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How does /qa/ feel about wasting food? I feel terrible if I ever let food go to waste so I always end up eating too much to try and let nothing be wasted. Then I feel sick because I ate too much...


File:af1e840c2defa57214331f9706….jpg (98.81 KB,705x893)

love throwing away food while thinking about all the impoverished people it could have been used to feed


i just have a mishmash meal (or partial meal's worth) of leftovers every few days.


We have a chicken scrap bin so I'm not really ever wasting anything.

But also, even if I lived by myself with no Chickens I still would not care if I wasted food. My scraps would never be used to feed others anyway, they are scraps, and the food market is a market. If people wasted less food and so brought less food, farmers would simply farm less food. They would not give it to Africans at cost to themselves, particularly not when they are hard pressed as it is.


If you consider that you as an individual or as a household waste a lot, think about... rather not. It's not the evident times where the family makes food by supplies from their own farm.


Don't like doing it, but I'm not going to eat something I really don't like just to not waste it. My father is a real hardass in that regard, eats everything.


I don't mean to be rude, but your post reads like a game translation from the 80s.


that becomes nebulous with farm subsidies. you might be right, or the government might determine that the same amount of produce (or some amount in between) should be maintained and that additional surplus could be sent to the needy or whathaveyou. and even a free market is tough to call so precisely, since both price and volume can be adjusted, and things can get really funky when goods are repurposed (like corn being used for ethanol, although that again is more government-caused).


rice shower


yeah just last year there were farmers dumping their milk and even slaughtering livestock and just disposing of them because they couldn't get it to market. It really is staggering to think about sometimes.

Anyways, I also hate seeing food wasted, but at the same time I have a diet I intend to keep from now on, and I am TIRED of coworkers buying too many goddamn donuts or some other empty calories. I used to eat several out of guilt and it made my body feel awful; now I will not even eat one.


only time I waste food is when people in the tourism industry plate it. They stuff the plate full of food and expect it all to be eaten, but I don't consume 4,000 calories a day !


File:effbba82cc845a2d92e6fcb918….jpg (113.24 KB,875x1000)

always make sure to eat up all my food so i'll grow up big and strong


The only wastage of food I hate seeing is dairy/meat and other similar products part of some stupid YouTube video/challenge. I myself don't like being wasteful with such products but I have my dog to cover up for me when I have a little too much of it on my plate.


Wasting food could also be good in that it would encourage more farms and discourage current farms from selling up, so it would help fight the suburban wave flooding into farmlands.


I'm not so sure about this. Sure, being able to produce more than your population consumes is a necessity for any country, but continually over-producing and not saving what's left over will just quicken soil depletion and encourage more and more use of fertilizers that damage soil.


I definitely try to avoid it, but I'm not obsessive over it. My grandfather had a complex because of the times he grew up in (Dust Bowl, WW2) and he would eat expired food and even leftover food at other tables at restaurants. For people that have spent time starving for real the modern world's wastefulness must be very offensive.
I don't remember the exact numbers, but the amount of food waste in Western nations is pretty significant, but it has been lessening because of programs to donate unused food from restaurants and grocery stores to food banks and shelters. People do it individually, too, as most places have a huge amount of waste.


>programs to donate unused food from restaurants and grocery stores to food banks and shelters
I'm aware of these, but unfortunately I've also heard that there's been laws put into place that make this a lot more difficult, such as preventing food that's past its sell-by date from being donated -- not expired, just past the sell-by date.


There's always going to be someone holier than thou. I'm not going to dumpster dive.


That doesn't have much to do with food waste, after all, he is doing that to grow more food to make more money. Whether we waste food or not he will always make more money from selling more food, that's just how it is. The economics are the same, he gets payed for the amount of food he grows anyway, regardless of what we do or don't waste.


I match amounts I eat and cook exactly


File:2ffa8e03b9c3892e37ed34444e….jpg (185.43 KB,450x600)

always remember to lead a sedentary lifestyle so as not to waste any excess calories

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