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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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File:maxresdefault.jpg (85.84 KB,1280x720)


What would an amalgamation of ideal kissu traits look like in a 2D girl?
She would need nekomimi, and maybe a nice Koruru-style tummy, but what else?








seems like a good idea








Pointy triangular feet.


Bipolar, because half the day she'd be lying in bed not thinking of anything, and the other half overly excited and full of energy




no penis


So, cat-like




File:nhk00a.jpg (87.06 KB,317x508)

Here's Kissu-chan


I have a feeling that breast size would be a huge debate itself. Maybe she'd have one flat breast and one huge one?

This seems to conflict with >>84957 and >>84958
Also, is this cognizant enough to pout?


I think an analysis of the most liked images on /ec/ and correlation of the similarities of those images will show what the ideal kissu girl looks like.


might not be that accurate
i've barely used that board since megu was killed


Mm, I don't think that's a good gauge to use because it's not so much kissu as it is girls it wants to have sex with.
Hmm, maybe part by part is better.
What hair would she have? Color, style


solid pink or solid purple and straight with maybe a hairpin


oh no, she's tarded


File:1635858609658.jpg (680.54 KB,1300x1500)

I posted a thread a while back asking about Kissu's favourite character traits. >>81513


Did you really admit you like fujos??


File:ogiue.jpg (783.37 KB,1275x1677)

Only the cute ones.


File:ErRdzk1UYAE2OaM.png (40.06 KB,998x1023)

But I just said it's not about the girls you want to have sex with! It's about traits emblematic of kissu!


school uniform or maid outfit


i like school uniforms but we're probably maids


File:Untitled-1.png (8.67 KB,776x1041)

no consensus on breast size, genitals or hair
and arms are hard to draw


I thought we were NEETS.


There's a difference?


Yes! Yotsuba is the 4chan girl, she is NOT the 4chan girl that Anonymous wants to have s*x with!!



How would you show that appearance-wise? Just a lazy slob in bed? It doesn't seem like it's something to easily visualize without an environment



File:80228212_p0.jpg (1.06 MB,1181x1669)


File:89750958_p0.jpg (118.21 KB,680x960)

Why maids exactly? I do like them a lot, but I wonder if it's really something we can associate it with


because maids are cute and there's no other fetish outfit that really fits


File:[HorribleSubs] Happy Sugar….png (1.06 MB,1280x720)

Pink hair.

Any /qa/ girl worth her salt requires pink hair.


Maid outfits would not fit either... I doubt there is even a single maid that posts on kissu.


There's the one maid artist that pops up at least once every 6 months to a year, although I haven't seen them in a long time now...


kissu-chan needs a ween to sperm with


File:55097df0f1dfce26627df6fd25….jpg (437.47 KB,1400x1950)

Vermin is our maid.


File:FIKX_sjaIAAKoLD.png (145.56 KB,800x800)

I think this puts penis over no-penis.
Okay, another question. What about breast size?


at least as big as watermelons


How many watermelons per breast? 5?


Let's be conservative and saw 1 per breast.




she likes corndogs


she needs to be a shut in just like me!

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