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Why did stuff from the 90s and early 00s used to be so careless with spoilers? A popular example would be next episode previews of anime, but here's a more subtle one; the Silent Hill 2 opening. If you have played and finished the game you'll realize it's absolutely full of spoilers. It begins with a Maria scene which happens pretty late into the game and reveals a lot about her.


i dont know but i dont mind spoilers
if someone tells me whats going to happen i can still get excited to see how it happens


I think spoilers that just tell you what happpens are dumb and I hate them, but subtle spoilers hidden in an OP aren't at all bad. In fact depending on the subtleness, figuring out the spoilers in an OP could very easily lead to you enjoying said OP much more when you come back to it later.


Actually maybe that one's a bit more subtle about it.


I can't remember if the other JoJo OPs we're like the first one, but I was pretty impressed once I realized that the OP was actually a point for point abbreviated retelling of the whole anime.


Or at least the first arc. It's been a while since I watched JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


Yeah I wouldn't really classify that as spoilers though, more of a hint instead. The SH2 one absolutely is though. You're not supposed to see that Maria scene so early.


I know the other Jojo OP/EDs adapted throughout the story to include more spoilers as the anime went on so that reveals would then be included in the OP.



I think it was around the late PS2 era that I stopped watching video game intros because of spoilers. JRPGs especially would end up clearly introducing every party member to you and a bad guys as well. Hell, sometimes it even shows the final party against the final boss.
Why the hell do they do this? It's worse than the "oh this guy has a character portrait so he's important" thing.

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