 MB,1582x2894)

Bought eggs at grocery store. The banknote I paid with tore apart when I took it out of my pocket.


File:20220622_004146.jpg (168.86 KB,895x1250)

really starting to feel summer


it's 16C dammit.....


¥all that hair
I always shave my head, especially in the summer lest I wake up with a wet pillow every morning. Wonder how females can stand this hotness with their head full of hair.


I've never noticed my head getting hot from having long hair. I do appreciate it in the winter for the extra warmth though.


it feels like autumn and it's fucking COLD



Might game some more


thinking 'bout gaming after i watch some anime


woke up after a dream of being stung by bees to a slight pain in my butt, at least i think... but i ended up spending the last 30 minutes looking for a spider or something thinking ive been poisoned...


The adjustment mechanism on my left armrest is a little loose and it's bothering me way more than it should.


It's over


played a C&C game again. Hard mode is pretty fast paced, but easier than I remember


File:waterfox_MNDb9P6NLI.png (68.37 KB,325x185)

love seeing new banners
nice job!


enjoying the cozy lull between seasons


File:[Nutbladder, I presume?] H….png (2.7 MB,1920x1080)

Taking it uneasy lately.


File:[Sae-nce]_Hidamari_Sketch_….png (1.02 MB,1280x723)

Was just an underactive nutbladder.


imposter syndrome, third wheel. ignored.


File:1623886701916.gif (759.05 KB,500x281)

slept for 11 hours and still feel tired


kind of want to die


usually come around to thinking that but then i think that occassionally there's still good moments in life that come and go that i wont get to experience if i did and think against it
gonna die someday anyways no reason to hurry towards it


File:1640070968728.gif (1.97 MB,500x281)

kissu needs to brighten up! always remember the joys of being alive no matter how small


File:[IrizaRaws] Love Live Niji….png (7.02 MB,1920x1080)

It's a nyanderful friday, let's all enjoy today to our fullest and have a great day!!!!!!!!


streaming Zero Hour


File:1656069879209.jpg (1.39 MB,1496x2000)

The weather was really nice today but it's going to rain again because why the hell would the weather be nice in this part of the country.


The weather today was extremely hot, and I had to move stuff around in a baking, non-air conditioned storage unit. It had to have been at least 40C (104F) inside that storage unit. I'm surprised I didn't suffer from heat stroke or have a heart attack or something.


File:[Natsu] Yuru Camp △ - 06 [….jpg (928.66 KB,1920x1080)

Went to the store and it was hot and gross.


Open my window and it's too hot. Close my window, it's too cold. Sure can't wait for summer to end.


File:1605658661178.png (17.62 KB,240x240)

I didnt go outside today so I dont know if it was hot or not


It's too hot to sleep, crying


I don't want it to be like this anymore


stopped being cold
starting to be hot again. Apparently it's supposed to get to 29C today!


File:1569793647268.jpg (581.37 KB,1200x1200)

wall clock died


It's hot it's hot it's hot it's hot



Drank a apple soda and ate a cool mini cucumber


Ate 3 more mini cucumbers with salt


inconsiderate sister kicked my retainers onto the bathroom floor and didn't even pick them back up...


File:R-1656225547072.jpg (140.8 KB,1280x720)


My sister doesn't even flush the toilet


wish I had Power as a sister


I wish I had a cute and good little sister


Too hot to sleep again...


At least you can time it's death exactly to at what time it stopped


How can you be sure? Someone could have tampered with it to obscure the truth.


repressing the urge to play the side of my cat's belly like a drum
I can tell it'd make a nice sound, but alas that would be mean


AGDQ is going on if anyone is interested
Pokemon Snap is on right now


is it same old stuff?


I haven't looked at it, but there it is


too many games and i don't know any of the speedrunners... maybe I should look for the ones with good hosts..


It's hot




woke up today


When else would you wake up? Idiot...


currently typing a post in the /qa/ blog thread and now i'm about to hit the submit button


Reading your post right now---I guess you believe in "always leave them wanting more"? Good, good.


File:161c2ea8ed7528e57e589507ba….png (2.18 MB,992x1403)

me too


File:1566076590742.gif (159.08 KB,472x482)

Bought a new wall clock. I wanted a nice looking one with serif numerals but those were way too expensive so I went with a boring plastic office clock instead.


hmm, philosophical....


Post that clock


Making rainbow cheese tortelliners.


my resolve crumbled and i ended up buying chocolate at the grocery store


Does it make a ticking sound?


File:[Doki] Lucky Star - 11 (12….jpg (118.21 KB,692x719)

Unintentionally wrote a waltz for classical guitar


watching anime due to having an unusable on modern web internet connection. For reference it takes like 30-80 seconds to open a 1.25 mb png


My condolences. May you get good internet soon.


Is there anything more harsh I can listen to than MASA WORKS


sigh, nothing beats this when you just want to see everything outside catching on fire.


eating some choco strawberries they're really delicious


File:[HorribleSubs] Jashin-chan….jpg (578.52 KB,1920x1080)

Every year when I have to renew my licence the government sends me a letting trying to convince me to let them take my organs from me. You would think sooner or later they would learn that I will never allow that to happen and they would leave me alone.


At least they aren't trying to take your orgasms away.


organs are very important


They try every year in every country, and I get it, it's a very underserved area and many die because of lack of donations. Personally the illegal organ transplants done in China should be more well known and decriminalized. Its not like letting the organs go to waste will make them stop


in some countries it's the opposite; you're assumed to be consenting by default and you have to notify them if you don't agree


>Personally the illegal organ transplants done in China should be more well known and decriminalized.
I've heard about this in Latin American countries. Child have to be told not to stray or linger in places in case they get kidnapped and murdered for their organs. That's the kind of thing you implicitly encourage with decriminalization.


I saw a girl the other day wearing 2000's grunge clothes. It felt a bit surreal seeing that in AD MMXXII.



File:1639871606502.jpg (105.49 KB,1280x720)

too tired to really do much of anything even though I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want


The IndexedDB API is like a low budget/Chinese knockoff SQL server


About a year ago I was talking with someone pretty cool who knew about pigmhall and knew them long enough to have their DVDs and stuff.


i wanted to buy a pigmhall dvd a while ago but i don't have the necessary apparatus to play digital versatile discs anymore


Ate a sandwich


Ate bacon, sunny side up eggs, and hash brown patties for breakfast.


what hash brown recipe? mine never turn out right


File:mpvnet_2021-04-18_22-37-51.jpg (158.63 KB,1121x841)

i like pigmhall quite a bit. there's an element of unwellness that permeates his earlier work that is absent from his later works. while it might make his earlier works more unique and interesting, i've recently hoped that he can continue with his later works.


saw a commcercial for this while cooking
I didn't know we were so hip


so unproductive during sunlight hours...


Grand big mac is back


Debian11 doesn't work with my mouse for some reason. The lib it uses for USB bugs out seemingly randomly. maybe when my PC is under load.

My experience with Debian as a desktop/laptop distri has been pretty poor overall.


watching pokemon randomizer run



File:1400561592289.jpg (125.86 KB,1920x1080)

Pokemon is still going and I want to watch another game now.


File:99389251_p0.png (564.27 KB,1280x1100)

Apparently Japan is in a sustained heat wave reaching 35c, or 95f.
which is generally a pretty normal summer day here


Had the best dream in a while, I don't know what it was but it was an extremely fun dream... wish I remembered.


File:1527901691930.png (45.94 KB,236x197)

Japan is very humid. I remember that walking around in Tokyo felt like being inside a sauna, so getting a heat wave on top of all that humidity must be pure hell.


interesting how the Pacific doesn't drop the heat as much as the Atlantic


The Pacific Ocean


File:97771138_p1.jpg (990.41 KB,1127x1432)

Just finished a plate of haggis.

Well, tehcnically not haggis but my country's variant of "animal bits ground into coarse paste and boiled".


got spooked earlier today because I saw a tick on my hand some time after petting dog.

It wasn't engorged with blood nor attached to me though. I'm not gonna get lyme disease am I? ;_;


Crying I'm sorry


a single google search on the question says it's past 36 to 48 hours where the risk goes up to something reasonable


reminds me of the time I found a tick on the upper part of my crotch,
>lyme disease
> Lyme disease, also known as Lyme borreliosis, is a vector-borne disease caused by the Borrelia bacterium, which is spread by ticks in the genus Ixodes. The most common sign of infection is an expanding red rash, known as erythema migrans, which appears at the site of the tick bite about a week afterwards. The rash is typically neither itchy nor painful. Approximately 70–80% of infected people develop a rash. Early diagnosis can be difficult. Other early symptoms may include fever, headaches and tiredness. If untreated, symptoms may include loss of the ability to move one or both sides of the face, joint pains, severe headaches with neck stiffness or heart palpitations. Months to years later repeated episodes of joint pain and swelling may occur. Occasionally shooting pains or tingling in the arms and legs may develop. Despite appropriate treatment about 10 to 20% of those affected develop joint pains, memory problems and tiredness for at least six months.
Now I realize what a scary thing it was...
Tiny creatures with the power to turn you into a vegetable are scary.


i wouldn't go that far, but it's a nerve virus


no please ;_;


Took a knife out from the knife holder to cut some vegetables, a half cut cockroach body came along with it. That's enough of that knife and that holder. Hate summer.




