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File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (274.15 KB,1920x1080)


Are you nearsighted? I am. It means you can see stuff fine when it's close, but it's blurry as it gets distant.
Were you nearsighted before you started spending so much time looking at a screen near you? I wonder if there's a "cause and effect" thing going on.


I'm very near sighted. If something is a few inches away from my face without glasses I can't read it and it's blurry af. I've always been on my PC or playing games on my TV 24/7 since I was a kid so I don't remember how it was prior to that.


Vision problems are more common in developed countries than developing ones. The younger generations which are glued to their phones all the time have them in astronomical rates.


Yes and yes. Nearsightedness runs in my family.


I've spent so much time on the computer since I was young and into online gaming that I don't know if my nearsightedness came from it or naturally.


File:415a23a3680fac184fd1994561….jpg (1.17 MB,1500x2301)

Still perfect eyesight even though I'm glued to screens all day long. Helped me a lot peeking others' answers when doing exams.
I think any nearsightedness that's not genetic are due to frequently looking at objects too near to eyes and no proper rest. Like during school days I noticed most of my peers place homework like 10cm from eyes and I was the only one or two in class who sat straight.
I never look at anything nearer than my forearm's length, and I usually place objects farther because my eyes get strained from that and I always try to focus to far objects and go to sleep immediately when that happens. These good habits keep my keen eyesight.


File:1559486881080.jpg (48.74 KB,1280x720)

That reminds me that I should probably go and get my eyes checked soon. It has been years since the last test.


I'm near sighted and sensitive to light. But that shouldn't be a problem if I don't want to become a hunter or a pilot.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (204.03 KB,1920x1080)

>I can't read it and it's blurry af
How blurry is a fuck? Is it more or less blurry than hell?


No, but I have glasses for astigmatism.


File:[Ohys-Raws] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (453.88 KB,1280x720)

I too am nearsighted. Last time I checked my right eye was slightly worse than the left. Got prescription glasses and now when I take them off I think my sight is worse than before. Or maybe I just notice the blur more because my eyes are now accustomed to see without blur, if that makes sense. Have been trying to not wear them when not looking at a screen but I'm always looking at a screen.
I think that's one of the causes as well, for my nearsightedness. Just learned recently (after 20+ years of writing with the paper 5-10 cm from my eyes) that I'm supposed to write sitting straight up, which in hindsight is pretty obvious now.


File:pondering-01.jpg (67.25 KB,666x463)

a fuck is quite a bit blurry but not that much. A iota above the metric hell, but not nearly as much as a literal imperial heck


File:1536209221370.png (342.03 KB,598x698)

I finally went to the optician and got my eyes checked today. A complete eye exam plus ordering a new pair og glasses almost cost me 900 usd. It hurts, but I suppose it was worth it if it means I get to post with my friends in blistering 1080p 60fps.



I have perfect vision and I watch anime in a well-lit room while sitting a good distance from the television.


Eyesight started deteriorating in my teens, it's uncertain if staring at glowing rectangles had something to do with it. It seems my eyes are getting strained more easily now. I am nearsighted, but refuse to wear my glasses.


My Dad had cataracts removed from both his eyes and his natural vision is still better than mine that he doesn't need glasses unless reading.


I am also nearsighted. Eyesight has always been pretty good, but I noticed in middle school that I couldn't see the whiteboard very well from the very back of the room.

I remember watching something on this recently. Apparently there's been a really dramatic increase in nearsighted within the last few decades, and it's not genetic-related. From what I remember, it's just because of staying indoors. When you're outside, your eyes get exposed to certain wavelength that causes your eyes to develop and if you're not outside throughout your adolescence they won't fully develop and then you'll end up nearsighted.

Since there's been artificial lighting for about the last century, it might be a combination of people staying inside with computers as well as related to switching from incandescent bulbs to fluorescent, CFL and LED lighting. Incandescent bulbs, although they're very inefficient, they create a full light spectrum whereas fluorescent and LED lighting are more spiky and rely on specific wavelengths for R, G, and B instead of the whole thing.


I spent the great majority of my formative years playing outdoors for hours every day but still ended up this way.


File:1564734573690.webm (2.22 MB,1280x720)

I am glad that I ordered new glasses, even if they cost me a fortune. It really feels like my vision has gotten substantially worse over the last few months.


File:7f1694e07a8db20ead3e9ec8cd….png (2.32 MB,1872x2476)

I'm girlsighted, meaning my eyes only focus on cute girls.


but that looks like a mare to me?


File:38c45ab8d0c54c80100501ab45….jpg (2.55 MB,1920x3293)

My eyes focus clearly on her, so empirically she's a cute girl.


horsfuckers raus

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