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File:96606400_p0.jpg (5.42 MB,3070x4096)


What does Kissu think of dakimakura? Do you have one?


They seem nice but I don't have one yet, I live with my mum so it would be weird.


File:autism sad.png (56.01 KB,250x250)

They must be pretty comfortable, but living with my parents means I can't go all out on purchasing 2D paraphernalia. All I own are a couple of figurines and manga volumes. The figurines are easy to hide if necessary. I hide them when a stranger needs to come inside my room to fix something.


I don't have a dakimakura but I do have a makura that I daki when I sleep. Want to get a dakimakura but I also live with my parents and it would be weird.


Also live with my mum, so no. I don't have any character in particular I'd want one of anyway.


File:e8e6eb8bef5d822a6fc3a38989….jpg (4.96 MB,2480x3508)

I have 2.

The cotton one is nice in the winter because it warms up easily, also I feel like it's more comfy to sleep with for long periods of time. The cover hangs loose on it (although it is a cheap BB&B pillow that wasn't intended for the daki cover so that's kind of expected).

The polyester/foam (not sure of the exact materials) one is nice in the summer because it's cool to the touch, and it looks better because it fills out the cover. Usually wake up with my back hurting if I fall asleep holding it though.


I like the concept of them, but they don't seem that great for me personally. If I'm laying down I'm going to have the lights off or at least my eyes closed, so it's more of a decoration for me when I'm not in bed. But if I'm not in bed I'm staring at a computer screen and my field of vision wouldn't see it.
It wouldn't be a bad addition, but I couldn't justify buying one.


I own one but I don't sleep with it.
It's of Junko Enoshima.


File:0ad8131e5e221d5073257d6b68….png (546.93 KB,563x598)

No wonder you don't sleep with it.


It takes up space on my bed and I bring it out as a novelty to piss off normalfags to be honest


I want to get one at some point since I think it would be comfy to sleep with something while hugging it


I used to have two body pillows but I was too small to fuck between them. Now I only have one and she's cool but I have to move her lower half to the side to give my penis breathing room.


I have a body pillow which is nice, but I could never get a cover for it, it's just too cringy.

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