I have a similar problem with silverfish. I hate those lightning fast bastards.


going to watch the first ep of rent-a-whore to see if it indulges in my desires to watch other people suffer.


File:7d56f58fed.png (939.98 KB,927x528)

There just isn't anything in it for me. Guys with no confidence don't win shows and the MC engaging in netorare fetishism must come much later and with a big tone shift from the first episode.


File:[SubsPlease] Kanojo, Okari….jpg (298.42 KB,1920x1080)

It's only good for the sexy shabs. But the MC is such a humongous cock-mongling homolord that even despite the prior it's hard to swallow.


Why couldn't it just have the girls


Holy shit you guys werent joking about the netorare stuff


To cause drama




feels as if that's the only reason it exists


File:7aa3c1e5b4e07346ad193ee899….png (287.62 KB,800x800)

I wana do some translating but Ive just been way too tired after I get home from work, I told myself Id have it done by the end of the weekend but I think ill end up disappointing myself


never mind I had already done much more than I thought, I'll just fix the stuff the didnt seem right and typeset it tomorrow


File:1557418488129.gif (655.88 KB,300x300)



Because they can't escape.


⊂(‘ω’⊂ )))Σ≡ミWWWW


shobon what the heck


     ,=、  ,, , =、  ( 人 )
    ff | }!、,、〃 /  |   |    
    ,リ/ .ノ*´ω`)'〃/ /     
   {{ { ′   v' 《/ /      
   ヾ.\.   / /        
  _,,二、》   . /\. ____     
(( ゙ー=、`″〃ω\.  \-‐'  
      ゙ー=″     ゙' 一' 


File:[SubsPlease] Shachiku-san ….jpg (163.29 KB,1280x720)

It's that magical time of year when my neighborhood sounds like it's under attack by mortars


File:[SubsPlease] Teppen - 01 (….jpg (892.61 KB,1920x1080)

After seeing an ED with a style very similar looking to a paper doll artist I follow I checked their twitter and supposedly they weren't able to upload much of their usual work recently for some reason or another. Which makes me fairly confident that the Teppen ED was done by them, but I wonder why they aren't saying anything about it then...



File:Zetsubou_Yume_2.jpg (99.44 KB,1280x720)

I don't know why but I just want to spend all day every day mindlessly scrolling through YouTube shorts...


I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not.


I'm not...


allow me to ruin YouTube forever


Oh. I don't like Youtube shorts.


Algorithim is maniuplating you


I mean, I don't particularly like it either but nothing better to occupy my mind to help spend hours.
I'm letting it manipulate me...!


If you're bored and want something to do then you can get a job and give me the money if you want.


File:1629594624070.gif (818.38 KB,262x314)

pork hock in the pot




just realized that my left ear is marginally weaker than my right from years of playing orchestral trombone


started researching home theater/home server stuff. this looks like a very expensive and time consuming project.


just don't buy into the idea that gold wire is better than copper wire and you'll probably survive


Scared of home theater/AV Otaku.


File:IMG_20190510_170549.jpg (387.68 KB,2306x1297)

but what about thick wires?


I'm sure it makes all tbe difference...


need to go to the bathroom, but the toilet is broken at the place I'm at currently


Re-installed system and now Anki is acting weird, thinking of using this as an opportunity to drop it for good...


I never had the patience for Anki to begin with.


they're both the kind of pursuit that can be as expensive as you want but entry level stuff is still quite cheap


bought a buncha cheap used dell computers for home servers today! love computers so much


File:transeuro.jpg (221.87 KB,1139x1129)

I wish Gensokyo Radio would stop playing those German 2hu songs. There is something about the blend of German singing and Touhou music that just doesn't work.


One of my favourite Touhou songs is German. I think the language can work really well with Touhou and it can suite the world as well, well it won't suit the Japanese parts but the Scarlets, Fairies and such it does.

However, I think western vocals in general are often quite bad, I think the only English vocals that are even tolerable are in some of the Touhou Eurobeat songs, because it's Eurobeat. Sure English would suit the same parts of the world too but the vocalists are just bad and often American.



File:[HorribleSubs] Little Witc….jpg (189.12 KB,1920x1080)

I went to the shops to buy some winter clothes today.
I'm so much more attractive than everybody I saw, it's not even comparable.
Not only am I more attractive but I overmatch them and not only are they overmatched but they are overmatched in every aspect of their being.
Physique, posture, facial structure, skeletal structure, complexion, bearing, speech, clothing, grooming.
Everything. Everything and it was not even comparable.


if only thy beauty was deeper than thy skin


Just now I saw a Youtube video about somebody patting a sleeping wild fox, the video was made a year ago and I see a pinned comment that says two months ago he started selling sleeping fox merchandise. Some random guy does one thing and he is milking it for all it's worth.
I really hate how capitalistic Youtube is. Everybody is advertising their Patreon, selling merchandise and advertising mobile games even when they quite clearly have no need too, they have no morals.


There is never no need for more money


the only things that don't become monetized are those that can't make money


File:[Erai-raws] Munou na Nana ….jpg (127.88 KB,1280x720)

a bird just shat on my window


File:1530703848608.jpg (8.14 KB,206x222)

heh woopsie


want to poop but it's late night and there are creepy crawlies out in the toilet at night...


It is(here)/was(Japan) Kagamis birthday today. Happy birthday to my wife!


File:1485106622690.gif (12.78 KB,200x200)

Happy birthday to her, but she's not an alien precure! Maybe next year...


File:1638362056513.jpg (1.53 MB,2067x1447)

ate fried noodles
really feeling the koruri modo


crawl into your BUTTHOLE


and people say americ/europ can't do anime style art...


Went outside for a walk but it was too hot so I came back


File:1600902913052.png (215.97 KB,512x447)

Videogames are making me sad, earlier today I was thinking about how much I want to go up in rank and I get on and lose a bunch. I've been considering this for awhile now but maybe I'm just not good at games along with having terrible luck for teammates/rng. I want to say that its just multiplayer I'm bad at but then I realize that I've never beat a touhou game (aside from scarlet weather rhapsody which doesn't really count) despite getting to the final stages multiple times in 2 of them.
The only games I ever recall myself ever being good at (by merit of getting what are relatively really high scores/fast times on international leaderboards) are both hotline miami games and furi, sort of think I should revisit them but I feel that I've all the stages to death and have greatly preferred multiplayer games for the past 2 years.
Don't know what to do, terrible at gaming but half burnt out on anime and havent been getting much enjoyment out of my music related interests/hobbies. Havent even felt much like sperming the past couple days.


File:pat the nanachi.webm (1.21 MB,640x360)

I still haven't seen Film No.3.


Spent all day thinking about bunnies


File:86867025_p0.jpg (158.67 KB,1024x1280)

Time well spent.


I gave up all competitive gaming. After spending a good chunk of my life on all sorts of types, learning what I could of the meta, practicing, grinding, immersing myself, I never really could excel at anything even with all that effort.
I put in minimal effort now and some days I do seemingly just as well, but it's less frequent anyways, and always for fun or experimentation.

I cleared a few touhou games (normal modo) but the feeling you get from the win is very fleeting, sadly. I can barely remember any of it other than a quick rush to the heart.

Anyways, try a change of pace. Something new.


Thinking about killing myself and ending it all. I hate that I can't do anything fucking right and I have no reason to live.


You have all the time in the world to do that, go outside for a walk and get some fresh air for now (provided you can walk).


I find multiplayer games to be boring, you just do the same things over and over again. Unless it's like Warthunder where you are working towards something, but then after a while you run out of things to work towards or even working towards things gets too boring and repetitive.

How long did you spend trying to clear Touhou games though? I feel that to clear them people probably spent a lot of time. I like Touhou but I don't like the games enough to spend that much time on them so I have not cleared all of them either, I think I have probably cleared 3 of them(not including the fighters, I cleared all of them).

I don't think it matters if you are good at games or not anyway though.


Might play some elder nyans.


the point of multiplayer games is to either enjoy the repetition or study the blade and hone your skills
or both


Fuwa fuwa snuggle muffins


something new would be nice, the hard part is finding that new thing to throw yourself into
I'd pull up the game and tell you but I started playing on my old laptop, played a bit on my desktop, got a new laptop, then had to wipe my desktop so I have no idea. It was always playing alot in short bursts though, I think my issue (and with competitive games in general) is that I try to brute force my way though it with mechanics. I then end up making mistakes and pushing through something that would be much easier if I took the time to study the patterns and figure out how other people do it.


