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for posting your good musics and remusics
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File:95603521_p0.png (170.95 KB,600x700)

I skipped around and it's generally too noisy for me. My hearing is pretty sensitive when it comes to variance in volume and stuff. The various ___core stuff tends to give me a headache, seriously.
I guess if I were to pick a song I liked it'd be the Megaman remix at 18:18. I'm trying to remember what stage theme it was. Bubbleman? I think I'm so old for the genre that I recognize the songs that are supposed to be unknown.






I think I will find my headphones and give the U17 albums a proper listen.



File:51neYw5pEdL.webp (47.64 KB,500x434)

Revival Prophecy is also a great album.


I saw this on nen. Remember when we used to play OJ?
the song is nice


File:tru dempa.jpg (20.95 KB,300x232)


Nice thumbnail





This makes me want to cry for some reason


I used to listen to a lot of AnCo back in high school.




love a good kotoko



maybe you are a plant




I sometimes play this in the morning commute and sing along







File:10. Everyday Life.mp3 (7.61 MB)


File:shinsekai yori ED.flac (32.74 MB,175x172)




Classic YTPMV song.


new pino



Maybe it is the nostalgia but this feels so bittersweet, very fitting for the ending of an adventure with a happy ending but likely heavy casualities along the way.


Classic new flamenco.





File:proof.png (20.32 KB,303x261)

incredible that venezuelans from /v/ would be the ones to make an oelvn this good


It was ok.






Nice song. It vaguely reminds me of some other song I can't think of.



shoegaze is nice



Remebered. Also, nice bump limit thread...


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