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for posting your good musics and remusics



love pretty vibrant vaporwave, especially ones that are better than their original songs


I'm not sure if a video with a playlist attached to it will work
let's see...

This is the original version of the Sonic 1 music before it had to be altered and compressed to work on the console


new pino


that was one of pixiv's high-ranking images yesterday. I'm not sure how that system works: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/96530062


Don't even play rhythm games much, but I really enjoy listening to these DnB/EDM remixes



wonder when the next season of this is coming out


I hope soon.
That show has everything; loli, magic, germany, and modern war.





This anime had a really nice OST


Don't think I've ever actually heard a bad Akira Yamaoka track


Indeed. This is the best SH track imo.


I don't know if anyone listen to gabber here but I'm still posting it because this album is really great.


Been thinking about this game against recently. The music is so good, one of the best soundtracks in any STG. I want to play it again, but I kind of made it a point that I'd play the Raiden games in order.





Sodachi's voice makes me hard



A nice channel for nice Japanese ablums I used to use got taken down by Google, emphasizing that if you ever like something you should certainly download it before it's gone.

Anyways if anyone was curious, the replacement for Xerf Xpec is "The X Music Archive", which is also who posted this album.


>emphasizing that if you ever like something you should certainly download it before it's gone.
That's very true, especially nowadays since youtube can often delete entire playlists/channels at a whim. Nothing on their platform has any sort of permanence


My favourite track in the game.


Another version of the legendary song.


Who else gets this album recommended on a regular basis?




This guy's music is great. Thanks youtube.





If you need me to upload individually, let me know.


What do you mean?


If someone has JS disabled or doesn't trust whyp.it, I can upload the songs here. Initially, I didn't want to flood the thread with six mp3s all from me.


Oh, I don't think you need to worry about it either way. Keep it as-is or upload separately.







Here's an interesting idea, post the next song on the playlist from the above link.


I don't understand what is happening or why but for some reason it's this.







love this cover


It just seems to be songs I've been listening to recently (on my account, I listen to stuff logged out most of the time).





I like how it turns into krautrock in the second half.







It may not be a ZUN shmup but the music is still quite memorable to me.
Shame the bosses only got one track though.



It's time to lose some cool cred because I watched WWF back when it was called WWF and not WWE and it was hilarious and entertaining (around year 2000-2004~?)
It had some pretty damn catchy music. This was Triple H's theme by Motorhead and this /jp/ thread reminded me of it: >>>/jp/31993


but I liked his older theme more. I worked out to this a lot and still do occasionally when I'm in the mood


File:Steinerized.mp3 (3.92 MB)

I prefer the cheesy early 90s themes.


Crazy how nice the demo versions of the Sonic OST sound and most people haven't heard them. Wonder how different things would be if this were the standard for classic game music instead of 8bit.






Better version of: >>87736 that doesn't sound like it was recorded inside a tin can. Pretty catchy.



Dance x Mixer is really neat. It's a shame there aren't more games like it with pre-programmed dancing and cameras instead of needing to learn all sorts of positioning and stuff in something like MMD.


Can we really call Dance x Mixer a game ?




Someone said Dance x Mixer?




I'm addicted to Kamen Rider music, help


ナナヲアカリ hates you but loves pouts



I dont know if the meaning's literal (she just hates some cat mascot) but that was a very 2000s video and song. I like it.


you are the catmascot


Well. Shes tsundere for me then


This is more /win/ but a nostalgic tune regardless



Steins;Gate has such great music to it.


I wish I could experience reading S;G for the first time agian.


Just invent a time machine and go back in time then.


But I guess it wouldn't work if you were like Okabe.



This remix is pretty good too


Hopefully Steins;??? will be good. S;G0 was decent enough but it doesn't hold a candle to the first game.



I hear songs like these often, but I struggle to think of what the genre might be.




The way that artist draws girls with certain types of bangs is soooooooo sexy



File:hyakkei - reading.flac (26.61 MB,175x156)


File:03302 Starry Sky.flac (12.03 MB,175x162)


File:04. Foreground Eclipse - ….flac (28.82 MB,175x173)




File:1514755436911.jpg (36.32 KB,300x460)

Umm sir, if I may interject you can put the link in the "upload URL" section for the thumbnail of the video to show up in the post.