File:FXIT89OagAE6K1l.jpg (185.24 KB,1166x1411)


Holy FUCK moving sucks


14deg tonight


17 here not bad


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (135.53 KB,1280x720)

sunday funday? more like boreday tediumday


satoko? more like boredtoko


File:1656041811297.jpg (471.52 KB,1200x848)

become a NEET and every day will become fridey night


I was watching luminous witches when my eyes started getting droopy and I realized I was missing scenes because I was half asleep, seems I’m forced to take a nap. I wanted to typeset today…


Time for a meow meow nap then!


>I was watching luminous witches
why would you do that to yourself? but it could indeed work as a somniferous agent.


Any VN recomendations for one with only 3 books under my belt


The science adventure stuff or tsukihime, both are pretty easy reads.



Pretty neat right, I love small shared universe settings.


File:709aeb4442bac24328230d13c3….jpg (368.87 KB,1094x1251)

want to a ramen place today
solo seat in front of kitchen where i could see staffs working
serving speed was fast
soup was thick, flavorful, delicious
noodle was chewy
garments were good and plenty
price was reasonable
fantastic place, will visit again


there's miso in the fridge, I don't know what to do with it except that it's possibly the next step in my umami naturalization


The more I consciously attempt nofap, the harder it becomes to not fap.


must be hard with kagaminbutt in your face


Nofap is a dumb thing made up by dumb people. If you wanna jerk off jerk off, if you don't, don't. It's as simple as that. You're in control of your body.


Eating ketchup chips in Canada.


Hating ketchup chips in canada


File:[Coalgirls]_Tamako_Love_St….jpg (147.08 KB,1920x1080)


they're gross...


File:[Coalgirls]_Tamako_Love_St….jpg (172.24 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, I don't really like them either.


¥too hot
¥turn on fan
¥catch a cold because of the cold air
Fucking HATE summer. Now I'm here sweating profusely unable to use the fan because I'm cold. So stupid.


you don't catch colds from air conditioning!


but I can't afford it...


File:1657552405603.jpg (165.12 KB,1920x1080)

my mom bought women's shampoo for me, this is humiliating


It's all the same stuff.


>getting pissed at wanting good, healthy hair
How is that humiliating?


File:1541902544376.jpg (8.57 KB,321x157)


green is easily and by far the best shampoo color


File:[Natsu] Yuru Camp △ - 09 [….jpg (812.09 KB,1920x1080)



File:98822690_p0.jpg (676.87 KB,2000x2500)

Are you sure?


File:34d7498fffbc1f008c525560a4….jpg (102.01 KB,1280x720)

¥not knowing how to yentext


getting pissed at wanting good, healthy hair


thinkin about anon's smooth girly hair.....


File:[crossover][enoshima junko….jpg (636.97 KB,2480x3507)

¥implying I didn't start yenning before it was cool on 4chan


think I should get a new PC power supply. The fan is starting to get kind of loud when I boot up an intense game and while that doesn't necessarily mean anything I've had this one for like six years so it has definitely put in the time


business idea: 4chan style greentexts (1/1 scale replica) but with 𓂸 instead of >


Making meow meow corn on the cob


              _ >`´ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄`ヽ、
         ℃ o  ∠/         ヽ \   おやすみなさい。
           o 。 // /〃{{  !_ヽ\ │  ヽ
            /イ  N/l从  lハ.ヽ∧ |
            |,小ハィ外V\| 代テ心リ \/ヘ
             ∠∧Y Vリ    V辷レ′/\ ∧
            厶、人"-――-、"∠     / ヾ
         _,一'´ ̄::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.:ヽ<ヽ/`´
        ヾ.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::..::.::.::.::ノ.:/ ̄/「
         \.::.:;∠::_::.:\.::.::.::.: ノ  /リ
           (     ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄   / /
   /::.::.::.::.::.::.::./::.::.::.::.{::.::.::.::.:: /::.:,'::.::.::.::.} Y        ̄`ー- 、
  ,/::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::./::.: /::.::.::.::.::トく_ xヘ:::::......   .....:;:::::〉
   |::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::{::./::.::.::.::.::./   \ `ー-、-‐=ニ二/
  〈::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.:/::.::.::.::.:∠.____)ー ‐一' ̄ ̄


Playing elder nyans


I have been using women's shampoo and conditioner since I was born, even now that I buy my own I still buy women's shampoo and conditioner.
I don't think it really matters.


mines about that old too
sometimes my fans chafe and make noise as well, but lately they've been quite


thought work was correlated with death but to my surprise it hasn't actually been that bad


decided to only eat 400calories a meal


File:1529098074484.jpg (103.09 KB,1280x720)

It was that bad for me. That was the first time I ever had to watch anime as a means of escapism.


Eating perogies.


love perogies they're delicious especially meat ones with potato ones


feeling thirsty for vodka


These were potatoes and cheese and green onions and bacons.


Slept on my arm so hard I thought I actually lost it, felt kind of good moving it around with my other arm like a limp dick but a scary experience.


When I do that it always surprises me how heavy my arm actually is.


wouldn't it be pasted if instead of an arm you just had a large limp floppin around


Playing elder nyans and I don't know what an elder scroll is


as long as my arm can rest comfortably straight, I prefer sleeping on my arm


took my keyboard outside for a shakedown and brushing
keyboards are a reminder of the gross nature of reality over 2D


Traveling to the orc city of orsinium in elder nyans


File:[SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no….jpg (104.67 KB,1280x720)

Really want to sperm to pictures of akebi again but I feel like my body wants me wait more before going again


New city has snow and mountains


hi akebi


spermed again to akebi by the way


But does it have orcs?


Ya its where the orcs are from when I arrived they were angry with me but I'm allowed in their city anyways


which akebi pics did you sperm to


they must've had feet


Played elder nyans all day and had lots of fun


Is there a mermaid Akebi???


Try the Akebi manga instead of the anime.


File:1557803449.gif (310.79 KB,400x400)

Spent a good part of the day trying to figure out how to properly downscale images with code since whatever I tried wasn't working only to realize there was some other code implicitly rescaling the image the slightest and fucking with the final image.


Does anyone else like how used up hitomi tanaka looks now



huh looks like she retired this year


File:1583577927004.jpg (48.74 KB,888x367)




File:akebi-4.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.03 KB,580x387)

Heres a really sexy Akebi
it was just the stuff thats on gelbooru, specifically the ones where she's naked or innocently erotic like the stuff from the manga. I don't like feet. Also I've got to say that if you spoiler an image it shouldn't say the filename


drinking coffee completly supresses the hunger feeling, crazy


also your picture is another viable way to lose your apetite
gross fruit


Playing elder nyans


There was mountain climbing orcs that got hurt when an avalanche came down on them and they tried 3 times to climb the mountain




File:[SubsPlease] Gochuumon wa ….jpg (142.37 KB,1920x1080)

Finally bothered to fix my PC's timezone after about a year of living five hours ahead of my time and now my clock reading is all messed up. Went to bed when the clock read 2 AM only to realize it's actually 2 AM and now I won't get enough sleep...


Oh no...


File:1571132668564.png (142.03 KB,535x427)

thinking about buying a dehydrator so that i can start making my own jerky


never tried jerky


File:1575347932180.jpg (139.89 KB,1170x1200)

jerky tastes amazing but it costs a fortune hence why i want to start making my own


Think putting Debian on my laptop has caused it to respond poorly to high CPU temperatures due to a lack of Intel-Windows integration software


gonna jerk my beef stick


File:082e105e4424f795157fdcc56b….jpg (63.59 KB,700x700)

sitting here freezing my ass off while the rest of europe is burning up


Came up with a light novel idea that seems like something I would really enjoy reading, in addition to something that I would have fun writing. But I can’t get myself to work something that I know will sit around collecting dust so I don’t think I’ll ever take it past the idea stage. It’s the type of thing that I don’t see anyone liking if I wrote it as a normal novel in english, but if it was a ln written by a japanese person it could get popular if the author got lucky and things lined up well enough for people to find it and end up liking it.


Adventuring with the mountain climbing orcs to the top of nyaa nyaa myaaountain


File:13.435.flac (4.11 MB)

bought a cheap sdr recently and managed to find a number station at 13.435mhz
apparently it's this one


Woke up and now it's time to adventure!


There is someting very eerie about those number stations.


Not going to play anymore elder nyans today


>Not going to play anymore elder nyans


oh. whew


Woke up and it's time to nyan


gave away my two unassembled lemans


I'm sure whoever received those is thrilled


very tired today just gonna sleep...


