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File:FNGI2wbacAEU9T3.jpg (98.69 KB,734x1200)


What exactly makes a gyaru a gyaru? Why is Marin one? Is it just someone who dresses up in a somewhat western fashion at this point? The gyarus that I have in mind look a lot more exaggerated than her.


File:[GJM] Kaguya-sama ~Love is….jpg (899.17 KB,1920x1080)

I think you're thinking of Ganguro if what you think of as Gyaru is more extreme than that. I'd say that the western fashion aspect of Gyaru is more on-point, but it's not really a simple choice of design since it's more rebellious than that to make oneself stand out from the normal look of the black haired japanese girl and for highschoolers to defy the school traditions that want to in a sense enforce that look, I think. Or maybe it's not that at all and it's simply being fashionable. Not entirely sure, but I do love Gyarus.


>I think you're thinking of Ganguro if what you think of as Gyaru is more extreme than that
Ganguro is like the 'blackface' version of gyaru. I think of a slutty tanned/fake tanned one showing a lot of skin and wearing a lot of makeup when I think of a gyaru. If you search for the term on your search engine most of them do indeed look more 'extreme' than Marin.


I don't think there's anything special to the archetype. Everything I've seen in manga looks a lot like the girls from jersey shore or the animal printed fluo airheads who work jobs like beautician/hairdresser in my area


it seems the bare minimum is piercings and light colored hair


File:73000523_p0.jpg (553.95 KB,900x1200)

Is light hair really a requirement?


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (302.57 KB,1920x1080)

What do people mean by "western fashion"? Outside of festivals do any Japanese not wear western fashion?
Is it the usually-revealing clothing of western teenaged girls?


File:83135283_p0.jpg (557.37 KB,708x1000)

>What do people mean by "western fashion"?


File:c151cb89ea7f44acddac1ccbfe….png (5.94 MB,3500x4000)

Her piercings, nails, makeup and hair are gyaru cues for example.

As for what makes a gyaru a gyaru well... In real life it's a specific subculture. In 2D works though it's just an aesthetic. The best way to put it is girls with a "fashionable" appearance. They unlike "normal" girls are keen on customizing their appearance hence the hair, nails, piercings, makeup and so on. 2D works like to sort of stereotype, exaggerate the differences among girls.

Light hair and tanned skin does not a gyaru make. Obviously there are no gyaru in for example a fantasy setting. And even outside of fantasy settings, there are characters such as Ikumi Mito from Food Wars! who are not gyaru despite their tanned skin and light hair.

Sonia from Pokémon Sword & Shield was notably inspired by gyaru.

Obviously it goes without saying that a gyaru porn thread is not representative of gyaru, because fetishists have a tendency towards reductionism. So if you're basing your image of gyaru off those trashy-looking tattooed tanned girls with light hair post-corruption... It is no wonder it's wrong outside the ero context. Same goes for gyaru-oh (male gyaru), their appearance is much more diverse outside NTR hentai. Eikichi Onizuka from Shonan Junai Gumi and GTO is a gyaru-oh, for example. But gyaru-oh are a topic for a separate thread, unlike gyaru they are much more rooted in delinquency and hence their rough "punk" appearance.


Oh, that makes sense. Man, Pokemon girls really have such amazing designs. It's weird to think they've been so strong for 20+ years now and yet the designs are still so strong. You can usually tell it's a Pokemon girl, too.


Poke Gyaru



File:Mode_gyaru.jpg (232.26 KB,497x546)

This is Gyaru? Really? That's just how my mom dressed when she was younger.

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