Although if you use the new UI it's that button which looks like a chain to the left of "Submit".


don't remember hearing this in the show


There's a whole load of music neither in the anime nor the movies that they included in the music discs. I'm not really sure where it came from. Eva team throwing around Gainax money on all the music they could afford, maybe? They did blow the budget after all.



Glad that the main girl can sing well in this. Really hard to sell a show about a musical talent when the seiyuu themselves aren't really that talented...


I think I'll share some songs and talk a little bit about my favorite band: They Might Be Giants.
They started in the 80s and epitomize "nerd rock". They've had a bit of a cult status for a long time, and I was even first introduced to them in Tiny Toons of all things. Today I don't really listen to much other than video game music and occasionally anime music, but I still have TMBG in my playlists.


One of their earliest popular songs was "Birdhouse in your Soul" that really highlights the random, silly style of many of their songs.


I should warn you, though, is that John and John (they're both named John) create extremely addictive songs, real earworms that will stay with you for a while.


Oh yeah, you might at least know them from the Malcolm in the Middle opening song


I saw them in concert about a decade ago and got a shirt for this song! These guys are amazing in concert and they're still actively touring. Apparently a lot of kids have been exposed to TMBG by their teachers. Time passes by...


Sadly I missed the chance to see them and Weird Al at the same concert a few years ago, that must have been incredible. It's a very mellow atmosphere of middle-aged nerds so it wouldn't be a stressful at all if you're bad with crowds as I am.


In conclusion, I really like TMBG. It was hard to resist throwing in lyrics because it's a strong compulsion...


Flood and Apollo 18 are pretty good albums.


postan a classic



I first heard this song through Donarudo. Only found out it was a 2hu song many years later.


Metal Slug 5 is shit, but it sure has a bangin' ost






Love me some 80s music








bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark







It's 4 in the morning and I have this sudden urge to listen to denpa.


The radio waves are getting to me.


File:02. Shangri-La (Y.Sunahara….mp3 (11.83 MB,175x171)

The kissu theme.



alot of love and hate opinions on this song but I find it endearing other than the obnoxious moans.
Sounds like something I would compose.




File:06 - きゅいん.mp3 (9.08 MB)

Kyu kyu kyuin~



i've been on an amateur kick lately


This is such a good album.


I aleady knew somewhat about Mosaic.wav but this song is just awesome, great energy


Fall into zetsubo


I will definitely watch Boogiepop one day... Maybe.


File:[SubsPlease] Paripi Koumei….jpg (129.34 KB,1280x720)

That video is loud as fuck. What the hell.


Weensperm music.


NEET anthem


Been obsessed with the chorus of this


someone's slacking....


good song



I never realized Interstella 5555 was over an hour long until now. It seems a full video of it was uploaded relatively recently. It's pretty much a movie with music.


File:Interstella 5555.avi_snaps….png (404.01 KB,720x480)

Interstella 5555 was (is?) a highly prized video file on the internet, pretty valuable to a certain segment of the population. You could get the singular videos easily, but the whole thing? If you had that, you were a cool dude.
I think it's even on AnimeBytes.
I loved how Daft Punk had such a connection to the internet, some classic flashes with them in it as well


Never gonna stop lovin this music



I wonder if I should go back and play Persona 1 and 2. That thread where a guy asked about a reference made me nostalgic and I remember the atmosphere in those games really being something else. It still reminds me of the time I rented like 20 PSX games for the weekend and made copies of them all, one of the being Persona 1. I remember leaving the game playing in the Velvet Room because of this theme. Well, one of the themes. I could have sworn it had a few of them. I think the fan translation of the JP-only stuff has been out for like 15 years by now, plus a reversal of the strong localization changes.
I remember it had a shop in the game with its own jingle and that jingle was used for an ooooold flash with a cover of it with its own lyrics, from like 2003 or something.
Thanks for reading my blog.






File:1484585699819.png (908.01 KB,861x825)

allahu ackbar death to america


wth I want to bomb America now


you WILL listen to mecha lesbian music and you will like it



full version when


buy the BDs!


The thread for this died, but this ED is still quite beautifully artistic both in animation and sound.


Some guitar music is okay.


Got back here through all the Kagami recently...



File:C-1655326499050.png (7.07 MB,2480x3508)


Sometimes I feel I want to stream Utena, but it's probably something best experienced for the first time on your own...


I think the first Sengoku Musou is what originally got me interested in Japanese culture. It's funny how it went from thinking samurai were cool as hell to watching cute girls do mundane things.