Night night


my expectations for liella season 2 were so low that I was somewhat happy with the first episode, the main new member had a very love liveish introduction and it seems like she'll just be a hanamaru clone. I am already getting a bad feeling about the others though, and I am rather cautious about saying it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I won't forget how the new characters in niji season 2 ended up eating up most of the screentime and (for the most part) pushed the original members into the background. It already sort of seems like that will be the case, but they gave us one more 5 member song (which was quite good) at the end of the episode so I'll wait and see.


The spirits are talking to this man and they always talk to him and he listens and his sister is trying to help him


File:1641689046089.png (543.18 KB,587x720)

got some really bad news but its ok because this weeks episode of luminous witches wasnt boring like the others were


As long as it's okay


think bout the hololive choccy milk thread


oh man I really love saging every post


day was eventful. drove a lot, which I'm not a fan of doing, however.


Playing elder nyans


just did paizuri with my oppai imouto and spermed a whole bunch


because you are such a wisened sage of course!


Been having real bad existential dread about the future, but for some reason optimism that some magical fix will come along


File:smell.png (1.05 MB,930x1092)

took a cold shower


That thread comes to my mind too from time to time. There was a lot of arguing in it. Also the OP picture sticks out because it's obnoxious (vtubers)




its so warm
thinking of getting some crocs to wear at work because they have speed holes and cooling vents but I'm not sure those are enough maybe I just go straight to sandals


I am angry at technology for destroying peoples attention spans
I love marines blubber blob


File:1610555230979.jpg (152.26 KB,600x600)

slept all day


Playing more elder nyans


File:1540792891433.jpg (3.31 MB,2508x3336)

ate hot dogs for dinner
was hungry and felt lazy


sounds like an unbalanced diet


I used whole wheat buns and I had some diced red onion on the side so I don't think it was that bad.


Sounds nyanderful.


Meow meow friends, woof woof doggies, pyon pyon bunnies.


Not sure if I want to go outside or play elder nyans


i went outside it was hot and humid and gross


I went outside and it was hot and gross I should have elder nyaned


had a lewd yume and made a nyan nyan in my pants


File:__amayadori_machi_kumamiko….png (1.49 MB,847x1028)

numazon bad reviews make my stomach turn, I don't know what I'm supposed to believe


File:E5r0QP2VoAMLpot.jpeg (468.91 KB,1920x1080)


glad the weatherman was wrong
few days ago they said today would be 108f (42.222222 c) but it's partly cloudy so we've been spared a little bit
I wasn't going to do anything outside, but the air conditioning really can't keep up when it's that hot outside


The admin of the city cemetery's site uses the nick "gravedigger" instead of a name. All of its serious posts about events, memorials, tourism, repairs, etc., have this nick right under their title.
What a champ.


It's really hot here...


Elder nyaning still don't know what a myaalder scroll is



File:big tea.jpg (255.38 KB,2048x1536)

feeling thirsty


File:8db3fde38460605cb78f1d3256….png (553.06 KB,961x961)

Hmmmm. Should I watch anime, read manga, read a VN, or play more Total War: Dorf of the Rings?


File:gotobedandwakeupearly.jpg (42.93 KB,891x750)


what did you decide?


I played more dorfs but I rage quit after a while because Angmar kept sending horse(warg) archers against me, and I HATE fighting against skirmish cavalry without good missiles, which is something I lack as a dwarf faction.


Canadians be like "It's 30C way too hot Im dying"


It's only 27 and it is too hot.


It's fine because it's windy


don't know where to put this trivia, but did you know that if a Twitch streamer has 6 regular viewers they are in the top 7% of all streamers on the platform


power laws are scary


File:2751fb187c90c9f7b084545777….png (6.64 MB,2536x3508)

Living in the subtropics its been fun to see how people react to how we live normally. In fact, >>93738, 27 is actually a really nice day here


File:[Ecchihiro]_Netoge_no_Yome….jpg (97.53 KB,1280x720)

It's hot it's hot it's too hot!


cloudy windy humid and dark, but it's not going to rain


really craving a margarita but I don't have anything to make one


praying for the rain to bless you soon


It's too hot to play elder nyans today


drank cohwee



File:1612879929296.png (337.14 KB,887x1000)

ate hummus and raw onion


went outside for a few minutes to make a burger and its too hot
maybe i should eat some ice cream


File:__furude_rika_higurashi_no….jpg (1.61 MB,2656x3562)

At first I read "ate humans" and now I want to be eaten by Rika.


Getting ready to go outside


prepared more overnight oats to eat with apple and peanuts
seriously recommend it, it's trivial to make


Went outside


NO! come back inside please...


He can't hear you from out there. It's too late now...


was looking into nutrition n stuff
>For example, a 3.5-ounce (100-gram) serving of beef liver contains
hear this
>Cobalamin (B12): 1,386% of the RDI


and it tastes horrible!


i'll see that for myself


It was hot and gross and I'm inside now where it's not gross


File:eat.png (993.63 KB,1110x866)

hop in dude



There's lots of bunnies in the frozen north part of the orc lands and they hop hop hop away when you approach them.


We're just not used to it and our homes aren't built for it. It's not been too bad here though, as it's been windy and I like it.


wana make and drink a margarita but I've had no desire to be intoxicated at any level for the past 4 weeks


stupid zbrush had 100gb of quicksaves and gave me no indication that it was wasting that much storage


Scared of rogue applications


File:HD-wallpaper-anime-girl-bl….jpg (55.13 KB,800x625)

scared of rouge applications


You can always just replace the alcohol in it with a non-alcoholic substitute for cocktails and stuff, the whiskey/gin/etc alternatives for mocktails nowadays are pretty close to the real deal, and healthier to boot.


my margaritas are just tequila triple sec and lime juice so it would be a little hard to make a non-alcoholic version


ESA is going on
Saw "Red Alert 2" and got excited, but there's an exploit where he can build structures anywhere so it's not interesting to me at all


exploits in RTS are like that yeah


It's just so disappointing. I know that at least half of speedruns completely ignore the game like that, but I'd hope they wouldn't show it at events


freed up some more space by using 'everything' to search for *.* and sorted by filesize and found some big system files file from older windows installations. They didn't show up in the folders themselves even with 'show hidden folders' so I just freed up 40gb that was invisible to me
what the heck is with that.. I had a 12gb hibernation file that was last used in 2020 and I had to use a third party program to see it


got a package delivered to the wrong address.....


you lied to me
i threw it in a pan for a few minutes and it came out excellent
tastes just like muscle


cat is randomly interested in mouse cursor again


stubbed toe and nail skin got cut. Trying to clean it I made it worse. Now it stings basically all the time even though I'm sticking it in salt water to make sure it doesn't get a worse infection... Sigh.


great, cat was being dumbass on the balcony so i had to make the choice of grabbing it's tail or jumping off and following. Now I also have a slash on my pinky and a painful toe


swimming in a chlorinated pool should fix it right up


Nail skin? What's that?


like, the sides of the nail. Hitting the top of your nail causes it to cut the sides, then I thought I would clean out any lint with a dull piece of metal so it would heal better, but I think I probably cut the skin in the gap instead


>like, the sides of the nail. Hitting the top of your nail causes it to cut the sides
What the hell, I've never heard of that. Sounds scary...


File:fa4c40976a2ba32f4e6852771f….png (120.35 KB,400x400)

It's 13 C and windy today.


Don't know what I should have for dinner.


It's hot it's hot it's hot it's hot


Thinking I shouldn't have deleted my art blog.




ugh, hate deleters


What about spaghetters


don't mind spaghetters


I like spaghetters I'm glad you do too


are spaghetters the ones who like spaghetti or the ones that spaghetti out
or just the noodles


Spaghetters is spaghetters


i c
it being singular helps



File:1548168047174.jpg (55.22 KB,680x578)

man i really miss tamagoro




almost stepped on innocent house centipede


Scared of centamapeads


FFS, eating food while watching MiA is always a mistake.


holy crap I think it might rain today
it's been like 50 days, which is not very good at all


File:1545711078419.jpg (413.05 KB,1024x768)

10 C now.


16°C is the perfect temperature.


Humidex is at 34°C today...


File:1505996625851.png (80.82 KB,246x255)

9 C


Crying it's too hot


temperature's alright at night


File:0c2d6b19a4b54a6f0c551b17ae….jpg (50.93 KB,428x600)

It was 32c today. Finally a decent day out


Meow meows


in quebec we have the saaq which issues drivers liscences and the saq which sells all the liqueur. Show up with beer at the wrong one and you'll lose your liscence


Oh yeah we have the SAOVQ


UPDATE: we did get some rain!


Very nice.


