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File:20220403_050832.jpg (352.34 KB,1364x2048)


Sono Bisque Doll got me thinking... does Kissu have a favorite cosplayer? Do you even follow any cosplayers (that aren't just ecchi ones, you PERV)?

I'm a big fan of SeeU. She's really cute and her outfits are pretty impressive.


File:20220403_050933.jpg (374.01 KB,1364x2048)


This isn't gonna go well...


This looks like a 3D render, she hardly even looks human in this pic


File:Aav4uzy6vhFPdP2jaFox2nJcW….webp (39.06 KB,500x667)

I've only been interested in technically impressive or creative
costumes like this ancient (in internet terms) Cloud one.
Just never been that impressed by the regular human shape stuff


File:20220403_050857.jpg (326.27 KB,1364x2048)

Contacts, heavy makeup and agressive face smoothing camera algorithms will do that.


File:0136.jpg (3.32 MB,1280x1920)

I don't follow any I just check the real life uploads on Nyaa Torrents but then due to that most of them do lewd images as well, this one doesn't though.


Made for ryona


I like kigs. They're sexy.


File:1583577927004.jpg (48.74 KB,888x367)

I like the ones who get creative and dress up as Japanese memes and such at Comiket.


3dpd dogshit


Sometimes you want to stick your weewee into something disgusting.


File:[VCB-Studio] NEW GAME! [06….jpg (217.61 KB,1920x1080)

Could it ever be possible for a human male to learn to not have sudden urges to stick his weewee into 3DPD I wonder.


3D is acceptable in certain circumstances but I prefer JAV face to the overly touched up cosplay faces


no I hate cosplay
I don't mind people dressing up but 2d characters should stay 2d


File:66620b29jw1evxlpzz3gkj20sg….jpg (235.54 KB,1024x1024)

I don't really follow any cosplayers in particular, at least at the moment, but, speaking in general, for whatever reason I tend to prefer the Chinese ones personally.


Really? I don't think I've ever found a JAV actress the least bit attractive, with all of them just having the same generic Japanese slut aesthetic, whereas cosplay sometimes gets at least half-way cute girls. That said though, I do agree that excessively touched-up ones like >>87166 go way too far into uncanny valley territory for me to be on board with it.


File:922.gif (5.33 MB,480x270)

Unless it's a boy dressing in girl's outfits I don't really care


File:1625522438435.jpg (148.36 KB,1032x774)

Yeah I'd be lying if I said I didn't like Blackchouli.


File:1652835196682.jpg (7.16 MB,4761x3342)

Speaking of ecchi cosplayers, how does kissu feel about them? Are they poor representation of the character by being ecchi or does it not matter if the rest is good enough?


They are a poor representation of the character by being 3D.


Does liking Joshi wrestler gravure count?


It depends on the cosplayer and the outfit. I've noticed a lot of ecchi cosplayers go for really cheap stuff and throw together an outfit. That, I think makes them a poor representation of the character, not the fact that it's ecchi.


>with all of them just having the same generic Japanese slut aesthetic

Depending on the way they carry and style themselves, it can look very sexy and classy but some just look downright odd.


I think people are lying to themselves if they say it's about the character and not the woman wearing the clothing, especially when it's a sold product. People follow specific cosplayers and not the character tag.
Nothing wrong with porn, but R-18 artists peddling their doujin are generally more honest about it.


Keep seeing this face in my reccomended threads and it's really cute...


My hate for 3DPD surprisingly makes me appreciate 3DCG more than it should.


I feel that the term 3DPD should be replaced with something else now that persocoms are finally becoming a reality.


I wouldn't call persocoms 3DPD....


I was just thinking there should be something to differentiate between 3DPD and the cute persocom/anime kind of 3D.


File:Shrug_spin_Yume.gif (914.79 KB,320x180)

Just call them persocom.


File:C-1654126356367.png (1.43 MB,1171x1561)

I'd never follow an ecchi cosplayer... I only look at pure holy maidens...


