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File:__cirno_touhou_drawn_by_ca….jpg (137.09 KB,800x800)


What kind of house will the /qa/ mansion be?


A mansion, baka.


File:82594002_p0.jpg (1.47 MB,1680x2091)

I see you call me a 'baka', the Japanese word for idiot. Assuming you are being consistent in your choice of language, would it be fair to conclude you are, in fact, intending the Japanese meaning of 'mansion', not the standard English meaning?


File:56b3361dd1708ade9e583aec74….jpg (170 KB,848x1200)

How do these terms differ?


who's the landlord of the /qa/ mansion


File:70330202_p0.png (600.47 KB,724x1023)

Whichever one of us that can afford it


Gingerbread house! Gingerbread house!


'Mansion' (マンション) is the Japanese word for an apartment building, not a big luxurious house as in English.


How odd, wonder how that loan word took on such a definition.


Kissu Apartments! We can all be wide there


Maybe it was one of those scenarios where someone said something jokingly but the language barrier prevented the listener from realizing they weren't being serious and so continued using the word incorrectly. It's pretty common to hear of people who are learning a new language misusing some word, so I think this explanation makes a fair bit of sense.


Looked it up because I was curious, and it kind of ties into that other thread about how using French words makes you sound sophisticated. Mansion was originally a French term used for a home/permanent abode, but sometime in the mid 14th century English lords started using it to refer to their primary residence. So eventually the previously French word for any home became an English term used for big houses.

Also it appears that it's still somewhat common in the UK to refer to upscale apartment buildings as mansions, probably where the Japanese borrowed the term from.


According to Wikipedia, at least, it was initially used by property developers to make places sound fancy, but it was overused/misused so much that it simply became the standard term.



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