Too hot to uncover the mysteries of the elder nyans


File:1657788673014.jpeg (91.34 KB,811x1200)

I forgot how hearty the portions are at the local curry house so I ordered naan to go with the already very filling meal. I am full on Koruri now.


have bagels and they'll probably go bad soon so im trying to eat them all but they're very filling and it's hard to eat a lot of bagels


File:3.png (651.24 KB,930x885)

I like everything bagels the most, but I always have one or two per pack go bad on me.


that's why you freeze them...


Crying it's too hot to game


The tears will evaporate and take some heat with them. Genius!



deleting old forum posts


File:1309337680604.jpg (1.27 MB,2735x2039)

It's too hot again to play my video games


computer haet hot week


storm recently knocked some rather big branches from a tree and had to take an axe and chop it up
glad I do some simple exercises now and then (and have caveman genetics)


File:__amayadori_machi_and_kuma….jpg (583.28 KB,767x1000)

Very nice.


File:f2165745c0e51e045f403a8b51….jpg (1.21 MB,2955x4815)

was tuning around fm and found a station that was playing dnb, ambient, experimental and stuffs
so i looked it up, turned out to be a local college station specializing in non-mainstream music


accidentally hit the desktop
seems to be okay


nyanko's trying to eat my spaghetti but it has onions in the sauce so i can't let her have it but she keeps trying to eat it...


Meow meows


Went to the Vancouver Pride parade.


File:1487693182139.png (1.01 MB,828x1200)

I'm sorry to hear that.


The nationally approved hookup festival


File:84630139_p0.jpg (2.8 MB,2122x2976)

ate eggs


did you take it up the ass at the pride parade


You don't have to be sorry, it was a super positive parade filled with beautiful happy people. In fact the entire city seemed to get into it yesterday, everyone was out and about enjoying the summer.


took a 5 hour nap


don't forget to take your nine hour nap


File:FEzZhgOaQAANS0X.jpg (444.31 KB,3002x4096)

ate 'za
I used to love pizza but now it's just meh.


hugging my You nesos to try to dispel the feeling of misery that comes with thinking about reality


It's raining outside so I can play elder nyans again


Bored as HECK. Internet doesn't get installed until tomorrow.


what happened to your internet


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (313.15 KB,1920x1080)

but... you're posting...


been playing a lot of supcom and i don't feel much better at it than i used to be


Never played that


My sleeping habits have been terrible as of late, I stay up all night until around 6-9 and then after that sleep all day and repeat the process again. I really should fix this. Despite all the sleeping I still feel pretty tired so I am not sure why I do it


The algorithm decided I must like cats instead of rabbits.


File:1654608783909.png (480.26 KB,640x638)

forgot how much I loved gabu


Drinking yummy milk and reading a vn


day 2 of curing YouTube shorts addiction, going good so far, havent watched a single short


How about a nice 10 second anime girl webm


that's not in the same category as youtube shorts, one is mindlessly scrolling through short videos hoping for the occasional dopamine hit, another is a 10 second anime girl webm



keep wondering if my eyes are glitching or I see bugs


Not feeling very meow meows today


hoping the country doesn't collapse by the end of this month


That would be nice.


what country


had a quarter lber it was nice




Wish I had a burger right now, sigh.


File:Hidamari Sketch x SP - Ep0….jpg (583.89 KB,1280x720)

Don't like burgers.
Made fried rice.


The pierogi-chans are being cooked.


sigh what an embarrassing cut
was trying to snap a cinnamon stick in half. I succeeded, but the force cut my palm


File:1635015464978.jpg (51.69 KB,680x480)

gona eat some food then make a bowl of ice cream then watch precure then go to sleep


Sounds fun


Can't decide if I want to have a bath or game or lay here


File:blender_2HiIeWv3JO.png (145.78 KB,359x183)

nice, someone DID make it into a banner since I was too lazy to


My head, stomach, and mind all hurt


water and sleep are usually good for that


Maybe I will go to sleep after I drink some water


Slept for a long time and now nothing hurts today is going to be meow meows


really hungry so got a smoothie and now i feel nice and warm and cool because the smoothie is cold


Sounds nice and warm and cool


swatted a couple flies with a piece of cloth


Currently fending off an ant invasion. I am very unhappy. Was laying in bed and then ants started crawling all over me ;_;

A few days ago I saw one in my house and let them outside, but now there's like at least a hundred and now they need to die.


File:1358058335741.jpg (647.65 KB,720x1200)

You can make a borax solution mixed with a tiny bit of sugar and water for outside, away from where they're getting in but close enough that they'll stop there and bring it back to their hive. Inside you want to line walls or entry points with diatomaceous earth (after wiping down their paths with lysol or soap), ants won't cross that substance.

Good luck!


back when i was like 8 we read in school this book called "the anthill"
where a kid goes live with his aunt or something
and there's all these ants going around
so he spends a lotta time trying to get rid of them and stuff
all i remember was the twist at the end
the colony is inside of her




bought a ticket to see the takagi san movie, never seen an episode but I like his other stuff and I thought the experience would be neat. Cant decide if I should force myself through at least the first season


in retrospect the shock may've influenced my tastes


File:1344318052011.png (225.36 KB,514x600)


File:1545948137663.jpg (18.56 KB,640x480)

need egg and bread but i dont want to go outside


shaved my head
now i feel cold


Saw a itasha on the road near my house


Why are there so many weird reaction images like this being posted recently?


You mean old jp images?


imageboards tend to have images posted on them
weird, i know


That's pretty neat. Who was on it?


File:56592683_p21.png (952.73 KB,768x1024)

Kissu is a serious imageboard. We only post serious reaction images here.


Watched melty blood


Still don't know what rollback netcode is


Going to have a nice hot bath after a day of walking around.


if there's lag then the game tries to predict the next move a player will make, if it's incorrect then it will cause the character to instantly jump to another action when the connection is recovered


Does it work well?


when blended with delay based(game slows down with more lag) since if it's not tuned right players can end up warping around and things hard to follow. With high lag it's the better alternativet to delay based, but it's harder for games to implement

Typically it's implementation would mean that if a move has been done by a player then both clients will assume the move is going to completion.
If client A was doing a move then A's move would continue to it's expected result of block or hit, but if client B anticipated the move and did a parry, then the clients will be desynced and when they reconnect B's parry will overwrite A's hit.


Wow that sounds really strange, if so many seem to want this in games it must have an on average better outcome I guess. Thanks for explaining it friend!


yeah, games have to be made with rollback in mind. Some games(Undernight in birth) have foolishly promised to add it to the game and then they later realize that it would basically be remaking their game


The game keeps running even if the other guys input haven't reached you through the network. The game generally just reuses the last input it got for this. The game keeps making saves states every frame. If the other guy inputted something 4 frames ago and it turns out to be different from what the game showed you, it'll load a save state from 4 frames ago and insert the correct inputs and then skip 4 frames to the present. The netcode is only hard to implement because it requires you to implement literal save states in your game.


Meow meow coconut doggies are my friend they are my friends because they're meow meow coconut doggies yay


I caught the chinese shivers.
The wu-han flu
The chinaman SARS


File:1622176325810.png (573.74 KB,1094x1577)

i forgot to buy something at the supermarket and now i have to go outside again sighhhhhhhhhhh


scared of horsemen


Centaurs are pretty scary


I have noticed a pattern. Because its so hot outside the ants come in during and around noon when its hottest, but otherwise they retreat. I've since put some ant traps which don't seem particular effective, although the invasion has let up significantly from finding my pillow covered in at least a dozen winged ants crawling around.

Something intereting I noticed is that the ant invasion seems to have begun with the most capable ants. It started with the largest ones: ones with wings that presumably came scouting for a nesting location. Then came large soldier ants alongside the winged ants. Now, I've begun noticing very tiny worker ants.


Biology is absolutely fascinating, even situations like this you end up with amazing behavior. That does make sense to me that they'd change their behavior with the temperature, I imagine their spawning season is also temp based.


I remember as a fantasy and sci fi obsessed child I was disappointed there were not other species attending school. Now as an adult that would be scary for a lot of primary schoolers


Work didn't go well but everything is fixed in the end, now to try and take it easy for the evening.


Wish I had a dr pepper or a root beer or cream soda


work was amazing today but the potential was so much better that i feel stupid despite how good things were...


After installing some light blocking curtains in my room, last night I came to a revelation that I'm not afraid of the dark but afraid of seeing something (scary) in the dark.


I wish I had light blocking curtains I just use cardboard boxes


Eating canned peaches


Eating a second can



beat me to it heh


Can you eat peaches every day


dont see why not


it's too cold now...