File:E_kfOYgVcAs22-t.jpeg (1.04 MB,2712x4096)

I like looking at genuine cosplay, preferably non-ecchi cosplay, especially Touhou cosplay.
I feel like I can somewhat tell they really appreciate the characters and designs and enjoy cosplaying as them, adding more extensions and twist to the dress and go all the way to get a perfect scenery/filter for a shoot. They don't have to be cute.
Most of cosplay images I've saved are sceneric or just have cool design. Not sure how the cosplays from other modern franchise compare.


File:FTL5Ae9UsAAI1zl.jpeg (105.9 KB,1024x683)


File:1654456164868-VideoToMp4.mp4 (7.84 MB,368x640)

How many people share their cosplay hobby with their families?


congrats on posting the only cute thing itt


File:FOTtGtTUcAI_4QY.jpeg (903.59 KB,2731x4096)

Kids cosplaying are still rare


Im sure you've all seen that photo of the FATE family cosplay with the passed out kid in the stroller


File:R-1654506532841.jpg (735.53 KB,1536x2048)

Cosplay is the grand conspiracy to get neets out of their house, attend conventions and observe real human beans. Naturally I do not have a favorite cosplay artist because I do not attend such filth like anime clubs and comicons. So basically, I have never developed a taste for de-uglifying the sour smell of reality.


I still appreciate that guy
Probably a cool fella to hang around even if you're a neet (but not a creep)


File:FUadoPOUEAA_lkz.jpg (958.05 KB,2560x3840)

How much do their outfits cost I wonder


File:20220717_233030.jpg (659.27 KB,2074x1714)

I wonder how cosplayers feel when they do well enlugh to get recognition from the authors.


i cant believe it
ryuukishi became a delinquent


File:1606902806559.jpg (93.69 KB,550x480)

Is that thing on the left even human? She looks like an alien.


I applaud the aim to look 2D, but it just looks creepy when it's done to such an extreme like that.
Also I wonder if ryuukishi just wears WTC shirts all the time. I would.


File:9aab4cc6d155e489cab956194f….jpg (193.89 KB,1430x2048)



File:alien.png (716.25 KB,800x600)

Rena is feeling all wriggly wriggly inside, inside! Rena can hear the voices from the outer cosmos~ Hauu~!


File:[Nii-sama] Higurashi no Na….jpg (262.98 KB,1920x1080)

She looks photoshopped/filtered but R07 doesn't. A weird contrast.


Check out this Yithian-looking ass. She says she's Rena, but I don't believe it for a second!


File:FaFPCS0aAAAGhUp.jpg (433.04 KB,1395x2048)

Authors cosplaying as their characters is really nice.


The weird knee girl.


File:5cf238a91dff8f3d6cadce874c….jpg (107.42 KB,1080x1349)

I like liyuu because she dressed up like love live characters and now is one
shes also the only cosplay I know so theres that


Those are normal knees.


knees look much worse in reality than fiction. Though I've never looked at ways to make them look nicer, garments that cover them are for the best.


want to feel up a knobbly lumpy girl knee


File:maid.png (1.19 MB,794x935)


wobbly photoshop phone


the phone and cleavage ruin an otherwise decent approach, 4/10


File:ThreeDimensional 996 (GM).jpeg (870.35 KB,3240x2160)

i also came here to post liyu
i was following her for years, but I havent noticed her since she became a love live va

her illya cosplay is one of my favorite of all time

i know these cosplay girls use tons of filters and photoshop but I dont care! I like the pure aesthetic and they look clean and cute


File:07.png (200.95 KB,292x392)

You can't improve on perfection.


File:IMG_20190527_090851.jpg (130.12 KB,768x1024)

i once had a very vivid dream that me and liyu were on a picnic date in a park
there was a helicopter shining a spotlight onto an apartment building nearby

im sure that we shared a kissu after


cute megane


This may surprise you to learn, but some mirrors warp the reflection.




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