I watched this ED some years ago but didn't remember what show it was from. Good thing I could find it again and put it in my backlog this time.


File:22860045_p0.jpg (504.48 KB,902x800)




Maybe I should boot up my old PS2. Maybe...


I love that ED, but the anime itself honestly looks a bit boring. It also looks like this anime influenced Tsukuyomi which is pretty cool.





Was listening to GDQ and heard a Nier Ancient Song remix with Gerudo Valley in it. I really like Gerudo Valley



Nice summer tune






NEET theme song


This one doesn't go outside.



The Kissu boys.





sometime its nice to take a step back and listen to traditional music, every once in awhile I just want to hear Indian classical








This is a great final stage track. The way that you can hear tiny distorted snippets of tracks from earlier stages and even from Klonoa 1 reminds me of those The Caretaker albums about dementia.






File:[Moozzi2] Kimagure Orange ….mp4 (18.24 MB,960x720)

nice cover, but where's the video... the video for this is so good...


Thank you, and you're right the OP is a work of art


nice mashup


Fashionable Ojou Miku


This person is really talented.



Champloo had a really great soundtrack





cute hyper song





I love Kafka's voice, she is such a great singer.





that was a nice trip down memory lane


I've never paid much attention to guitar players' hand movements, but it's pretty easy to appreciate it in this guy's videos. As well as his long flamenco fingernails.



Where does kissu go to discover new/rare music? I've had most success with random user playlists on YouTube and assorted folders taken from soulseek, though the latter isn't much reliable especially with huge size folders. Just thinking bout expanding my options


File:1561142061643.jpg (449.26 KB,905x639)

I usually discover new music through r/a/dio and Gensokyo Radio. And for denpa music I sometimes grab a random album from one of the denpa archives and give it a listen.


I've been doing the same as you. Discogs and other databases work, too. I don't really listen to any of the music posted here, however. JewTube is enough to satisfy me. That and some CDs every now and then.


File:94b8112ded2d6712987f58696e….jpg (256.5 KB,1374x1652)

for japanese stuffs its usually ds, but vk is also up to date like for the c100 stuffs and nowadays started to upload flac
otherwise youtube will recommend them whenever someone else posts stuffs


last.fm if you have enough scrobbles works really well. >>95302 also has a good point about discogs




japanese fried chicken...


punai punai!


From japanese artists on soundcloud. They recommend each other and do collabs so you can find more musicians with similar styles. Some of them are already pretty popular.


File:02. Geometric space.mp3 (10.54 MB,175x175)




I really like the way this sounds. The part at ~0:10 and ~0:25 has such a unique sound. I'm not sure how to describe it. It's almost sounds like some noise you might hear from a guitar.


I was surprised to learn that the singer of this ED is supposedly a guy.



kissu's got pretty good taste




I come back to this every so often.



File:298461982379186287.jpeg (429.72 KB,1600x1600)





File:95603521_p0.png (170.95 KB,600x700)

I skipped around and it's generally too noisy for me. My hearing is pretty sensitive when it comes to variance in volume and stuff. The various ___core stuff tends to give me a headache, seriously.
I guess if I were to pick a song I liked it'd be the Megaman remix at 18:18. I'm trying to remember what stage theme it was. Bubbleman? I think I'm so old for the genre that I recognize the songs that are supposed to be unknown.






I think I will find my headphones and give the U17 albums a proper listen.



File:51neYw5pEdL.webp (47.64 KB,500x434)

Revival Prophecy is also a great album.


I saw this on nen. Remember when we used to play OJ?
the song is nice


File:tru dempa.jpg (20.95 KB,300x232)


Nice thumbnail





This makes me want to cry for some reason


I used to listen to a lot of AnCo back in high school.




love a good kotoko



maybe you are a plant




I sometimes play this in the morning commute and sing along







File:10. Everyday Life.mp3 (7.61 MB)


File:shinsekai yori ED.flac (32.74 MB,175x172)




Classic YTPMV song.


new pino



Maybe it is the nostalgia but this feels so bittersweet, very fitting for the ending of an adventure with a happy ending but likely heavy casualities along the way.


Classic new flamenco.





File:proof.png (20.32 KB,303x261)

incredible that venezuelans from /v/ would be the ones to make an oelvn this good


It was ok.






Nice song. It vaguely reminds me of some other song I can't think of.

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