Not here, it's humid and hot and gross


hope it will become humid and gross again soon. Rapid drops in temperature and sunlight mess with my wakefulness


Tummy hurts


Sweating through my clothes this is so gross


feeling closer to my goal of reducing my body fat


my mouse was freaking out because a little tuft of cat hair got in the laser enclosure thing
it's always weird when that happens


File:1585893960712.webm (94.2 KB,704x480)

dunno whether i should watch anime or read demonbane. i want to do both.


File:1640491877078.jpg (193.79 KB,1024x1024)

whole family got covid, somehow I didn't. hopefully it stays this way. I think I'll eat some food then watch an episode or two of railgun and maybe do a little translating
I wish the second season of railgun had more sol/episodic episodes before the first arc like the first season did, maybe had the rumors of the clones build up over time or something so it could be paced like the first season


File:1563663064093.jpg (47.29 KB,704x392)

i ended up doing neither


what a coincidence I also ended up not doing either of the things i said id do that werent eating
I guess ill go watch some railgun


Watching videos about anteaters


Watched some otters too but I'm going to play games now


hunted some monsters


Ended up buying a vita 1000, now I just have to wait for it to come. I have the stuff needed to mod it so I'll be sure to have fun with it when it does come


How much are those these days? I paid like $60 for a lightly used one about, uhh.. 9 years ago I guess.


Value has gone up its about 90-100+ but I guess that also depends on model




ah that's cheaper than I thought
I guess the demand isn't there. love my 1000, though I think that was the only one in existence at the time


Potato pancakes are on the pizzaz


They were yum yum tasty


it's just too damn hot


How about a nice cool goca gola


i asked for goca gola but they brough cock cola...


File:turkic.jpg (55.23 KB,272x272)

drinking a nice cool glass of doogh


i drank lots of vodak and i'm drunk now!



Looks cool how is it


Yoghurt-y, minty, cucumber-y, slightly salty. It has an interesting taste to it, nothing like anything we are used to around here.


thinking about buying a rpi4 kit


What are you going to do with it


good luck ever finding one... and if you do find one tell me if there's more than one in stock so I can getit


Right now just thinking about setting up pihole on it. I'll think of other things to use it for the longer I have it.

This Vilros kit appears to be in stock.


File:c38e0f834c142481880fe22bd6….png (97.88 KB,338x381)

i don't see the point for this unless you're desperately in need for the gpio pins
a used laptop is better in all possible ways AND cheaper than the scalper prices rpi have


Spent ~6 hours waiting and downloading a LN from DL-RAW only to then realize the archives are corrupted, fucking great.


DL-RAW has some weird stuff going on. Some of the manga I've downloaded came with two folders from different scans, with different quality, and one missing parts that the other had. Not sure what their deal is.


A used laptop is far worse in terms of power consumption though.


Well then, I'll just replace all my DL-RAW downloaded LNs. How is that place all I ever see when it comes to downloading raw media when it's so shit.


Going to eat fluffy myaa myaa pancakes today


File:Screenshot_20220812-115904….jpg (671.56 KB,1079x817)

Lost power for a few hours so I whipped out a few portable solar panels. Was able to lounge in relative comfort with a small fan on while waiting for the power to come back on.


Now I want more solar panels. My little portable bank is a little limited, however. It can do 50W in from a DC jack, but it can also do 60W per USB C port up to 100W with both USB C ports. Unfortunately there's not many portable solar panels with USB C ports from what I can tell, but I can find a few that seem decent. I want moar power!!


File:7ed6517646ec9588797da629f2….jpg (601.35 KB,600x800)

one day there were a series of "flash" power outages and power rapidly went out and back for three times
after that incident my vintage soundblaster card stopped working...


What a shame sorry for your loss. Hopefully you can get another soundcard or fix your current one


Thinking about bunnies


it's cool out tonight so we opened all the windows up for fresh air


Same here a nice cool breeze while I'm playing elder nyans


today i will eat pizza and burgers
then i will sleep like a little baby
it's going to be a very relaxing day


back hurts in a specific spot from sleeping weird or maybe holding my head off-centre while using computer


downloading popotan VN! it's going to be a fine day


Going to walk to wcdonalds


File:[a-s]_inuyasha_-_038__rs2_….jpg (80.08 KB,640x480)

love mcdonalds


looks more like a WcBurger to me


argh by force of habit I typed mcdonalds and missed the whole joke


ate a lot of pizza today and now i feel bloated and have a stomachache ache


by force of habit?


File:1565009946785.jpg (25.01 KB,227x219)

I picked up a spider and I think it bit me. It also had surprisingly strong legs. It's dead now.


it was there and nobody else was eating it and i have little self control


Was it tasty


watched the takagi-san movie earlier, I had low expectations but I ended up liking it. I've always heard that it was repetitive and kept going in circles but the movie had several distinct plotlines that told a story with a satisfying conclusion while fitting in jokes along the way. I felt I got a good idea of the characters and their relations from seeing how the interacted within these plots even though there were some things that required having seen the rest to get. I thought the music worked well and it was consistently animated. takagi is also very hot and I loved the pool scene with all the school swimsuits


at the time yes


want another one




File:82ac04cb26754d2e689d1e23d8….png (738.82 KB,935x935)

just found the calpis concentrate has completely different ingredients from "ready made" calpis
seems that the concentrate is the authentic one since it has less bs ingredients


File:84aef0539ae86a99e2478f276….jpeg (1.04 MB,4093x2894)

doushio doushio...


Do not kill spiders. They may be scary, but they eat the bugs that enter your home!


File:doushio asore doushio Juju….mp4 (275.99 KB,1280x720)

You shouldn't have said bugs! Spiders are bugs!



dang kissu didnt like that final parenthesis


yeah, i'll fix that eventually.. wonder why I disabled it... i know that ending it in ] won't work


Oh, it seems you were right
> Spiders are neither bugs (Hemiptera) nor insects (Insecta) but a Class all their own – Arachnida


File:Jumping_spider_vision_Davi….png (353.9 KB,1024x992)

better fix it soon.... mr spidey is always watching....


oh yeah I remember why I did it,
because often times I would type in a citation to a quote in paren (https://www.jppestservices.com/blog/the-real-debate-are-spiders-bugs) and it would end up catching the last parenthesis so I got rid of last parens


File:1454122249959.png (1.04 MB,1440x810)

>bugs (Hemiptera) nor insects (Insecta)
I already knew spiders weren't either, but bugs being different from insects is new to me.


This is fun fact worthy!


File:1550773057684.jpg (29.78 KB,320x301)

It shouldn't have bit me then. An eye for an eye.


You're the one who picked it up!


File:Bugs.PNG.png (65.38 KB,790x520)

I don't think "bug" is really a scientific term, or if it is the meaning has morphed as a result of colloquial use. In addition to referring to Hemiptera, it's commonly used to refer to any small arthropods, or even microorganisms.


"Bug" is too germanic a word to be of any scientific use, its informal meaning is the one it's had for centuries.


how about including ) only if there was a prior ( inside of the url


sounds like a good idea. The URL regex is really massive and hard to read so it takes a bit of time to edit it even for simple things




File:[SubsPlease] Teppen - 06 (….jpg (144.73 KB,1280x720)


ate too many pancakes now i feel really full and it hurts


want another one?


When is there going to be a new blog


when its cold


what if it never gets cold?


Going to have a bath


Head hurts. I didn't get sleep because cat was going insane this morning. Woke up at 6AM and would scratch at my door to be let out, then 5 minutes later they'd scratch to be let in, repeated probably 6-7 more times until they stopped.


File:1598969875959.jpg (36.3 KB,405x431)

trying to upload to mangadex but I forgot my password. When I reset it and type the new one it didn't work and it won't let me reset it again nor will it even let me make a new account.


Eating corn chips


File:[CsS] Sora no Woto - 04 [B….png (2.65 MB,1920x1080)

spending too long practicing instead of producing


File:FaPKceraQAAdL4L.jpg (148.02 KB,1024x959)

spending too long thinking instead of eating


Spent too long thinking instead of gaming


File:100311621_p0.jpg (177.31 KB,808x1024)

A character from the show I'm watching said she is going to eat ice cream next weekend(so next episode?). I'm more than glad to join her.


Does that mean we have to eat ice creams this weekend


mouse is dying. can't find a single good mouse since buying one of the logitec gaming mice in ~2012


logitech makes good mice and I love their freespinning scroll wheel. I think its like patented and only logitech mice have it.


yeah, it was one of those types. Current mouse has the same issue though, cable is coming lose leading to it to temporarily disconect. Wish I knew how to fix it since it's probably something as simple as reconnecting wires to hubs


File:Capture.PNG (3.36 KB,341x56)

what did you all do while i was sleeping


delisting /cry/ does that... what the heck... does that mean the overboard has been doing a site post count. I have to check this out...


naruhodo naruhodo. adding up the highest post number of all the boards, so removing /cry/ caused the post count to decrease by 1156 posts


it WASN'T deleted! it was unlisted. dont scare me like that. siiiiiigh....


