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File:FLwRFa8WUAg_bWD.jpg (39.06 KB,404x404)


What do you do when you are bored?


File:[Alexvgz] Azumanga Daioh 2….jpg (185.51 KB,1440x1080)

Play games, of course?


File:1589208957867.jpg (153.48 KB,750x650)

contemplate existence. become anxious. sleep. watch youtube. excessively check IRC and constantly refresh Kissu. play games. watch anime.


continue to be bored but while doing other boring things


File:1633487135713.png (117.12 KB,397x392)



Play games, usually fairly mediocre games, I just look at what new stuff is coming out on pirate sites.

Right now I am playing a game called Full Car Rate 300%, you play as a creepy old man and molest girls in the train, it's not great I think more could have been done with it but that's how it goes, I don't usually post them in the E games thread because of just how mediocre most of them are. It's something to do though.


writing microfiction, copying anime, geometry, data entry


I don't understand any of those things.


File:1469655371420.png (55.18 KB,217x190)

bless kissu with my postings


Boredom means I don't have access to the internet, so I guess I'd play some video games. I really need to fix my 3DS, or rather get a new USB that stops wiping the SD card when I try to transfer files.
I try to keep a few games on it that I know I would like to play, but don't really have the desire to at the time. Stuff like Pokemon is good for dozens of hours of entertainment, but it generally doesn't compete with the things I can do with the internet or on a computer.

What do you mean by "copying anime"?


File:ayaya.png (850.92 KB,1812x820)


Oh, so you trace over a frame? That seems fun. Seems like it could idea as an activity for people to do here, too.


File:copy.png (587.09 KB,826x750)

I'm not good enough for my copies to be mistaken for traces.


File:birdbrain.png (860.29 KB,2782x1012)

I'm more proud of this one even though it's not as accurate.




Oh, wow. Any time I try to do a side-by-side recreation the proportions are extremely wrong. That looks good to me.

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