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File:1538802030702.gif (477.58 KB,380x289)


How come youtube videos get so many damn views nowadays? They must've changed something in the system with how works. There's no way it's a natural evolution even when accounting for more people gaining internet access over time. Kony 2012 has 'only' 103m views today, but it was literally what everyone was talking about back then. 100m is pretty much nothing nowadays compared to shit like Baby Shark and Despacito. Baby Shark having a whopping 10 billion views also do not make any sense to me whatsoever since it's targeting a specific age demographic not very vast in numbers.


Maybe you're thinking of unique views vs total views?


Don't re-watches also count as views?


I'm pretty sure it's the algorithm and autoplay. Videos made even 15 years ago are recommended to people that weren't even online 3 years ago, all in a ploy to get them to stay on youtube and keep those ad bucks rolling in. Previously, you'd need some connection to the video, like someone linking it to you, but now all videos are marketed to all people so there's like a 50-5000x multiplier to what the real number would be otherwise.
I know this video had like 100k views a few years ago, but now it's at 3 million. Did 2.9 million people become interested in the Adoring Fan in Oblivion? No, they were directed towards it. Of course there's also the fact that there's like 5 billion people online these days instead of 50 million. Sadly, this has utterly obliterated the youtube comment sections on old or niche videos. I think this might be why old "memes" show up a decade later to a new group of people.
I do sometimes actually see something neat recommended to me, though, so it's not 100% terrible.


You don't have to be on YT to watch a video from there.


True, but also I think one of the reasons is that there's just so many people on the planet that the view inflation is simply natural, especially with the algorithm always reccomending old popular stuff or people rewatching videos and inflating the viewcount. Also not to mention that in terms of anime related videos stuff like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tk1pqwrOys shows just how much exposure the medium has, so it's not surprise that a lot of older stuff has a shitload of views as well when everyone probably always still talks about them.


What the hell, 220m for an anime OP? I'd never believe this if you told me without a link.
Huh, but at a quick glance it looks like most of the comments are in Japanese, so maybe it's not as big internationally as expected.
I wonder how the repeated view thing works


220m is really not much in the big picture. Modern yt views are just very inflated. Random kid's videos like this get billions of views like it's nothing.


Isn't this the most disliked video now for some reason?


No. That's Baby Shark I think. 10 billion views and 33m likes and 15m dislikes. But Baby Shark is a song, so it can't be compared to Masha and the Bear in that regard since songs get boosted by the looped views.


The kids are just running around with a phone or tablet smeared in drool and spaghetti stains and the videos are either autoplaying, or they're tapping buttons at random. I've seen it personally with my Sis' toddlers.

To be honest I don't think kids that young should have them; they can't even make sense of the videos at that age and they need to work on improving their motor skills and basic speech first and foremost.


But then how are the youth supposed to grow up right without this amazing content....



File:amevomit.png (65.53 KB,680x680)


they shouldn't be able to use them if their parents cared to set up a child account. youtube app and web browsers are all rated 17+ in app store.


File:[SubsPlease] Slow Loop - 0….jpg (107.25 KB,1280x720)

I know not to click google's answer to tiktok. I'll remain happy and ignorant


I meant that they shouldn't have a tablet or phone at all at that point in their life. Even if its just a hand-me-down or something.


You're lucky that YouTube automatically tagged it that...


File:wolf.jpg (113.81 KB,749x780)

I thought it was a fun watch.


A lot of it comes down to numbers. High-speed internet connections (and to a lesser extent internet connections in general) are much more common now than they were in the 2000s and early 2010s. More people online = more views.


>Random kid's videos like this get billions of views like it's nothing
Its by design. Youtube more or less exists to train kids to get used to ads. Ever noticed that content aimed at children (or content that "coincidentally" happens to be popular with children) get promoted over and over in the trending pages but channels that tend to have more adult viewers get weird bugs and problems in the algorithm that "accidentally" stops promoting them, or causing their viewership to drop by half?
Way more people have access to the internet nowadays due to the repercussions of the iPhone and subsequent smartphones. Like another anon said, the algorithm funnels most people into certain topics based on what sites you browse and other analytics.
If you browsed any meme related sites, it'll likely spit out safe and popular game clips and the likes. If you're caught browsing shop sites or searching for baby related products, it'll recommend you videos that'll keep your kids occupied.
While their aim is to pretty much brainwash you into becoming a free money printing advertisement grazer, they're not dumb by any means; they have all the data in the world required to know how to manipulate most people into watching more and more videos and keeping your attention on their platform.


File:not a robot.webm (2.93 MB,404x720)

There is more people using the internet and therefore more traffic, sure, but a lot of it is also bots. 60%+ of youtube's traffic comes from bots, otherwise kid's videos wouldn't be able to get billions of views so easily since they are for a specific demographic. They must be full of bots playing them infinitely.


>kid's videos wouldn't be able to get billions of views so easily
I think a lot of this is down to autoplay. Parents often gives their kids a tablet or phone and YouTube will by default run into autoplay mode continually cycling through recommended videos.


You underestimate the number of people watching and rewatching this stuff. A 3 minute video can get ten million views by having a million kids spend 30 minutes watching it. Considering there's billions of people using YouTube, with kids easily spending several hours on the site every day, this should not be surprising.


Autoplay would prevent the videos from getting so many views though. You would need to set it to loop over and over manually to get something ridiculous like Baby Shark's 11B views.

Also, it's already sort of proven to be true. The comment section of kid's videos are always full of weird gibberish and obvious bot accounts when they are turned on. The comments are almost always turned off though, probably because of that.


Youtube automatically turns off comments on what it thinks are kids videos. It sucks if you are trying to read old comments on old videos that got marked by the system automatically.
Also remember there's a version of youtube made just for kids also which may factor into views also. The app shows kids videos in a list when you open it and at the bottom of the screen when videos are playing there are suggestions. I've seen a younger kid in my family just constantly clicking random stuff at the bottom just because its always visible when videos are playing


are you telling me that kids < 4 are basically just bots designed to generate views



The algorithm is peace.

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