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File:[BD] Mushishi 22 - Shrine ….jpg (157.22 KB,1920x1080)


What are your favorite episodes or just interesting concepts from the anime? I thought that the idea of "Shrine in the Sea" was worth a thought in how functional a community where people are "reborn" and expected to take on the exact role of those who they used to be was interesting. Makes you wonder about the lives of the villagers outside of what's just shown in the episode. Such as if they really feel like they're who everyone else says they are, or if just having it being told to them their whole lives made them accept it.


Hard to pick, but that is one of my favorites too, along with the one with the woman who's losing her memories.


I didn't watch it, I tried but it couldn't hold my interest. Maybe if the protagonist was a girl I would have.


I can't remember a single Mushishi episode and I watched the following seasons even.
It just doesn't stick in my head very well.

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