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File:f64970204dbe21051d92ead9e8….jpg (3.58 MB,1714x2763)


Where do you think you got your taste in music from? Or what influences do you think had the biggest impact on what you listen to now?


Osu and anime.


Anime, films. Otherwise I could have become a finer listener.


same, usually tv show creators (good ones) always seem to have good taste in music so i've been introduced to a tone by them
although i have to wonder how did they learn all about music while making tv


File:mamimi.jpeg (23.73 KB,600x278)

A combination of FLCL and too much time spent on /mu/.


Most of it comes from anime and games as well as from doujin circles(but they often fall into anime and games).

When I was a child I did discover some music through the radio but then radio went downhill quite a bit so if I am driving I only listen to the classical music station.


Never even bother putting on the radio, I just use my phone which acts as an mp3 player while inside the car.


I sometimes do, but if I did that too much I would get bored of listening to the same songs all the time whereas the classical station plays songs that I have never heard or that I might have heard only once or twice.


If I like a music I mostly likely know it from

A. People using it in their monster hunter videos.
B. listening to random links posted on imageboards.


File:ちっぱいぱんCD_0000.jpg (Spoiler Image,403.63 KB,1433x1406)

Anime. Since I almost exclusively listen to "2D otaku" music now. But there are still a few albums and artists that carried over from my short lived /mu/ phase from years ago.


File:d504ff9ef2cea87884c920a46e….jpg (15.43 KB,300x300)




A mixture of my parents and digging through genres I'm interested in.


File:1619659721967.png (3.1 MB,2244x1889)

oldies from fallout and fan playlists into liking a song from a games trailer putting the wrong name of the band into pandora and ending up listening to indie then meeting someone really into 70s progressive rock. I dont think anything influenced me into listening to almost exclusively love live idol music for weeks at a time besides being a big fan of the anime and character songs from anime I like.


Used to ride in the car going to school every morning listening to whatever my parents had on either on the radio or from their iPod. Then, it was mainly 80s stuff, so I suppose that's where my like of that sort of music came from. Otherwise, I guess YouTube and just the internet in general. I've never been one to search out music, I just stumble across things and decide I like it.



File:5375bfd7d3c3d8f501c8c49894….jpg (1.07 MB,2549x3583)

My mom listened to 80s-00s pop/rock stuffs with me.
Then I sometimes listened to classical music because there was a radio station frequently broadcasted them.
Then when I started playing music games I listened to lots of miku and game and anime songs (even though I wasn't consciously getting into any of them), and that later expanded to touhou music and then doujin music in general. Music was among my first exposure to 2D culture and I only got into all other aspects of it much later.


This is not really related to this but it's interesting anyway. The classical music station that I listen too actually has a program everyday where they play video game music, but he has terrible taste so mostly he plays western game music.


Wait it might not be every day but still.


>Music was among my first exposure to 2D culture and I only got into all other aspects of it much later.
For me it was lolicore, listening to remixes before knowing any of the source material. It always was fun to hear a character say something in the intonation I knew without me knowing what the scene would be about. And then I found MADs.


listened to music I liked from videogames and even learned about new videogames from listening to their music
forum I used to go on in the 00s was full of touhou and anime fans so I got into touhou doujin music
then I added anison


Apart from oldies from my parents (of course it was 70s music back in the 90s and now it's the 2020s...) it was mostly video game music for me. It goes back to the NES and Sega Master System, mostly the latter since I liked its sound a lot more. I didn't start to play JRPGs (poorly) until I was older and on the SNES and PSX and the idea of themes for specific emotions in scenes started to appear and really I fell in love with the concept. Characters were 50 pixels tall and of course there were no voices, so the music played a major role in the atmosphere. To this day I generally treat voices in JRPGs with suspicion because they block the music and force a certain pace.


I used to listen to metal, but then I feel down the rabbit hole of japanese DTM. To be exact, it was when I found this particular arrange, and I wanted to find more stuff like it.


If you like this sort of music, I would highly recommend looking into tracker music if you haven't already. The Mod Archive is an excellent place for finding tracker stuff, both new and old.


File:You-Are-Mine-Now.webm (745.54 KB,480x270)

Anyone's guess would be good as mine because I started out being obsessed with the Backstreet Boys, Spice Girl's and Shaggy only to end up here listening to Metal and Doujinshi music.


If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that it's because you are gay. That's the only thing I can think of that would explain listening to metal.


from everywhere pretty much. Honorable mention for 80s/90s movies, late 90s mtv, red mitsubishis, tresor berlin, and the dude who posted a death metal track i liked on 4chan once


What's even a good way of finding new good music now with all that's out there?


find people that like the sorts of music you like and look through their collections.


depends on the genre
I usually use discogs to find out more infos and sometimes last.fm to get some recs when I'm bored. I have a gigantic backlog though so I don't really need to find new music.

here's a bunch of charts I stole from /mu/ https://x0.at/15mL.7z


A lot of shounen, OVAs, and VN adaptations.


my childhood
media that I grew up with
teh internets, of course

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