File:1451935676290.jpg (964 KB,1060x1516)

was trying to work and then saw a line called "CLARION RIDGE" and it got me all flustered...


File:97551529_p0.png (1.56 MB,1200x1600)

made cajun seasoning
sneezed alot


Might walk to subway


Eating corn chips again


File:yuno_hidamari_sketch_drawn….jpg (1.65 MB,2046x1447)

Up at 2:44 in the morning browsing the web


File:nene transparent.png (409.58 KB,791x819)



File:Kindle_2022-07-31_20-19-02.png (152.2 KB,665x307)

love the dorkbots


spent about an hour configuring i3wm, feeling pretty okay with what I have


I am irrationally angry at the Overlord thread, at the fact that it exists, at the fact that its not a good series, in short total despair.


lol de arinsu


File:1439786179330.jpg (187.91 KB,638x700)

Overtook a scooter in a not so good visibility bend
NOT a good idea!


Playing the madoka crossover event in disgaea


Got Mami and Madoka


aji nori served with milk with insufficient amount of vanilla extract added tasted strange


you got me excited but then I remembered disgaea is a gacha now




No no, it's fine. I now remember that the last console/PC Disgaea game had some vtuber DLC, which was extremely bizarre


animebytes is returning a 'fatal server error'

It happens so it's not a huge deal, but I wanted to download stuff


cat hiding behind monitor trying to catch my hand


got scared that the whole site went away when i saw that


Silly cat


bought 3l of shōyu(made in Nippon)


animebites the dust


going to make salmon and eggs today


was good, but I don't think I should have eaten the skin


mm eeg skin yummy


Not sure what I'm going to do today I might play some elder nyans


File:1a09ed7f908f9665b5e4d7897d….png (1006.7 KB,828x1169)

Cant even drink on my dads birthday flippin alcoholic brother in laaaaaaw


That's too bad tell him to go away or go to rehab


Drinking the beers and playing video games


forgot the chickpeas were boiling
was clued in by the smell of something burning
all the water evaporated
and the bottom of the pot is now black


crushed it and mixed it with milk
made my very own coal cereal


It'll give you cancers good bye


they told me bacon would give me cancers too but i can NOT stop eating it


I can't believe you're doing this to yourself how do you plan on blogging in your 80s if you get cancers


Don't worry, they are wrong.


surely we'll have a cure for cancer by 2050...


Not if it gets you before then...


Curing cancer is going to require some heavy duty shit like gene editing, it's so beyond everything else. Same goes for autoimmune fuckery.


misjudged my diet and wound up filling up my callories on mostly fats. Now I don't feel full and have to constantly drink water so that my body can convert it into energy




aren't we already splicing genes and stuff to create test tube babies how far are we really from gene editing live humans


China probably already did with two children, and we can already do this in other organisms it's just the ethics of doing it in a human given that it will probably fail. I haven't paid any attention to this in a few years though and biochemistry changes fast.


It's not just doing it to a human, but doing it in a way that doesn't mess with the fifty million factors at play.
¥HMMMM, we changed this one bit related to skin formation and now suddenly this frog's nerves are underdeveloped, this calls for more research.
Imagine doing that to generations of human families, as part of the testing phase.


That's what I meant by probably fail, even if we conclude we're ready to attempt this we will definitely fail in the end. Likely end up with a severe issue by 30 or earlier, almost impossible to know what will go wrong.


Well that's probably why cancer will be cured first with it since I'm sure when it comes to clinical trials you'd have people with no hope elsewhere signing up for a chance at life, and hopefully something will come of it.


Let's hope so for that guys sake and everyone else.


Thing is, the situation is very different depending on whether we're talking about a person whose entire body was formed with pre-edited genes or whether it's a grown up who had material jammed into some of their already existing cells. It's only the former that can really give you the cure to cancer, but that's gonna require... A lotta experimentation.


placed the chickpeas' burnt pot on a table....
burned a mark into that as well..............


Crying for you


Will probably wash off if it's one of those mottled countertops


I think gene therapy is very promising. It usually involves using some virus vector and then using insertions and deletions to replace snippets of DNA. I've heard that for some conditions it may involve needing repeated boosters to maintain the alteration, but all the same if it works then that's still quite valuable.




True, true. I'd reserve the title of "the cure to cancer" for its pre-emptive neutralization across the entire body, but maybe that's asking too much.


File:1581203867987.jpg (145.38 KB,1032x1280)

feeling mentally drained


White noise, getting comfortable and doing something that doesnt require staring at a screen helps.




Or lowering the display brightness.


took a relaxing walk

but I wana do stuff...


you can do stuff better when you're not drained


It's time to game


File:1543129848294.jpg (34.62 KB,496x262)

eating toast for dinner


im gator
i game


Playing Lost Ark with all of the bots but at least I have a pet bunny and theres other buns everywhere


starting looking in to android ricing and why the heck did Google make it so difficult to customize the notification bar? i just want to get rid of the clock but i have to jump though all these hoops to do it


nothing is more important to modern society than keeping track of time, being punctual, hitting deadlines.
You HAVE to respect the clock.


File:e9a62f4af33486936aadb11be2….jpg (469.21 KB,600x600)

really want a pbj but i have no pb


Bath time


Gamer time, going to load up a video game and do jack shit and then close the game.


File:Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei S….jpg (559.27 KB,1600x1200)

did my reps


Got invited to watch the new DB movie, featuring Gohan Blanco and anomalocaris.


I think it's time time to game.


Dang! Anomalocaris!!


Yeah, in an aquarium. It was a short cameo.


File:1652933633795.jpg (89.69 KB,700x875)

currently sick and I hate life, my throat feels like its being clamped down and it hurts every time I swallow which feels like I have to do at a tripled rated


Sorry to hear that I hope you feel better soon.


eating wendys chicken nugget


Eating Pizza Hut


File:[MTBB-PAS] Hakumei to Miko….jpg (180.51 KB,1440x810)

cooked too many taters but i ate all of them because i didn't want to waste anything


cat is being friendly and grooming me by licking my arm, but it kind of hurts...
don't want to be mean and make him stop since it's a bonding thing or something, but ow


Gaming hard


that cat licked its own butthole earlier the same day


Cats are very clean so its ok


adhd is hitting me hard today


Keep getting steamed


I have adhd too


im gonna go sleep on my couch. No one do anything interesting until I get back


I am going to watch Yuru Yuri again, I will have a good time


Enjoy that sounds extra meow meows


job interview later today and i still don't want to go


eating pumpernickel bagle its nice


About to try to commit for a day writing a story from my collection of outlines I've written over the summer.
Might as well do it.


was gaming and then a thought of rabies popped into my head and then i spend a couple hours researching rabies sigh


What did you learn about when researching rabies?


that you can contract it years before symptoms show up
so you could possibly have it and just not know until symptoms shows up and you're 100% dead...


just squeezed some fresh OCHINPO milk


finally cleaned out my bong, had bunch of resin built up that it basically blocked most of the hole up.
Also played Dragon Ball Budokai 3, that's a really fun game.


always wanted to invest in a bong
no clue where to start though


File:508dd6e92ec169be137a630acf….jpg (158.93 KB,1215x750)

I am upset. I let dog outside only to notice the little bastard chewing on something pinkish. Well, I ran outside and he was stuffing his face into a small hole near a bush where there was now a ton of fur. Must've eaten a few baby rabbits.


rabbit rabbit


Woke up its time to game



File:whale.jpg (156.71 KB,858x643)

Ate whale sashimi and it wasn't very good. I think I might be too much of a baka gaijin to enjoy eating raw fish.


Crying for the whales


i had whale tongue and steak and found it tasty but not enough that i would crave it again


I have to imagine Japanese fishermen as the same level of global ignorance as US farmers


sounds like conspicuous status food rather than something for taste


File:1598856774310.png (207.92 KB,411x445)

I don't think whale meat is expensive enough to be considred status food, at least not where I live. That said it's not so affordable that I can eat it often.


whales are too big


Whales and the rest of the creatures in the ocean are our friends, and we must do everything we possibly can to protect them from the bad people.


whales are similar to elephants. They just can't reproduce to keep up with human demand so they'll end up going extinct.


Depends on the whale. The Japanese Quota for 2021 was 171 minke whales, 187 Bryde's whales and 25 Sei Whales.

Minke whales fall into two groups, the Common and the Antarctic, the common Minke has a conservation status of least concern(the lowest) while the Antarctic has the status of near threatened(the second lowest). I think they will probably be hunting the common one though as it's in closer waters.
The Bryde whale is Least concern again. However, the Sei whale actually is endangered, but then they are only taking 25.
The fishing industry in general is horrible and I would say whaling is actually less of a problem, by quite a margin too.


