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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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File:66648034_p0.jpg (773.78 KB,2500x1767)


The /qa/ meetup


me as the crocodile.


That's an iguana!!


I want to be a ballon !


Where are Yui's titties


I'm reminded that I tried looking up Starlit Stage's text files in a UE4 explorer and couldn't find them since I don't really know what I"m looking for. I'll have to do that sometime...


File:capsule_616x353.jpg (126.7 KB,616x353)

Actually, this is a project I should look into doing soon because I can use kissu as help and it's something people here could be interested in.
For those that don't know, Starlit Season (not Starlit Stage, oops) is an Idolmaster game that came to Steam, but only in Japanese of course. However, modding UE4 games, including text, is not terribly difficult all things considered.
There's no Sachiko or /qa/ girls in it, but Takane is in it and I kind of have a thing for her because she reminds me of Luna from the Lunar series (same creator).
I'm messing around with Monster Hunter Rise right now, though, so it wouldn't be that soon.


christ imagine the smell in there



I bet it's clean smell. When I was a kid and went to a sleepover with my friends I always took a shower in their house.


18 little girls all crammed into a shower and bath!!

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