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File:operator reisen.jpg (306.94 KB,1024x972)


How do you find an image which you want to use but don't have it saved with you at the moment? Google images? Archives? Boorus? I saved this one from warosu for example. Sometimes archives don't work because they don't always keep the images.


all of the above except usually yandex instead of google


Yeah, all of the above. A "trick" of mine is just searching for a descriptive filename on the archives because it's usually the case that someone will have saved an image and given it a name.


File:1409554100975.jpg (11.99 KB,500x333)

I try google, but 99% of the time it doesn't have it so I just do without it.
I should probably organize my images, but I know I never will


If I have the patience or care to do so I just ask someone on /wsr/ if they have it.
Works well most of the time if you can be descriptive.


If I had a lot of images and was actually good at programming, I'd set up a way to search by color.


I think yandex is a superior image search engine, because it looks for pictures rather than ads for things it tries to sell you.

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