Hate whalers, almost as bad as eating dogs.


I take that back it's definitely worse than eating dogs.


cat ate some food, walked into my room and vomited it up
thanks cat


I would not eat any member of the Carnivora. Whales are still just ungulates though so I don't seen an issue with eating them.


Just threw my dinner up.


ate a puppy


File:1414259608479.png (1.79 KB,243x181)

you did what


Today is my birthday and I can't go back to sleep


happy birthday




is it your birthday today or was it yestrday before you slept?


Today is my birthday (28th).


Happy birthday


おめでとう( ^∀^)!!


Happy birthday!


File:duck me with that shit man.jpg (60.85 KB,736x920)

pretty sure i got the job
not excited at all about it


gotta make money preferable more money




my head feels warm and hazy and I've been having trouble thinking recently and this is happening at a really bad time


did you smell semen in a doujinshi?


Take some deep breaths, drink lots of water, maybe get outside for some fresh air if possible, and pay attention to what you're eating.

Stay healthy friend.


Fresh air helps


hehe kitten being really cute and trying to meow even though she barely has a voice for it


Hour long coughing fits are not fun let me tell you


File:1567203498154.jpg (69.82 KB,1280x720)

I hope my curry rice is done soon. I am sick and I have barely eaten anything today.


I am incredibly bored.


It's like I don't want to do anything, I don't even want to write anything


oven-ready meal?


stuck some chicken cubes in to the fridge for an hour with some garlic, ginger and soysauce. Topped it with seseme seeds and pepper after cooking it.

Tasted pretty nice


had curry rice for lunch today too


Sweating and it's gross again, too hot to game.


File:150002056bb810b1f494516880….jpg (379.24 KB,956x1099)

Time to eat ramen


Was playing tf2 on the 4ch /bant/ server and it was pretty fun


toe looks weird thinking i'll have to go to the doctor tomorrow for it sigh


I got this banger playing


restarted waterfox because I noticed it was eating up 3.5gb of RAM
some weird memory leak when you watch too many videos over a few days


This issue feels familiar to my experiences with WF too.


I keep wanting to write essentially guy gets sucked into a hub-world where he has to do "random" missions and take part of different settings while he gains more out of context powers for said setting.


I wish I had a smaller head


gamed too hard now my index finger hurts owiieeee


Playing elder nyans


ate banana


Looking at pictures of bunnies




Kissu I forgot all about you


wonder why chess videos on youtube are full of "more experienced player stomps on lower rated player in most humiliating way possible"


brought home groceries and cat was excited and I thought to myself "he must smell the chicken"
but he just wanted to roll around and play with the plastic bags
truly cats are an enigma


fed cat cube of raw chicken


played this video to get my cat to go away from me and it ended up jumping at my tv screen


Are you sure that's safe? but maybe you live in an area or country where it IS safe


it probably wasn't the best idea in hindsight, but it's probably fine


They eat raw mice..


fresh meat is more sanitary than storebought


what i find fascinating about dropping the -i is that it once again differentiates between the shuushikei and the rentaikei
very unexpected


First one sounds like my cat. He can't walk without meowing loudly.


Ate General Tso Chicken, its really good.
I wish I knew how to do good padding out for writing stories.


calves are feeling sore for some reason
haven't done anything different with them...
guess I need to stretch them even more


my internet is fucked ;_;
every 10-15 minutes it drops out for around 20 seconds.


happens when things get cold. think i start sleeping stiffer when temperatures change


ate 'za


It still isn't fixed... Earlier today it was going down every two minutes ;_;


I've made an online friend. They're cool.


I want to bite someone.


ate too much in one go
oh man it hurts


hate when that happens at least it usually goes away in an hour or so


Still want to bite someone.


File:R-1662412095735.jpg (855.3 KB,1004x695)

beware monica's pout


File:R-1662412190211.jpg (178.05 KB,640x471)


Oh my God, how did I never hear of this before. Thank you.


was mowing the lawn and complained to myself about the humidity and then it got so humid that it turned into drops and fell from the sky
mowing in the rain is extremely frustrating because everything clumps together and gets stuck in the blades
need a time machine to erase the guy that created this idiotic custom of artificially short plants surrounding our houses


i just give up if it rains
not worth the trouble...


Same... The grass can wait. I'm not getting wet for some lawn to be a bit shorter.


Lawns don't belong anywhere outside the British Isles.


Lawn bowls is a GAY game


hard to finish it
I was already halfway done and it was long and I didn't want to spend another day getting dirty and grassy and god what a stupid thing
why can't I just get a bunch of rocks and paint them green


hit my diet target. Going to start eating deserts again soon.


spent an hour looking for a missing piece of my printer because it said it was out of paper when i tried to print something and then i eventually realized it's a printer where the paper gets fed through the back not some slide-out bottom


File:hsg5Y.png (8.32 KB,105x150)

spending time WRONG prolly


File:__tenkyuu_chimata_touhou_d….jpg (106.52 KB,711x1039)

it's too hot to take it easy


it's pouring outside with flash flood warnings and i need to go outside to go to the doctors...


Love it when the street floods. When that happens, I go out in shorts to more easily wade through the river, way more fun than the sidewalk.


finally got to foot doctor and found out my foot was infected so i had to get it fixed and now i have a giant bandage on my foot and a small pressure feeling coming from where the surgery was...
sigh probably shouldn't have waited until my toe looked really bad to fix it


went to the dentist
was able to lick the drilled hole before he filled it back up


it's always funny seeing ultra norms complaining about how the "normies" ruin this and that.


norms are characterized by their "us vs them" mentality.


norming on the quay


Good Norm.



that water is filthy though


might sperm


File:1474832316213.jpg (83.35 KB,770x712)

I got a really good deal on ebay for a certain laptop but the seller cancelled my order after I bought it with "out of stock or damaged" as the reason, then ignored me when I asked them about it. Very annoying since it wastes your time and ties up your money for a few days.


Kissu breakfast meetup at Norms' at 5pm.


time to make myself a grilled tofu sandwich


dumb cat thinks it wants to eat tofu


anyone noticed youtube recommending a lot of new low view videos recently


maybe a new algorithm scheme to create new 'viral' things to make advertising bucks on?
it is a mystery


Yes! Im glad its not just me then


I've been seeing under-100-view black supremacist and anti-west podcasts lately


that's kimoi...


File:C-1662860447966.png (6.81 MB,4048x1781)

I have a channel i used only as a test to see if I could stuff my feed full of political stuff. Only low video I see is a wojack thing.
Don't expand image if you don't like wojack face


File:c2f5883e59.png (Spoiler Image,523.35 KB,736x677)

mostly getting low view wojack and frog videos


maybe one could relocate this topic of discussion into a new thread?


File:1569779082894.jpg (109.48 KB,1280x640)

Mine is just full of Rings of Power rage videos and I am sick of constantly being reminded of that gazillion dollar fanfic kusoshow.


oh, new filter?


onani kusoai


looks like we need to fix the filter a bit. one second


I love shitaki mushrooms
I also love kuso-taki mushrooms




Sailors, the lot of you! Didn't your mother teacher you better!?


I wish my teacher mothered me better.


forgot to shower and now head hurts


forgot to walk the dog and now head hurts.


today a revolution begins!


my teacher would give me a nursing handjob every day after class


the stink lines are tunneling through your skull


sibling thought I wouldn't find the pudding if it's hidden behind vegetables


File:858.gif (2.04 MB,448x252)

evil! evil!!!!


buy more pudding and hide it in the same place


the pasted puddingstealer


File:1540916379459.png (115.1 KB,533x459)

words cannot describe how disappointed i get when i fry eggs and the yolk breaks
i was looking forward to that yolky rice goodness


> Don't communicate by sharing memory; share memory by communicating.
If I read this quote one more time...


Watched Breaking Bad a while ago, but never finished it. Only now, coming back to it have I thought about something. Walter White has to be the single strongest man on chemotherapy in existence. I mean... chemotherapy reduces to people to husks of themselves and yet...


first day on the new job was godawful


I just saw a deleted post here.


no you didn't


File:1564173777342.jpg (373.95 KB,2600x2700)

I haven't seen daylight in a while.


might whack off to the hobo


feelin lousy and sick


ate some baked beans


drove my dad's tractor today
it was scary


File:p6wCYISPe3.jpg (237.76 KB,1381x858)

interpolated giant miku icon is kind of nice


tractors are cool, only ever driven a couple of models though


HATE it when anime use portion of their already very limited runtime to show a recap of the previous episode


reinstalled and opened Genshin for first time in half a year


eatin moms spagetti


watched a certain bittersweet scene from utawarerumono about 8 times and now my eyes hurt and it's turning into a headache


new keyboard
hopefully this will help my rsi