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File:B7fLHaU.png (566.53 KB,791x768)


Do you ever think about the origin and establishment of "life" on Earth? It's such an absurdly illogical thing to me- order arising out of chaos.
I just read this and I guess it seems to bring a bit of reasoning to how it could have happened, but it still seems like such an impossible occurrence, even with the incomprehensible numbers involved with the universe.
Do you think humanity will ever be able to create it somehow? It seems like it would require an understanding of the universe that is far beyond our current understanding. It'd probably be easier to create sentient AI.


File:KF Fennec and Arai 026 Yur….png (1.04 MB,1500x1318)

I don't really think it's that absurd, sometimes I think that the way animals have evolved can be though. Sometimes it just doesn't seem like there was a path that makes any sense for a spices to have evolved a certain trait.


wow OP you're so close to figuring out many things yet youve figured out nothing


File:(`・ω・´).jpg (23.94 KB,599x357)

I very often wonder who's responsible because I have definitely never asked for this.


A bunch of amino acids and proteins and then somehow a form of control was established. It happened obviously and we're dealing with a "a million monkeys with typewriters will eventually write Shakespeare" situation with the truly absurd size of the universe and its age, but it's crazy!


what if we exist in all the realities but we're only aware of a few of them


that's already true. just think of sounds or electromagnetic radiation beyond our perception.

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